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Chareidi Man in Custody in Israel for a ‘Selling the Brooklyn Bridge’ Real Estate Scam

scamnA chareidi man was taken into custody on Thursday morning 16 Cheshvan on suspicion of running a real estate scam operation, simply selling property and property rights in Bnei Brak that he did not own. Many of the listings appears in the very popular ‘Yad 2’ real estate website.

At present police are trying to establish how many people may have been victimized the man, who according to preliminary findings does not actually own any rights or actual real estate.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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  1. There is nothing chareidi about what this man did. I think its time we got rid of these meaningless descriptions.
    אל תתתכל בקנקן אלא מה שיש בו

  2. When is it going to STOP!! When, we as Jews going to stop using LABELS on ourselves. When I am asked what kind of Jew I am, I respond “I AM A JEW”!! No! They want to know if I am Ultra Orthodox, Orthodox, Conservative etc. Enough!!! My point here is, WHY is YWN using that stereo type usage of Labeling. Why is this alleged man in your article called “A Chareidi man” Would a TRUE Chareidi man run a Real Estate Scam??? This is a JEW who is a THEIF!! It is the responsibility of YWN to be above excepted Norms. A Jew striving to grow to be a better Jew. STOP WITH THE FALE LABELING!!!

  3. Why is this man called Hareidi? Has the language so degenerated that a level of Avodas Hashem is now determined by the costume some one wears? I can understand why the Torah hating press would want to call this man Hareidi but why do you go along with their smear tactics? Just a few days ago Arabs dressed to look like the typical “Hareidi” where caught in an attempted terrorist attack. Should the headlines have read: “Hareidim attempt to murder Israelis!”

    Do not let the haters of Torah determine how we speak of events. Words have power and are manipulated to control how people perceive the world.

  4. If the man has done the things alleged he is a villain but who buys property and or property rights without evidence of ownership by the seller?

  5. KolMevaser says:
    October 30, 2015 at 9:00 am

    Why is he called Charaidi; If anything he should be called Reform.

    please do not disparage other Jews because a frum person committed a scam

  6. Some of you seem to need some help…
    there are people who are chareidi. They wear black hats send their kids to chareidi schools and are part of a chareidi community. When they steal its not a non shomer shabbos send their kid to public school wife wears pants person who stole! Its a chareidi! He still will want kosher food & will daven 3x a day & will hopefully do teshuva for his huge sin!

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