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07:16: Explosion on Maale Adumim Road [UPDATED 7:45 AM IL]

2015101021451607:16: Emergency agencies are responding to an explosion at a Maale Adumim checkpoint. More to follow.

07:19: It is reported that a car bomb was detonated next to a police vehicle.

07:20: A Shai (Shomron-Police) spokesman reports a policeman from the Maale Adumim station detected a suspicious vehicle, instructing the driver to pull over. The female driver shouted “Ala Akbar” and detonated an explosive. The policeman sustained light injuries. The terrorist is dead. The exact location of the car bomb attack remains unclear at this time.

07:27: Bomb detonation technicians are now activating another explosive found in the terrorist’s vehicle in a controlled blast.

07:30: MDA reports the explosion occurred near the a-Zayim Checkpoint. A male, 45, is in light condition. Contradicting the Shai police report, MDA states the terrorist is alive, in serious condition.

07:41: Hwy connecting to a-Zayim and Maale Adumim Interchange is closed in both directions.

07:45: Shai Police:
A traffic unit of the Shai district detected a suspicious vehicle on Route 437, the road between Maale Adumim and the a-Zayim Checkpoint. The vehicle was instructed to stop for inspection as police felt the driver appeared too agitated and nervous. The vehicle pulled over and when police got out to check she shouted “Ala Akbar” and detonated an explosive device. One policeman was wounded, B”H only lightly. The terrorist was injured.

Ichud Hatzalah reports that responders from the Binyamin district were dispatched to the call and they treated one man with light injuries near the checkpoint.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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  1. HaShem instructs us in BAHMIDBAHR- Numbers Chapter 33″If you don’t evict the hostiles, they shall be as thorns in your eyes and as sharp instruments in your sides” Biblical prophecy come true!!
    The government has lost control! Its time for a regime change! A theocratic Torah/Halacha country!

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