Manchester, UK: Security Alert Sent To Shuls After Thugs Beat Up Four Jewish Teenagers In Vicious Anti-Semitic Attack


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ukA security alert has been sent to synagogues across Greater Manchester after a vicious hate-attack on four young men at a Metrolink station.

One 17-year-old is in a drug-induced coma after suffering a bleed to the brain in the attack at Bowker Vale station on the Manchester Victoria to Bury line. He remains in a serious condition.

Three other victims, two aged 18, and a 20-year-old were also assaulted.

Now the Community Security Trust, which exists to protect the Jewish community, is sending a security notice to synagogues and other Jewish organisations in the region.

The attack happened at 11.40PM on Saturday and followed anti-Semitic verbal abuse.

In a statement CST said: “CST is liaising with the families and has been asked to help request that prayers are said for the recovery of the hospitalised victim.

“CST is also in close contact with Greater Manchester Police, who are mounting a full investigation into this serious and deeply troubling attack.

“The police state that they are now ‘following up a number of positive lines of enquiry’.

“CST utterly condemns this assault, which appears to have been the consequence of the type of random and thuggish street anti-Semitism and violence that is all too common: even if it does not usually have such an extreme outcome.

“There is no reason to suggest that the attack was either pre-planned or in any way connected to international terrorism, but it has understandably caused much concern and distress within the Jewish community of north Manchester.

“CST entirely shares these worries, and we will continue working with the victims’ families, our Jewish community and local police in every way possible at this time.

“The assault confirms the need for security measures as already fully planned by CST, synagogues and Greater Manchester Police for the imminent High Holy Days of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur.

“This includes CST personnel, commercial security guards and visible policing.

“CST urges our Jewish community to continue fully leading its way of life at this time, but asks that incidents of anti-semitic behaviour be reported to CST’s office and police.”

(Source: Manchester Evening News)


  1. It should be noted that there are reports that in fact this was not a simple case of antisemitism. There are reports that the crime involved drugs.

  2. Most of the article is nonsense. CST have blown it out of proportion, to get the community scared and them to be noticed.
    typical late night fight, 4 on 4, no antisemitism, both sides were hurt badly.
    The victim was innocent and harmless, not so sure about his mates. BH he’s getting better, hope to see him out of hospital soon.

  3. I don’t know who either of you are. Perhaps you were the anonymous caller to the CST who “tipped them off” that they shouldn’t have egg on their face when the “true” story comes out ? The reports that the crime involved drugs is 100% Motzei Shem Ra. You should be ashamed of yourself for repeating it. Do either of you clowns know the victims ? Certainly not as I met with them all this evening for a second time in my home to welcome Moshe home from the hospital after his brain surgery Monday morning. Why don’t you leave this to the professionals. Thank God for the Manchester Evening News and the GMP who understood what happened in a proper light and took the appropriate action. 3 offenders behind bars tonight !

    You both need to ask Mechila of my son and my family. Do I need to remind you what time of year it is ? Shame on you.

  4. And it was actually 3 goymim who attacked and only 2 of them fought. My son and his friends did their best to flee and only defended themselves. My son was felled with one punch and then kicked in the head while on the floor. I appreciate your well wishes but whoever you are I don’t think my son hopes to see you anytime soon. He is EXTREMELY UPSET. These viscious rumours have flown around the world like wild fire thanks to the internet. You will not that the JC has taken down all of their stories that referred to these “reports” about the involvement of drugs