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Israel: Colleges May Ban Infants from Classes Attended by Mothers

infMany young mothers with babies who attend college and university have become accustomed to taking their babies to school with them. Some of the mosdos, particularly schools seeking to attract young dati leumi women, offer babysitting services.

Israel’s Council of Higher Education has decided it will not become involved in the decision of some schools that have decided babies will no longer be permitted into the classroom. According to the Haaretz report on Wednesday, 27 Menachem Av

A women’s lobby contacted the council after learning some schools are now banning their babies from classes. The council decided this is a local decision to be made by each school, preferring not to become involved.

Attorney Nadav Shamir, the legal counsel for the Council for Higher Education, responded to the lobby’s letter explaining allegations that the decision is discriminatory are unfounded. Hence, the council will not intervene. Shamir explains the decision in no way bars students from the classroom so one cannot allege the policy is discriminatory. Attempting to claim that preventing babies from accompanying a mother in class cannot be interpreted as discriminatory.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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  1. As a mother I know that babies are rarely accommodating to our needs for quiet and cooperation. College is for learning, it is not a place for noise and disturbances. Why is that so hard to get? Obviously it’s more convenient to bring them, but at whose expense? Same goes to the babies in shul argument…..

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