VIDEO: Famous White House Journalist Helen Thomas: ‘Jews In Israel Should Go Back To Germany & Poland’


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Helen Thomas is considered the dean of the White House press corps, having covered the White House for decades. But as seen in the video below, she is also a raving anti Semite.

Mind, Jews have been living in the Middle East since Biblical times. Many Jews who immigrated to Israel came from Muslim countries to escape persecution. Helen Thomas may wish to become informed about Middle East history before she spouts off about the Jews having to “go home to Poland and Germany”, places where there has been great suffering for the Children of Israel as well.

Rabbi David Nessenoff , an award winning film-maker, visited the White House for the Jewish Heritage Month Ceremonies. There, he had the chance to meet Helen Thomas and asked her about Israel.

(Source: Andrew Breitbart)


  1. Is it a Freudian slip to describe this evil machashayfeh as the “dead of the White House press corps”? If not, it’s still very appropriate. She should be. She’s just breathing air a nice Jewish baby could be breathing. Now arrest me, Obama!

  2. Helen is from arab descent. Her parents were Lebanese. She keeps good company in the WH now. In the video you can see that ugly mean witch look she is so famous for.

  3. Overall, she is certainly wrong because many Jews did live in the Land of Israel prior to the State of Israel’s founding and prior to Zionism’s founding. However, a great many of those living there now did emigrate there from the countries she mentioned so earlier aliyah are quite irrelevant.

    As well, she also said from Germany, Poland, America and wherever else, not just Germany and Poland, which has a profoundly different meaning than what she said.

    At the end of the day, she does seem quite anti-Israel, but it is quite disingenuous to quote her as only saying “Germany and Poland” to imply she is also virulently anti-Jewish, to imply she were saying they should go back to W.W.II-era Germany and Poland. This is simply false, as can be seen from the video, whatever her true views on the matter may actually be.

  4. It’s this journalist Obama will choose over Fox News. Let’s see Obama starting to ignore her to protest such evil and anti-semitic remarks. I wish a Nazi burns her to death as she wishes upon us. When I grew up I was taught that a journalist is one that does investigative research and so forth. Had this anti-semite done exactly that, she’d acted different. Did she travel to Poland to observe the Jewish suffering in the Ghettos and Pogroms? Has she taken the effort to go to Germany to witness the persecution of the Jewish nation? Was she ever to concentration camps or extermination camps to see how Jews were gassed to death and then cremated? If she did then let her burn to death, if not, we should be ashamed to have an misinformed and irrational figure providing us with news.

    Has she ever taken the time to fly down to Israel and participate in a emergency drill? Did she ever dream of camping in Sderot with missiles flying over her head? Was she ever at the Gaza crossings to overlook Israel’s remorse on Palestinians, delivering them humanitarian aid daily only to be confiscated by the Hamas thugs?

    I’m disappointed that a deceitful person like this can be in the White House press corps. This is what ruins Americas image in the world and I believe that such a statement shouldn’t go unnoticed. This cannot be ignored. We should declare that language of this sort shall not be justified and charge will be taken. Can you imagine what outrage would be if this would be about the black community?!


  6. I can believe that Thomas is antisemitic.
    But your source, Andrew Breitbart, can not ever trusted. His reputation of snipping, cutting and pasting stories (and tossing any footage that is ‘inconvenient’) is well documented.
    Any ‘raw footage’ of the interview?

  7. Will all the Jews who are employed by the Gov and are working in the White House just stand by and not say anything about this sitrah achra? Where does such hatred begin? This ignoramus has done her days and should retire straight into Kings County Hospital’s psychiatric ward where she will have a luxurious life of midah keneged midah! Was she this loud during other administrations? Or maybe she feels that she has her back covered because of hussein obama?

  8. Isn’t it amazing how under the Obama administration many anti semites come out of the wood works?

    many people ask if Obama is a vicious anti semite and many answer that he is just a crazy liberal with crazy liberal views that all think oh if the jews would just move out of Israel everything ould be grand.

    It starts with the jews and then everyone else is next.

    We have what to daven for as usual. The anti semites should all drop dead and die a miserable death.

  9. If she’d have said to send all the black people back to where they came from then the media and the whole U.S. would be up in arms about her racist remark. I guess it’s a double standard when it comes to Israel & the Jews.