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Israeli-Palestinian Solidarity Visit to Duma Village

_MG_1074Approximately two dozen “Combatants for Peace” activists held a solidarity visit to the village of Duma near the Shechem on Shabbos to make a condolences visit for the child family that was killed by settlers attack two days ago.

The group has concluded the arson attack was carried out by Jewish ‘settlers’ and while that is a possibility, police have yet to make such a determination. Following the attack, Combatants for Peace (CfP) activists were the first Israelis welcomed in the village, joined with Palestinian activists of the binational movement.

Maytal Lochoff, Israeli member of Combatants for Peace, addressed there the family members and villagers, and said: “We thank you for allowing us the opportunity to come here and express our shame of these actions of terror and of these people that were generated by our society. We will continue to work together to bring the occupation to end.”

From his part Jamiel Qassas of CfP told the gathering “we are here today not to say words only, but to engage in real work to stop the radical settlers from continuing their terrorist attacks. This tragedy pushes us further, to do more work to end the Israeli occupation and establish the independent Palestinian state.”

Later the group visits the home of the Darawshe family and met eyewitnesses who witnessed the attack.

DSC_3631 _MG_1074 DSC_3631

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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  1. The Joseph Goebels leftist blame the settlers without having any evidence that the crime was committed by them.
    These self hating low life ,scumbag ,Erev RAV traitors
    do not say a word when settlers are daily fire bombed .stoned, attacked.When Fogel children were murdered by arab
    terrorist they blamed occupation for the mass murder.
    The leftist are the horrific cancer of Israel.they want to make the country totally Gayish and they want to destroy Israel.they are hamas agent traitors who must be destroyed.

  2. Mr Shalom, by whose hands have the (recently named) Palestinians suffered?
    Surely even people like you must admit that the suffering the Palestinians are experiencing is, by and large, from their fellow arabs. In fact, the Israeli government would like nothing better than to give the Palestinians the royal treatment if the arabs would just allow it.

  3. TO #5
    The Palestinians already have a State in Jordan.
    Right now they are illegally occupying jewish land,
    They came to this land during the OTTOMAN Empire Occupation1415-1915,
    The Ottoman Empire Rule ended in 1915.all their right became null and void,just as in in Europe the original owners took back the land after the Ottoman Empire was defeated.
    Every single Palestinian and Israeli Arab MUST be transferred to Jordan,

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