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MK Margi Blames Elad Mayor Porush for Leading the Discrimination in Elad Schools

margiShas MK Yaakov Margi in an address to a session of the Knesset Education Committee spoke out harshly against Elad Mayor Yisrael Porush. Margi accuses Porush for the continued discrimination against Sephardi girls in high schools in Elad.

Margi, who heads the Knesset committee, wants the two schools that were compelled by take Sephardi girls by the court closed, referring to Ladaat Chachma and Zluznik. Margi contends the schools do not have a license and they continue to violate decisions compelling an end to discrimination against Sephardi girls.

He lashed out against Mayor Porush and Elad City Hall, accusing them of leading the discriminatory policy in the city. “Who will heal the wounds of these girls” he questions.

“I do not have illusions regarding the local government called Elad, which is a partner in the law-breaking, the discrimination by schools against Sephardi girls and their parents”.

Margi then turned his wrath at Deputy Education Minister Meir Porush, stating “Perhaps the Elad Municipality feels it can hide behind the wide back”, referring to Mayor Porush’s father being the deputy minister, accusing the latter of abusing the authority of his deputy cabinet post. Margi feels at the very least Deputy Minister Porush should announce he is not going to involve himself in matters pertaining to Elad.

Margi then redirected his comments to Mayor Porush, stating “I am a prudent man and I am telling you I can draw only one conclusion, that the mayor of Elad has failed and together with heads of the schools, leads the discrimination against these girls. There is no compassion or sensitivity but close mindedness and a hard heart by the man who stands at the helm”.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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  1. These are the words of a sephardi MK; but he ignores the real problem. And why do the sphardim stubbernly refuse to open their own schools?

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