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Tragedy is Brewing in Elad – Over 100 Girls are Without Schools for 5776

csgMany who remained silent while chareidi schools discriminated against Sephardi girls now find themselves in the discrimination boat in Elad, as some 100 girls, all from chareidi families, find themselves without a school for 5776 because their parents work.

There are basically two seminaries in Elad, Zluznik and Ladaas Chachma, and today, with about a month to the start of the new school year, over 100 girls have not been accepted, representing 50% of the girls tested to enter the school. This group of girls does not discriminate by ethnicity as there are Sephardim and Ashkenazim following a decision not to accept chareidi girls from chareidi homes for as long as their parents are working and the father is not learning.

The principal of Zluznik decided on the new regulation according to reports from Elad, apparently to keep Sephardi girls out that the school was compelled to take last year following the intervention of the Ministry of Education. Today, the girls of both working Ashkenazi and Sephardi girls have not been accepted to the school. Following suit, Ladaas Chachma decided not to become the weaker school adopting the new rule as well.

Perhaps adding to the absurdity of the situation is the fact that all of the girls rejected are graduates of the Beis Yaakov in the city as they are no less frum than the girls accepted to the schools but their parents work.

Parents are already reporting their daughters are home crying without an idea what to do in another four weeks. Parents explain “Their crime is that they completed 8th grade and wish to enter a new school for 9th grade and someone decided the transition from one number to another must be accompanied with pain and suffering”.

Some parents have decided to not just sit home and play victim. They have turned to attorney Rami Fergan to take their case on behalf of all of these girls. Attorney Fergen explains dozens of parents have approached him to take the case. Fergen explains that in the coming days he will contact Elad City Hall and the Ministry of Education and if the problem is not resolved on this level, he will not hesitate to take the case to the courts.

Parents are hoping that Meir Shimoni, the Ministry of Education district supervisor, will do the correct thing and end this injustice. Parents hope ministry officials cut off funding to both schools if that is what it takes to open the doors to their daughters.

Elad City Hall responded to the report stating “The city schools must follow the regulations set forth by the mayor last year. This will be the case this coming year as well and every student will be enrolled in an appropriate school”.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

19 Responses

  1. Am I missing something here? Is the school saying that it is a negative sign if people are working for a living? What kind of a school is this and why would anyone want their children to have an education from people who would have such a lack of essential Torah principles and basic principles of human decency.

  2. the same injustice takes place in the USA. There is a community that has a large proportion of Kollel people and many schools there will not accept children of working parents. They had to make a separate school for such second class families.It’s a חילול השם of enormous proportions.

  3. First of all, to not accept a child into a school because their parents work is utterly ridiculous.

    But secondly, why can’t these families make their own school? 100 girls should be more than enough to start off with.

  4. It is time to end all this discrimination of the 100 girls can’t get in the school the school should be closed down once and for all just a חילול השם

  5. Let’s hope they don’t have the chutzpah to come collecting from ‘working families’ so support the schools existence. With no government assistance and no working parents it’ll be a struggle.

    Even Yaakov Avinu had a job…..

  6. it is 100 percent asur to work! what’s that you say? Rashi sold wine? the Chofetz Chaim had a store? well, their daughters also wouldn’t be accepted to these schools!

  7. We have the same garbage here in the states.
    The only solution is to boycott the stores and business of those so called sheineh yidden that support and encourage this racism.
    On a GRAND scale we should BOYCOTT those who think they have a STERLING reputation.

  8. I would like to remind the principals of these schools and any other male on the staff that they too are ‘working people’. I wonder if they can get their kids into school.

  9. Open up another school!!!!!!
    There’s such misguidance by these parents,
    Why wud a parent wanna cramp her daughter into an above 40 girl class????
    In addition, the feeling of not being wanted is a hard one for a girl to overcome. It causes a lot of insecurities and stifles growth….
    ALso,once these parents open up another school they’ll understand y not every girl can be accepted to every school.

  10. Stop the “magafa/plague” of Eretz Yisroel against ‘working fathers, brothers, zeydes or single men’. There is no basis for this absurdity & no backing of Gedolim for this either.

    First class or second class tier of klal Yisroel decided by humans of flesh & blood is a farce in the eyes of Hashem.

  11. And this is just one reason why Machon Menucha High school (which actually starts from 7th grade) is opening. With a dorm. With endorsement by Rabbonim AND enthusiastic support from Misrad Hachinuch. If anyone is interested, Sephardi, Ashkenazi, Chassidish, DL we are happy to talk to you. Don’t despair, there are always places for nice girls, whether parents work or not.

    BTW – this is a school for motivated, creative, mainstream girls – NOT dropouts or the like. Every girl is interviewed and regretfully, we have had to reject some potential students because our school is not for them. Every girl needs a school that fits HER needs. A girl with mild learning disability or a difficult home life will not be rejected. But we can’t cope with serious mental health problems or severe social issues. As good as we are, we aren’t suitable for every girl. But hopefully, for YOUR daughter…

    We are opening Sept. 1, bli neder. I can be contacted on 02-500-3043. Please don’t leave a message.

  12. Yes, they have similar garbage here in the States. Its all about Kavod, Guyva, and SHIDDUCHIM! They are playing with fire.

  13. They probably got it from lakewood…someone better tell Jonathan pollard before he moves to Israel that his kids won’t get into school. It’s a good thing he spied for Israel so they can keep these type of people safe.

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