IBA Report: Chareidim No Longer Rely Only on HKBH


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charediIsrael Broadcasting released a report that due to the ongoing wave of Islamic terror, chareidim, like other sectors of society, have fallen victim to murderous terrorists.

The report shows that while “Chareidim do not serve in the army” today they are already taking measures to protect themselves and not only relying on HKBH.

The news report, that was aired on the evening news Wednesday, 22 Cheshvan, shows chareidim at shooting ranges and taking other measures to protect themselves.

The report adds that the chareidim view themselves as a separate entity, as opposed to the dati leumi tzibur that sees itself part of the historic process that is leading to the final Geula.

The report then moves to a recent shiur given by Rabbi Dr. Uri Sherki, whose son Yochai HY”D was R”L murdered by terrorists in April. Rabbi Sherki mocks recent statements attributed to gedolei yisrael shlita, calling for cheshbon nefesh and an increase in limud and tefilla. He says when one is under attack one must concentrate on learning self-defense, not more learning. While the news cut off most of Rabbi Sherki’s shiur, he later explains the importance of limud but feels at this time one must be proactive and preparing to defend themselves.

Rabbi Dr. Dov Halbertal, a professor of law who often takes to the air waves to criticize and condemn the dati leumi community, criticizes that community for its attitude of כחי ועוצם ידי – simply stated it is meant to refer to one relying on one’s own physical strength rather than on HKBH. Halbertal feels they are drunk with this feeling and they believe their actions, which are in essence occupation, will bring Moshiach closer, including settling the land and doing as they see fit.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. why should one detract from the other. David Hamelech did both there is a time to do nothing but a time to act and in this instance the charedi Tzibur would do well to recognize that, and instead of demeaning our brave soldiers, support them

  2. There is a misconception implied by this article. Chareidim certainly believe we should have an army and if necessary (i.e. no one else available) even Chareidim are obligated to join as I think the Chazon Ish writes (although its really obvious as Charlie Hall says don’t rely on miracles). The reason they’re against the draught is simply because they are not needed and worse would be a drain on resources needed for better technology and other more pressing expenses than having a few bored soldiers. We have too many as it is. Cancel the draught and raise the wage to a decent amount for each soldier. That’s what I call equality and respect for our soldiers.