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Obama Wants Smarter, Fairer Criminal Justice System

obPresident Barack Obama says he wants the U.S. criminal justice system to become smarter, more effective and just plain fair.

He’s also arguing for more opportunity for poor kids, saying police and prosecutors can’t shoulder the entire burden for fixing what politicians agree is a criminal justice system in need of repair.

Obama commented during a White House forum Thursday on the criminal justice system. A U.S. attorney from Colorado and the Los Angeles police chief participated in the discussion, which was led by Bill Keller, editor in chief of The Marshall Project. The nonprofit online journalism organization focuses on criminal justice issues in the U.S.

Before the session, a Senate panel cleared legislation that could make nonviolent drug offenders eligible for shorter prison sentences.


10 Responses

  1. Obama, let’s hear you quack. Do you know what sound a lame duck makes? Great legacy he’s leaving behind- mess up foreign affairs, mess up healthcare, let’s mess up the judicial system.

  2. A smarter fairer system would start with Obama resigning and letting the police do their jobs like before he was president.

  3. Here’s fair (at least in the eyes of Hussain Obama)- for every black man arrested & convicted, a white man must be arrested & convicted. For every muslim terrorist arrested and convicted an all american apple pie grandma must be arrested and convicted. For every illegal immigrant arrested and convicted a 5 generation american must be arrested and convicted. Then and only then will it be fair and equal for all.

  4. I have to say I think it’s the first time I agree with him. Had he invested his energy in the fundamentally wrong neglected structures that no one has ever done he would’ve had more friends in America…. The criminal justice system makes no sense!!!!!!

  5. Our president is 100% correct we need a smarter and fairer justice system that should mean capital punishment for all of his buddies who commit serious offenses

  6. Hey Barry. Put your money where your mouth is. Why don’t you start by letting Reb S.M. Rubashkin out of prison?! If his sentence wasn’t the result of a corrupt system, I don’t know what is.

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