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Education Minister Bennett: NIS 945 Million for Special Ed Students

benEducation Minister Naftali Bennett on Monday, 9 Elul, a day before the opening of the 5776 school year for the nation’s public schools, invited members of the Knesset Education Committee to attend a pre-opening briefing session. It was during this session he boasted that NIS 135 million has already been allocated for his “Equal Opportunity” program to provide funding for schools catering to special needs children. Bennett pointed out the sum allocated is eight times than the sum agreed to in the state budget. The minister explained the allocation for the coming four years is NIS 945 million.

Bennett thanked Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon for agreeing to the NIS 135 million while the budget only called for NIS 15 million, clearly showing Kahlon’s awareness regarding the increase in funding for special ed.

During the upcoming school year, 5776, the new reform providing a second assistant in municipal kindergartens for 3 and 4-year-olds in classes with over 30 children begins.

As is the case every year in Israel, literally without exception, this school year will open under threat of strike, this time coming from those who object to the overcrowding in so many classrooms. Bennett stressed that over 300 new first grade classrooms will be joining the nation’s public school system, which begins the new school year on Sunday, 15 Elul.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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