Motzei Shabbos Stabbing Attack Near Me’oras HaMachpelah [UPDATED 8:17PM IL]


ter19:38: An Arab stabbed a border policeman, wounding him moderately near the Me’oras HaMachpelah less than a half hour ago. More to follow.

19:41: Hatzalah Yosh reports the soldier was stabbed twice.

19:43: The road between Admat Yishai (Tel Rumeida) and Beit Hadassah is closed at present.

19:47: The terrorist was shot and wounded. The wounded policeman/soldier is being transported to the trauma unit of Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital in moderate/stable condition.

19:50: Children from Hebron have taken to the streets and are blocking the ambulance transporting the wounded terrorist.

19:51: It is now being reported that one of the tires of the military ambulance carrying the terrorist has a flat tire. The terrorist is reportedly in critical condition.

20:17: Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital spokesman: The wounded 20-year-old soldier is being treated in the trauma unit. His condition is now listed as light.


(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)