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Schumer: Don’t Allow Longer Trailer Trucks On Highways

schumU.S. Sen. Charles Schumer says he’ll fight legislation that would allow longer trailer trucks on the nation’s highways.

The Democrat said Wednesday that a provision in a Senate transportation bill would authorize twin 33-foot trailers. Current rules allow for trucks to pull two trailers that are each 28 feet long.

Schumer says that when the length of the cab is factored in, the longer trucks could stretch to 84 feet. He says trucks the size of an eight-story building have no place on highways because they would present a “tremendous” safety risk and place too much weight on bridges and roads.

Shipping companies support the larger trucks, saying they would allow them to move goods more efficiently around the country.


4 Responses

  1. Chuck: dont allow Iran the right to build nuclear arms with the intention of using them on your brothers and sisters whom you love more than anything else………….

  2. Me. Schumer who cares about that? What are you doing about the jerk in the White House and his Iran deal? Let’s see you put your money where your mouth is. You always like to say your name is Schumer because you’re a Shomer Yisroel. Well let’s see that now.

  3. Aha. The Schumer Yisroel is more concerned about adding 5 feet to trucks than HIS president putting Israel in mortal danger. Some “Shomer”. Way to go Chucky. What a fake phony fraud.

  4. Why are people surprised that Chuck chooses this subject to talk about with the much bigger Iranian issue in our face? Wake up Yidden, party comes first to Chuck. Where has he been throughout these negotiations? Don’t expect him to become a mensch and challenge Obama. New Yorkers, especially Jews, were better represented by Al D’Amato but you voted him out.

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