Parents of Duma Suspects Protest on Behalf of Their Sons


dumaParents of suspects in ISA (Israel Security Agency – Shin Bet) custody believed connected to the Duma arson protested on Monday, 16 Teves. The message was a clear one, the parents are certain, beyond the shadow of any doubt, that their children have no involvement in that fatal attack. They decry the alleged torture being used by interrogators to extract confessions out of their sons for something they did not do.

Signs displayed by the parents included “Hilltop Youths only want the best for Am Yisrael”.

Some of the families scheduled a press conference on Sunday to the exclusion of the main suspect in the case but that event was called off an hour before it was to have been held, during the evening hours.

The families are calling for the establishment of inquiry commission that will hear the statements of those being held in custody as well as looking at videos that they claim prove their allegations of torture and illegal interrogations.

The parents decried the prosecution’s assumption of guilt when it comes to their children, questioning a system that permits such actions when clearly the investigation lacks any real evidence.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Hello there well meaning parents, The ISA released evidence!
    There were recordings of them gloating, singing, and stabbing A PICTURE!

    In a democracy this might be considered incitement at most… Guess in israel the kgb or isa isis whatever you want to call them, stabbing a picture while dancing and singing is considered murder! And especially if it’s religious jews at a wedding!