Police Investigators Probing Connection Between Schlisel And Member of Bat Ayin Underground


schlNew information released by Israel Police reveals a connection between Yishai Schlisel, who was indicted for the fatal stabbing attack at the Jerusalem toeiva parade last month and Shlomi Dvir, who was imprisoned in the past as a member of the so-called Bat Ayin Underground. A multi-count indictment was filed against Schlisel this week including charges of murder. He stabbed 16-year-old Shira Banks A”H to death in the attack that left others injured. According to a Walla News report, there seems to be a link between Schlisel and Dvir, a possible link that is being probed in depth by police investigators.

Police seem to have established the two were in contact while serving their sentences in the Ayalon Prison and remain in touch today. After Schlisel was taken into custody Dvir was summoned to the police station for questioning as police try to understand the connection between the two. It is pointed out that Dvir was not questioned in any way regarding the fatal stabbing attack perpetrated by Schlisel. Dvir was asked if Schlisel ever spoke to him about his plans to attack participants in the toeiva parade in the capital.

Dvir was released from prison in May 2015 after serving a 13-year prison term for his part in the underground which perpetrated terror attacks against Arabs.

Defense attorney Adi Kedar rejects the attempt by police to connect Dvir to Schlisel in any way and accuse police of besmirching Dvir’s name intentionally. Kedar stresses the connection between the two ended the day Dvir walked out of prison after serving his term.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Oh, so it’s just like the out of order “holy books” of the other religions:

    The Murderer is in contact with some other guy while in jail, with some connection to an attack in 2015, even though he did the same thing in 2005 before he was in jail?

    I agree with 3.