HaRav Shalom Cohen: HKBH is Dealing with the Chareidim with a Hard Hand


terThe head of the Shas Moetzas Gedolei Hatorah HaGaon HaRav Shalom Cohen Shlita spoke of the ongoing wave of Palestinian terror attacks, which he feels is HKBH dealing with the chareidi tzibur with a “hard hand”.

Rav Cohen made his remarks during a motzei Shabbos shiur in Bnei Brak. The rav, who is a resident of Jerusalem’s Old City, one of the areas targeted numerous times in recent months by terrorists, stated “Am Yisrael is in deep trouble and we hope the merit of the Torah being learned will save us”.

“הקב”ה יזכה אותנו, כולנו, בזכות התורה הזו, יעמוד בשביל עם ישראל. עם ישראל בצרות, צרות צרורות”

The rav added that due to the many aveiros, “HKBH is dealing with us with a hard hand, specifically the chareidim. The orphans and widows must daven to HKBH”.

“הקב”ה, בעוונות הרבים, הולך אתנו ביד קשה, דווקא עם החרדים. יתומים, אלמנות, צריך להתפלל על זה להקב”ה”.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Reality Check: We have worldwide more Yeshivas, bate midrashos, synagogues, kiruv, than probably all of Jewish world history combined and the violence and hatred continues . Ahavat chinam to ALL general Israel , chiloni , Xaredi, Ashkenaz, Sefard, (including all sects of Chasidim) Unity is the one way we can be saved .

  2. As long as the Chareidi Tzibur continues to shift the risks and hardship of national service to everyone else and selfishly refuse to support national defense efforts through some form of community service (if joining the IDF is somehow deemed inappropriate for young men and women) then it is inevitable that they will suffer a disproportionate number of casualties in the ongoing terrorist actions. Shuttling behind a shtender will not stop some individual Palestinian with a knife from killing their children. There is a time for torah learning and a time to take up arms to defend yourself and your family…the two are NOT mutually exclusive.

  3. These are diivrei chizuk To increase/improve mitzvah observance – there is no explanation needed.
    Rav Shalom is stating that many frum Jews have been injured & killed due to stabbing/car ramming terror intifada & teffila s needed. Tefillot bring unity!!

  4. yes time to unite against a common enemy and stop bickering amongst ourselves. Stop defending the murderd of Jews and realize we need to fight back Moisher wasn’t a coward nor dovid. Turn the other cheek is not a Jewish principle

  5. Let us increase the true Achdus, and stop the discrimination of Sfardi/Ashkenazi in our schools and in shidduchim.

    Let us also be consistent with the original Chareidi hashkofo of Rav Zonenfeld and the Saba Kadisha Rav Elfandri. Let us stop this hypocrisy of joining the State and sending others to do the dirty work for us.

    The recent appointment of a minister from the Aguda to the “Keneset” is another breach of the barriers that were set by the original gedolim that joined the Aguda. It’s time to rethink many things.