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Thanks to Their Annual Golf Outing, Kollel ZYM & Lead Sponsor SkyBridge Benefits Give Golfers A Once a Year Chance to Play On a ‘Once in a Lifetime’ Course

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Farmingdale, NJ: Healthcare professionals looking to shave strokes off their golf game—while adding names to their contact list, have been signing up record numbers for Kollel ZYM’s (Zichron Yehoshua Meyer) annual their annual golf outing at Eagle Oaks Country Club in Farmingdale New Jersey, , beginning 11:30 a.m. on Monday, August 31, 2015

The event which benefits the very well-regarded, Lakewood-based Kollel, has become one of the more anticipated events of its kind—not surprising, considering that it enables attendees to show their support for the Kollel, in an environment that’s way more relaxed and engaging than most fund-raising events.


Considering the fact it’s the only golf-course in New Jersey(and one of only 139 in the world) that’s designed by the legendary Johnny Miller and Jack Nicklaus, it should come as no surprise that Eagle Oaks has hosted qualifying events for the US open as well as numerous PGA-sanctioned, pro and semi-pro events. Recognized as a true “golfer’s course” in every sense of the word, it’s Monmouth County location makes it one of the more easily accessible, yet “destination grade” courses on the East Coast. To maximize the prestigious amenities of the Eagle Oaks venue, the Golf Outing which begins before noon, will culminate with a gourmet BBQ dinner featuring an open bar as well as separate wine tasting and even cigar rolling, all scheduled to begin at about 5:30. In short, attendees will enjoy a carefully curated experience that is destined to eclipse previous ones while simultaneously making it easy to understand why the Kollel ZYM event has both grown—and garnered one of the most impressive followings in the area.


In terms of communities, Lakewood is at the epicenter of introducing the “Kollel Culture” to America—and Americans to the Kollel Culture—being outstanding is obviously important, but just as important is ensuring people know and understand what makes us stand out as well” explained a spokesperson for Kollel ZYM.

“Attempting to convey that with the normal promotional materials and standard calendar of events is less than optimal for both us, as well as the individuals and companies who would support us once they get a real sense of what we’re about. The relaxed, “no pressure” environment of our golf outing achieves this—and then some, as we found that in addition to enabling us to expand our network it enables those in our network to expand their respective networks.” In terms of the increased focus on those in healthcare and related professions, we were told it was simply a “sign of the times”.

“Healthcare use to have a very defined meaning, thanks to advances in pharmacology, Obamacare, etc that’s no longer the case. Today it’s a term which encompasses everything from financial services to food services and manufacturing to media, virtually every industry has a healthcare-related division, with many of the more forward-thinking ones based in or near New Jersey.” explained the spokesperson.

“We didn’t set out to attract individuals in healthcare or related professions, our focus was on professionals who were insightful enough to understand and appreciate what sets us apart, and with the resources to enable us to continue to make a difference. The fact they appreciated ourapproach to both learning and development—was an added benefit –which they, as successful businesspeople actually encouraged us to capitalize on by targeting their colleagues and counterparts” he pointed out.


To emphasize his point, he showed us a sponsor list which included market makers like Skybridge Benefits—a leader in the operational and development end of self-funded healthplans, Hamilton Equity and others. “Our “top line” sponsors (for the complete list please visit represents true cutting edge, best in breed companies, you don’t attract names like these unless what you’re about resonates with them on a very personal level, which B’H we do.”, he concluded with a smile.

Between the event’s overall reputation and the increased interest from representatives of all parts of the healthcare community, the number of slots still available for both outing and banquet are going fast, to ensure you don’t get “teed off” because you missed the chance to be a part of an event that’s known to stand apart from all others, please contact Hersh Krohner at [email protected] or 248.462.4296

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