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PHOTOS: Shabbos Afternoon Stabbing Attack Near Shar Shechem

IMG-20151010-WA0100Policeman of the Yoav Unit operating on Shabbos afternoon in the area of Sultan Suleiman Street near Shar Shechem detected a suspicious Arab male. As they approached the male to check his ID card he pulled out a knife and attacked them. One was hit in his neck. They sustained moderate injuries. MDA reported the call came in to the dispatch center at 15:38.

Another police force nearby immediately realized what was taken place. They opened fire at the attacker along with others in the area with a gun. The attacker, 19-year-old Muhmad Ali from Shuafat was killed.

A third policeman was seriously injured by mistaken police gunfire.

The wounded policemen were transported to the trauma unit of Shaare Zedek Medical Center.

IMG-20151010-WA0082 IMG-20151010-WA0083 IMG-20151010-WA0084 IMG-20151010-WA0087 IMG-20151010-WA0091 IMG-20151010-WA0092 IMG-20151010-WA0099 IMG-20151010-WA0100

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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  1. רחמנא לצלן אידישע צרות please all of you wake up עת צרה היא ליעקב. We must storm the heavens with heartfelt tefillos. Please leave names of the injured thanks.

  2. It seems to me these pictures were taken on Shabbos aND probably involved chillul shabbos. I don’t think YWN should be posting such pictures, but hopefully YWN has already thought and inquired about this.

  3. This whole thing started and seems to continue in response to Yiddin going up to Har Habyis. It is prohibited for us, for that matter anyone, to do so. Anyone going up there is oiver at least on tumas mikdosh. However, in addition to this, he is putting all Jews living in Israel, and out of Israel as well, in danger of being killed. What kind of idiodic nut case is willing to do something like that even if there would be no issur (religious prohibition)!?

    The government there is acting like they don’t know what the problem is. How stupid can they be! The idiots who do this and the government officials who can do something about it but are not are going to have to answer for their putting us all in danger.

    We all, all Yiddin, have an extremely urgent responsibility as well to get the government to immidiately pass a law prohibiting Yiddin from going up there. Some can do more than others, but a cry has to go out.

    By the way, nothing is accomplished by their going there anyway. Who are they fooling? Not even themselves.

    This in addition to crying out to Hashem Yisborach.

    Anyone who goes there and anyone who can do anything about it and does not (and do not underestimate this ability) is being mesaken, putting in danger, all Jews. Do these people understand what the din of a moiser is?

  4. I don’t claim to be a security expert, but there is an opposite argument. The har haba’is issue is not the real trigger; hammas is. They are inciting now for whatever reason, perhaps to distract the Palestinians from their failures, and any excuse would be enough. If aliyah would be illegal they’d find another reason. They used to attack visitors at the kosel. Giving in to terror is never a good idea. You demonstrate your weak resolve and that they can accomplish with terror. In fact if the reaction to terror in the past had been tougher including widespread heavily subsidized building in yo”sh, arresting all violent demonstrators, prohibiting visits to al aqsa till calm is reached, deporting families of terrorists, no peace deals or withdrawals, death penalty for terrorists etc. etc. there’d probably be no terror now just peaceful coexistence and better for Arabs and Jews.
    The halachic issue also does not seem to be so simple and its very likely technicaly muttar although i havent yet made a full research.

  5. In reply I would have to agree that if they would have done these things there would be less of a chance of problems now. Of course.

    Halachically, most poskim today and in previous generations did ossur this. I also have not learned the inyonim, but when all or practically all of the recognized poskim paskin fervently like this, that is good enough for me. I do not believe there is any benefit, ruchni or gashmi, in going up there. If there is, there is much more harm to be done by doing so. Does anyone go there because it is a mitzva? Really? Maybe there are actually some who think it is, but they are mistaken and probably putting us all in harm’s way.

    There is no question that it should be outlawed now. That may stop most of the violence, or prevent a good deal in the future. Don’t give them an excuse, especially for no reason. Even if not, there is the issur, which is enough.

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