Shabbos Car Ramming Attack in the Shomron


ywnisrael.israelAn Arab terrorist tried to run over soldiers of the Rotem Battalion of Givati on Shabbos afternoon near Chawarah in the Shomron. Soldiers opened fire at the vehicle wounding the terrorist seriously. One soldier was lightly injured. The terrorist was transported to a hospital in Shechem.

Earlier in the day, at Kikar Tzahal downtown Jerusalem, a terrorist tried to attack a policeman. The terrorist was shot dead and the policeman was uninjured. The terrorist was a 26-year-old resident of the eastern capital.

The man was stopped and asked to identify himself. He placed his hand into his pocket and instead of pulling out an identity card he pulled out a knife. He was shot dead.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Might sound funny to some but:

    Post traumatic stress disorder is a serious and very very painful condition, I have friends who have suffered from this after service in particularly traumatic missions in Gaza. Killing another human being even when it is fully justified muttar etc is still extremely painful and disturbing for that said soldier.

    Someone should be paying for rrehabilitation and therapy, and it shouldn’t be us, it should be whomever has inspired funded etc the act of terror