Zionist Camp Wants MK Yogev Censured or Worse


yogavThe Zionist Camp (Labor party) is calling for immediate and stern action against MK (Bayit Yehudi) Moti Yogev, who on Wednesday morning, following the Supreme Court ruling to demolish Beit Dreinoff in Beit El. Yogev stated one should take a bulldozer and level the High Court after issuing such a ruling. The Zionist Camp was quick with a response, calling to have Yogev removed from his elected position immediately and possibly charged for violating laws prohibiting incitement to violence.

Yogev stated “It is charlatanism and audacity of the court. We must take a D9 [bulldozer] to the Supreme Court . It is time to put the judiciary in place and we must nip the dog’s wagging tail and show who is the sovereign authority.”

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Yogev is 100% right.The High Court should be destroyed.
    The High Court judges are Erev Rav low life scumbag Hellenist traitor Hamas Agent pigs with zero professional
    integrity.Each High Court judge must be tried for High Treason by a legitimate Jewish court,and each of them must be hanged,
    The Zionist camp must be renamed the Bolshevik Traitor,PLO
    Supporter erev ravs camp.

  2. There is no place to censure MK Yogev but his statement was wildly inappropriate and I hope that he has the grace to apologize for it.