PM Netanyahu Meets with Leaders of Italy’s Jewish Community


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bibPrime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu on erev Shabbos 13 Elul, in Florence, met with Italian Jewish community leaders from 21 communities including approximately 24,000 people.

The Prime Minister said he was pleased to be at today’s meeting, which took place in the context of his visit yesterday to Milan Expo and his meeting tomorrow with Italian Prime Matteo Renzi. Prime Minister Netanyahu declared that the world believes in Israeli technology since science and technology are stronger than any boycott. He added that while Israel is interested in bringing Israeli technology to the entire world, we are in a struggle between the forces of progress and modernity and the forces of darkness that want to push us backward.

The Prime Minister added that this was a struggle between freedom and oppression and between day and night. He said that we are fighting not only for our common way of life but for truth, noting that we are fighting against the lies being spread about us. The Prime Minister stated that Italian Prime Minister Renzi was a key partner in the struggle and added that he was looking forward to their meeting on motzei Shabbos.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)