VIDEO: Jew-Hating Costco Employee Goes On Anti-Semitic Rant While At Work


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Social media was abuzz on Tuesday afternoon, as a video of a Costco employee going on an anti-semitic rant was going viral. The video surfaced on the Internet in the past 24 hours, and may have been at the Costco store in the San Francisco Bay Area.

On the video-hosting website LiveLeak, the following was written along with the video:

This offended shopper states, “I struck up a conversation with a Jewish guy in Costco in front of the Vitamox Blender Demonstration, when an employee interrupted to tell us that Jews need to go back where they came from. I asked her how that would be possible after what happened in WWII. She responded that Hitler never did anything wrong to the Jews and that they brought it on themselves.”

The Costco employee said “Jews do not belong in Israel. It’s a Palestinian Country. They should go back to where they started.”

When asked “where the Jews started”, the women replied “Europe”.

It is interesting to note, that she is not the first female anti-semite to say that Jews should “go back to where they came from – Europe”. The last one to say that was the world famous Jew-hating white house reporter Helen Thomas. The 92-year-old Thomas died in 2013 just three years after making her outrageous remarks.

Thomas was in good company, after Hamas issued a statement praising her remarks.

Three days after her remarks were publicized, she was forced to retire.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. He blew it when he challenged her! Good he posted it and good he went to her boss!
    It’s a shame that we don’t have a better PR machine to educate the masses as to the facts! So long as she said we belong in Europe, while it’s not nice and may border on antisemitism, we’re here in this country legally. It’s almost like what Hitler also said. But when she went on to say that Israel belongs to the Palestinians, that’s where we’ve lost our PR. We need to educate the world as to the facts.

  2. Unfortunately, not too many Jews are educated in the history of “Palestine.”
    It’s important to know that most of the Palestinians today are offspring of Arabs who migrated to Palestine from Iraq, Yemen, Syria, Lebanon, Arabia, etc. at the same time Jews did from Europe, and were not indigenous to Ottoman or even British Palestine. From 1890 until into the early part of the 20th century, Jerusalem’s majority were Jews. Muslim settlements like Sheik Jarrah, for example, were established not earlier or later than other Jewish settlements and moshavim.
    This piece of information has either been forgotten, never learned at school , and lied about by anti-Jewish narratives.

  3. Nobody really cares how, when, and where Jews and Arabs came to Israel. The world, including the Muslim Arabs, don’t care about the Fake Fakestinians just as they don’t care about the Yazidis. This is just an excuse for antisemitism.

    Anti-Semitism will be around until moshiach comes. There is no cure for it and nothing can make it go away. From our part we need to do what we have to do, live honestly and respectfully but also protect ourselves when we need to. We need to remember we are in golus and no PR campaign will help wipe out antisemitism.

  4. According to the attached video, the Thomas comments were made in 2010 and she indeed died in 2013 (not exactly three weeks later).

    Moderator’s Note: Read it again. it says she was forced to RETIRE three days later.

  5. This is not a Costco employee. The employees who give out samples or give demonstrations are employees of another company. You should change the headline.

  6. “After the Romans conquered it, they changed the name of Judea to Palestina after one of Israel’s oldest enemies, they Philistines, to add insult to injury and let the Israelites know that they lost their kingdom for good. (The reason it’s pronounced Palestina and not Philistina is because there are no silent letters in Latin.) Israel is only called Palestine when it’s under occupation by a foreign power. It started with the Romans and was continued by the first Caliphate, the Crusaders, Saladin, the Ottomans, and the British until Israel became a free state again in the 1940s. Palestinians are a mixture of decedents of the first muslim invaders after the fall of the Roman Empire and Syrian/Jordanian/Lebanese/Turkish immigrants. They are native to Israel in the same way that the European colonists are native to the Americas. “Free Palestine from the Israelis for the Palestinians!” Makes as much sense as saying “Free East Germany from the Germans for the Soviets!”

  7. philosopher

    TESHUVA can stop anti-semitism & can bring mashiach.

    if we all did it together as a nation. Hashem loves us & is waiting for us to call out to him with true teshuva from our hearts with achdus as a nation together as one

  8. #1
    hate is hate… you cant educate the masses and change hate. It’s a mida.. only a good punishment or personal consequence; making them think a bit and hopefully change can do it…. its a personal journey.

  9. How about just answer the Jews from all corners of the world miraculously did indeed return to where they came from – the Land of Israel as it says in the Bible. And then just walk away (before she continues – or stay long enough to add if she is a native amercian indian )