Court Releases One Duma Suspect after 29 Days of Interrogation


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dumaOne of the suspects who was held in administrative ISA (Israel Security Agency – Shin Bet) detention for the past month, subjected to torture, was ordered released by the Petach Tikvah Magistrate Court as it is clear the suspect has no connection to the Duma arson case as alleged.

The suspect, 29, was ordered released on Monday, 16 Teves, remanded to house arrest. The house arrest surrounds a case in which he got into an altercation with a number of Bedouins.

The suspect was interrogated for 29 days by the ISA and he was prohibited from meeting with his attorney for 20 days. His treatment was harsh according to his family, including beatings, banging his head against a wall, pulling his head back till he vomited and sleep deprivation for days at a time. The family is demanding a parliamentary committee probe the treatment of the suspects in the Duma case and filing charges against the interrogators who broke the law and placing them on trial.

The man was released after the prosecution told the court it is clear he has no involvement in the Duma case. A family member calmly explained to the media that anyone subjected to the physical abuse and torture he endured in the past month “would confess to the murders of anyone that is still alive to stop it”.

Honenu attorney Chai Haber addressed the prosecution’s statement to the court after a month of media fanfare and discrediting the suspects in custody, whom are presumed guilty until proven innocent. He warned that permitting what is still ongoing with the other suspects is worrisome and should not be tolerated in the State of Israel. “He was held for 30 days under subhuman condition and prevented from meeting his lawyer for 17 days. The interrogators present the court with secret documents in which they build fictitious stories and cases against the suspects. I am pleased the court did not fall for this trap and decided to release my client. While implementation [of the ruling] is delayed, I convinced even if an appeal is filed [by the prosecution], the District Court will also order his release”.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. newsflash for ya, zionflag, in the fascist zionist police state you have no civil rights like we enjoy in the US. The police can hold you without charge for as long as they like, deny you legal representation, and use whatever means they wish to coerce a confession out of you.

  2. The Zionists dog-whistle “Jewish and Democratic State” has been exposed time and again as big lie. The proof is that when “Jewish” is combined with “Democratic” you will get neither Jewish or Democratic State.

  3. This is really terrible! They tortured a victim without any evidence of his involvement?!

    I understand that the Israeli gov feels threatened by some crazies who want to commit violence against Arabs, but that doesn’t mean they can do whatever they want to whomever they want.

  4. The problem is that Israeli leftists step on their own people to try to “prove” to the world that Israelis love the Muslims.

    They consficated land from their own people! and gave it to terrorists, they prosecute soldiers who kill terrorists, and now apparently they torture innocent Jews to try to get them to “confess”.

  5. I lost all my respect for this filthy disgusting state. This is behavior appropriate for governments ran by momar kadafi and Assad. The fact that this is happening in a democratic country is unforgivable especially to its own citizens. The country which was supposedly founded to give the Jews a homeland to feel safe after the holocaust is a scam. This is far from safe. This is far worse treatment a Jew would get than from governments of the U.S. Or Canada. This is barbaric, immoral and cruel. This corrupt and lowlife government will soon pay the price.

  6. It has been said that the Israel Prison Service has received “orders from above” not to release him meanwhile, and is complying with these orders while defying the court order that was given to them this morning.
    This continued detention is totally illegal!
    So much for a law-abiding state.