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GOOD RIDDANCE: Helen Thomas Retires Over Anti-Semitic Remarks

A statement from Hearst Newspapers:


WASHINGTON, June 7, 2010 – Helen Thomas announced Monday that she is retiring, effective immediately.

Her decision came after her controversial comments about Israel and the Palestinians were captured on videotape and widely disseminated on the Internet.

Thomas later issued a statement: “I deeply regret my comments I made last week regarding the Israelis and the Palestinians. They do not reflect my heart-felt belief that peace will come to the Middle East only when all parties recognize the need for mutual respect and tolerance. May that day come soon.’”

Thomas will mark her 90th birthday on Aug. 4.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

29 Responses

  1. Let’s keep the pressure up to get her White House credentials revoked. Although that might happen by default, now she’s no longer a Hearst employee. Once again, Obama gets someone else to do the work he really doesn’t want to do, since he agrees with her remarks anyway. But he needs the Jewish vote.

    How come these stupid liberal Jews don’t face the fact their idol has feet of clay & he would send us to the ovens if he could?

  2. Let her now go back to where-ever her forefathers came from. If that info is not available, there should be space for her in Gehennom

  3. It’s obvious that she retired because she was on the verge of being fired and didn’t want to face the embarrassment.

    Her statement made after retiring is more insulting than her original statements. The prior insulted our heritage, the latter insults our intelligence.

    As if we don’t see right through her despicable lies!!!

  4. Her geheniom should be to have the watch successful Jews for infinite. She should be served her rotten words to eat forever.

  5. i mean come on why was she fired?????? she said im sorry and that she really regrets what she said, and she is human and humans make mistakes i think that she should be able to continue working, and also why is everyone making fun of her face? she is a telem elokim i think that we owe her an apology for making fun of her

  6. She doesn’t regret her words! She regrets that they were taped and circulated and that they got her in trouble.

  7. I am not sure that wishing death upon someone in a public forum, or ever, is the most prudent thing to do.

  8. #10 – She can’t help LOOKING like a makshaifa, but she CAN help ACTING like one!!!
    She should be brought back in a gilgul as one of the old wives of a dear “palestinian” in Gaza. Now THAT is gehennom!

  9. She with all of this administration should be put on tril for being antisemites
    This obama also must step down he is the bigist antisemites since the end of wwII

  10. I get a feeling she wanted to retire prior to her horendous comments. Bearing that in mind, she spewed out her hate as she felt she would have had nothing to lose!!

  11. 10,

    You must be shikkir! Did you see or read her so called apology? There was not a single word od being apologetic in tat statement! It was more like an “oh $?;@)& I got caught with my true feelings coming out of my big fat mouth” statement.

    Hearst needs to come out with a condemnation of their own even if they told the ol bag o’ bones to hang up her pen just so she could save face. (I don’t know why anyone would want to save THAT face!!)

  12. I don’t care about her.

    I’m deeply concerned, why does HKB”H constantly increase the hatred towards us all over the world?

    L’Aniyus Daity; We must improve our sincere respect and caring for the Umos Ho’Olom.

    When our children keep on saying degrading words, name-calling, and hurtful phrases, when relating to any Einu Yehudi, we are at fault. HKB”H is a Dayon Tzedek who demands the respect of all his Briyot, especially those with His Tzelem Elokim.

    We can not have Taanis on HKB”H because he is Keil Emunah V’ein Ovel Tzadik V’yoshor Huh.

  13. She will most probably come out with a statement that she is not an anti-semite and some of her best friends are Jews

  14. I’m relieved that Ms. Thomas’ ability to exact her anti-Semitic agenda has been seriously curtailed. I’d like to think she was forced out by responsible editors who after 70 years have finally noticed and disapproved of her hatred, but because of the way her departure was handled I’ll never know if that’s the case.

    That’s worrisome, as is so much of the news coverage of Israel. So instead of gloating over Thomas’ resignation, and calling as some here have–rather outrageously–for her death, I am going to focus on calling editors on every instance of anti-Israel bias in news reporting that I find. That keeps me busy, productive, and out of trouble. Let’s use Thomas’ professional demise as wind in our sails to bring more light to the nations rather than as an opportunity to make a hilul Hashem.

  15. One lesson that us fellow Yidden and Jews all over the nation should take out of this story: Vote Republican!

    Where were all fellow democrats issuing statements? Where were all Jewish liberals in condemning her? Don’t worry, they’ll be here come re-election. They’ll surely remember us for fundraising. We should recognize the party that supports our views truthfully for once and for all. Ari Fleischer, Mike Huckabee and Sarah Palin saw it important that we send this Nazi home, yet most of her liberal friends didn’t seem to bother. Wonder what Schumer or Weiner would say had it been Limbaugh.

  16. Those of us who are unable to express ourselves without namecalling, and sarcastic infantile derogatory comments should be more careful about publicizing their feelings in a public forum such as YWN. Please remember that this website is open to all- including those who just love to justify their negative stereotypes of Jews and frum Jews in particular.

  17. The fact that HT recanted is incosequential and worthless.

    What’s the most disturbing thing here is that she felt comfortable in saying this in the first place!

    Obama’s clear disdain for Netanyahu and obvious hatred for Israel paved the way for this.

  18. #22 Not ‘Republican’ but Conservative, and there is a big difference.

    Sarah Palin is a conservative, and the Republicans hated her.

  19. Very interesting and helpful to see finally a bit of reasonable reactions from the political arena. . .
    I wonder how we can get Obama to do the same sort of thing?

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