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US General: Some Recruiting Station Soldiers Should Be Armed

ussolThe general tapped to be the next Army chief of staff says if legal issues could be resolved he thinks it would be appropriate, in some cases, to arm soldiers manning recruiting stations.

At his nomination hearing before the Senate Armed Services Committee on Tuesday, Gen. Mark Milley responded to questions about last week’s one-man assault on two U.S. military facilities, including a recruiting station, in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Four Marines and a sailor were killed.

Separately, the U.S. military also has outlined security upgrades for recruiting stations, reserve centers and other facilities, military officials have said.

Milley is currently head of U.S. Army Forces Command at Fort Bragg, North Carolina.


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  1. How about arming soldiers on military bases? Remember Fort Hood? No one had a weapon but the “workplace violence” perpetuater . We as a country are in deep trouble.

  2. All soldiers should be armed. We entrust our defense to them and it is insane that they can’t be armed. This policy was introduced by Bush senior for fear for his own life. It is murderously dangerous political correctness which urgently needs to be reversed.

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