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PM Netanyahu Responds After Arab MK Defies Har Habayis Ban

bibPrime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu on Wednesday 15 Cheshvan responded to Arab MK Ghattas successfully sneaking onto Har Habayis in defiance of his ban for MK and cabinet ministers to visit the holy site at time. Making things worse, Ghattas told the press that his defiance sends a clear message to the prime minister, that “he has no sovereignty over Jerusalem, al-Aqsa or him as an Arab MK”.

In response Mr. Netanyahu said “Hart Habayis has been quiet for two weeks. We are making every effort to maintain this quiet, but it would seem that someone is disturbed by this. MK Ghattas went up to Har Habayis, went to the Al-Aqsa Mosque. I assure you he did not do it in order to pray, he did it solely for the purpose of provocation, only to inflame the situation.

“In accordance with my general directive, the police moved him away. I will not let any Knesset member or minister ignite Har Habayis, and I call on all members of the Knesset and public figures in general to act responsibly, especially at this time.”

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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