SHOCKING VIDEO: Rabbi Yosef Mizrachi Says Less Than A Million Jews Killed In The Holocaust



A well-known Kiruv Rabbi and and lecturer based in the United States recently made an outrageous claim that only one million Jews died in the Holocaust. Rabbi Yosef Mizrachi, whose popular lectures draw large crowds, says the other 5 million people murdered were intermarried and not Jewish.

In a video published on his YouTube channel on Tuesday, Mizrahi stated, “This is how it was in Europe, 80 percent of the Jewish people were assimilated and intermarried with non-Jews many generations before the Holocaust.”

Watch the full video below.

Rabbi Yosef Mizrachi was born in 1968. He was raised in Israel and in 1986 at the age of 18, he was drafted into the Israeli Military (IDF) where he served in the Israeli Air Force. After his release from the military, he left for New York City where he was involved in the Financial banking District.

In 1994, Rabbi Mizrachi decided to dedicate his life to the awareness of Judaism among secular Jews. It was in that year that he began coordinating lectures & seminars among Israelis in the New York – New Jersey area. In 1997 he left the financial district and began full time learning and teaching in a Yeshiva in Monsey, New York.

In 2002, Rabbi Mizrachi, along with Yuval Ovadia, a former HBO director, produced an impressive film called ‘Divine Information’. This successful video was duplicated and distributed to more than 200,000 people. During the day, for years Rabbi Mizrachi was teaching Gemara in Yeshivat Ohr Yisrael in Monsey but today due to the increasing kiruv work that he is involved with, he dedicates all his time to the public.

As of 2011, Rabbi Mizrachi has spoken in over 4000 lectures worldwide as well as participated in many weekend seminars, radio shows and other Hebrew and English events in which he enriches the knowledge and awareness of Judaism among thousands of Jews who are lacking in Jewish awareness.

In 2004 he started his website, that has over 700 lectures of videos and audio with viewers from more than 50 countries around the world.

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  1. He did mention that this number is his humble opinion only based on the statistics of assimilation. I heard many times in the past from prominent speakers that assimilation was very high so Rabbi mizrachi didn’t say anything new. He brought many people to do teshuva. Let’s be careful not to take things out context and spread rumors about such tzadik. He was trying to make a point and he did mention that it was his humble opinion.

  2. a) What will Arabs and other anti-semites do with his youtube video now????????
    b) So he’s suggesting pre-war Europe was MUCH MORE ASSIMILATED than the “Wilderness” of America at the time???????

  3. Anyone who speaks negatively about this Rav publicly is a fool and a disgusting person, a sinner, and probably only a jew in his own mind. This rav takes NO money for his shiurim and does a lot for the klal. Yeshiva world News, you are stirring controversy as usual and encouraging people to speak loshon hora. must sell a lot of your expensive advertisement. This story is not “news” or anything but another attempt to eradicate the truth from the world, which the Rav speaks… You will not succeed.

  4. In some ways, one can argue that the death of secular Jews is not a serious loss since they were already no longer part of the future of Klal Yisrael. However arguing that only 1/6 of European Jews killed were frum is a bit questionable. While frum Jews were a rarity in western Europe, in Eastern Europe there were still many Shomer Shabbos Jews (based on school statistics, for example), and in addition it is clear that frum Jews were more likely to have been killed than secular Jews (while the Nazis didn’t discriminate, frum Jews had a harder time escaping since they were more easily identified, were much less likely to be willing to collaborate with the Nazis, and were much less likely to be granted asylum elsewhere).

  5. holocaust happened for a reason, not because we were so great and wonderful. the truth is the truth. even if you are sailing on a kosher cruise with shiurim, 5 desserts etc.. you can’t change it per your convenience.

  6. Comment #3-HoRav says:

    “He was trying to make a point and he did mention that it was his humble opinion.”

    I think you meant to say “…..his bumbled opinion.”

  7. Keep in mind the golus of Germania was far longer than here in USA so it wouldn’t be a surprise if those same Germans who sent the Jews to the camps were long lost assimilated jews themselves , just a humble opinion just as his was so don’t take it personal. If it botheres you much, preach to our children the importance of non assimilation.

  8. 8 – I am proud to be a fool and a disgusting person. Rabbi Mizrahi has crossed a line and this is just despicable.

    Just wait until the Holocaust deniers start quoting him as “proof”.

    What a TIPUSH.

  9. The article title looks shocking but when I watched the video, there is nothing new. Its a well known fact.

    Still, we always say 6 million jews because that was Nazi Hitlers attempt, he could care less if they were 1/2 or 1/4 jewish or 100%. So the Nazis should be blamed and persecuted for their wishes. Still, in true Torah essence, only a small part of those were real 100% jewish.

    Rabbi Mizrachi seems to be saying this in the context of telling people that we need to be 100 %. Jews.

  10. 13 said it just as I was thinking.

    wait until the iranian biheimos and the rest of the neo-nazis start quoting this rabbi and saying “see? even the jews admit the 6 million are a hoax”

    he should issue a retractiona dn appoligize to the 6 million kedoshim as well as to klal yisrol

  11. I am demanding that the illegal pirated radio station in Brooklyn (J-Root radio on 95.1) stop broadcasting this rabbis lectures immediately.

  12. Many of us have long ago learned to take rabbi mizrachis words with a very generous helping of salt. He clearly speaks without thinking his words through. We also learned long ago not to dump the baby out with the bath water. These words may be particularly egregious but in my book he is still a good man with good intentions.

  13. The nazis yemach shemom kept meticulous records, so it can be proven how many were killed. Even if they were assimilated they were still Jewish. I used to like Rabbi Mizrachi, but, this glaring declaration of his hurts.

  14. Ywn is no better then the crooks in the libral media that try to blow up every half story….
    If anybody watched the video you can see for your self how distorting the headline is. Rabbi mizrachi agrees the six million so called jews were killed but gee says on essence what e know are jews there were only a million. So nobody get worked up about this he’s not dening anything Just pointing out the truth. And ywn lives these stuff… Nebach

  15. Please be advised “your playing with fire”, the lack of kovod hatorah is shocking! Rabbi Mizrachi is a well known and respected kiruv rabbi who lives his life for klal Yisrael!

  16. Nice way to close out the year…
    Shame on you Yeshiva World …………
    Yo have stooped to a new low with your ugly

    Joe Simsovits, Dorfman Organization

  17. Please stop taking things out of context. He didn’t say it as a fact but was trying to impress the severity of assimilation. Enough of Loshon hara of righteous people. We are dealing with so many tragedies as a nation: terrorism, antisemitism, divorce, illnesses, shidduch crisis and many other issues. Torah observance is the only solution to our problems. Rabbi Mizrachi is one of few that this generation is blessed with for spreading torah and bring jews back to Hashem. Those with negative comments about him, r very likely to lose share in the world to come. Be careful.

  18. It seems that a lot of you are in denial! What is the matter if a reliable rabbi like him post facts and proofs that really makes sense and it’s already know by all ?
    Rabbi Mizrahi is a REAL rabbi and it’s not scared of anything . He is straight to the point . Try arguing with him and you’ll for sure loose !!
    Stop denying truth and stop with Lioshon hara! Be ashamed of yourselves and do TESHUVA!!!!

  19. The reason the Holocaust happened is because Hashem saw that we did not have the proper compassion to people who were not Yidden; so Middoh Kneged Middoh, he instigated hate towards us.
    So, by minimizing the tragedy by saying that most victims were not Yidden, we are again showing a lack of compassion for Non-Yidden.

  20. Live18….We are not in denial. Just some of us have a half a brain. This Rabbi has played directy into the hands of Holocaust deniers who will soon be using his video as “proof” that the Jews fabricated the number 6 million and it’s all a big lie.

    STop drinking the cool-aid and think rationally.

    He made a HUGE mistake, and he better correct what he did.

    Some things are best not said, even if you feel you are right.

    Amazing hos not ONE gadol since the Holocaust said what he said. Not Rav Shimon Schwab, not the Bobover Rebbe, not Rav Shach, not Rav Moshe, Rav Yaakov, Rav Ruderman, Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rav Avigdor Miller, Rav Gifter, Satmar Rov, Rav JB Solovetchek, Rav Elyashiv, Chacham Ovadia, Rav Shlomo Zalman, Rav Shmuel Berenbaum, Rav Pam, Rav Hutner, Klausenberger Rebbe, Bluzhever Rebbe and the list goes on and on and on and on and on.

    But all of a sudden this prophet has the “real truth”.

    The word Shoita wouldn’t even scratch the surface of what this man is.

    What damage he just caused around the globe.


  21. I think everyone here should worry about him self and try to think of something good to do and and stop the lashon harah on rabbis we have a lot problems and we need to pray to hashem to save us all from what is going on in Israel and a round the world …..

  22. All these dumb people here talking about holocaust denials using this for their propaganda sound like out dumb liberal president saying that ISIL uses Donald trump videos too recrute please give me a break and shame on you YWN FOR DISTORTING THE FACTS THIS MAN IS A HOLY RABBI

  23. Rabbi Mizrahi should sue you guys for distorting his words and putting them out of context. You probably caused tons of anger and negativity toward him now. . He’s an unbelievable mezake harabim and you’re causing hate for no reason.

  24. Rabbi Avigdor Miller writes in his book on the Holocaust that assimilation and going off the detect was RAMPANT, and Hashem brought the Holocaust to stop it. (Just like the destruction of the 2nd bais hamikdash brought an end to the Hellenists movement )

  25. I saw this disgraceful video and since he’s speaking to impressionable young people, it is extremely dangerous. The generation of those under 40 years old does not have the “connection” to the Shoah that many of us had. For example, while my father’s family may or may not have been “frum”, they were 100% Jewish when they were shot into a ditch. His numbers are way off, Europe while certainly plagued by assimilation, especially in Germany, never reached the numbers we see in the USA today. I am proud that a major kiruv organization (outside of Brooklyn, of course) has stated publically that they will no longer be having this Rabbi as a speaker.

  26. This is past e-mail conversation I had with Rabbi Mizrachi, judge for yourself:

    Stuart Tepper
    Oct 27

    to Yossi
    Harav Yosef,

    I heard in my shul on Shabbos, people quoting you as saying that there wasn’t 6,000,000 jews that died, but rather something like 1 million.

    Kol Tuv!

    Simcha Lipa Tepper from Baltimore.

    Stuart Tepper Oct 29
    I’m not looking to belittle you in any way, I just wanted clarification, on t…

    Rabbi Yosef Mizrachi
    Oct 29

    to me
    They miss quoting me
    I said that in germany they had 80% intermarriage and a large portion of the people that were murdered where goyim according to halacha even if their last name was cohen levy rosenn stern etc the mother was a goya and all the children were goyim so the total amount of real jews that were killed was lower but I said there is no way to know for sure exact numbers
    A ticket to eternal life !!!

  27. Perhaps the reason we aren’t comfortable with Rabbi Mizrachi’s opinion is because we have created a myth that European Jewry were entirely holy, entirely frum, when there is serious evidence to the contrary.

  28. All jews that were killed even if they were assimilated were killed BECAUSE they were jews. I don’t understand why someone would say something like that. Even if there’s a point he was trying to make, this may have been stepping on the Graves of people. Especially because there’s no proof to what he’s saying, rather he’s questioning if they were all halachiclly Jewish. Furthermore the statistics of assimilation of Germany Jewry I would believe would not represent the rest of European Jewry because Germany was real bad. I wish we can have someone educated in history like rabbi wein or irons to clarify the veracity of this statement, because it’s foreshore off, but I wonder what the truth actually is?!?

  29. Calm down everyone! He probably exaggerated but he’s got some point –
    anyway, Hashem knows the exact number, and Muslims are trying to kill all of us and only Hashem will help, so let’s concentrate on our Judaism right now…

  30. Rabbi Mizrachi is a big Tsaddik.
    He says the TRUTH!!!!
    People don’t want to hear the truth.
    Yeshivah World This is PURE LOSHAN HARA!!
    SHAME ON YOU!!!!!

  31. Even if there was 100%$ intermarriage rates in Germany, that means 50% were still jewish as the mother was jewish.

    Poland had a much lower intermarriage rate than Germany.

    The germans themselves kept statistics on the number of jews and people jewish under nuremberg laws, it was alot lower than mizrachi says.

    One who insults the Holy Kedoshim of the holocaust should have no place in the world to come

  32. Intermarriage Rates in Pre War Europe –

    The Germans took a census in 1939. Out of Germany’s 442,000 “Jews”, 74.7% were Volljuden (full jews) while 16% were “mixed of first degree” (Jewish Grandparents), and 10% were “mixed of the second degree” (one jewish grandparent.)

    However, you also have countries like Poland where estimates are 3,000,000 Jews died. Poland’s pre-war intermarriage rate was an order of magnitude lower than Germany’s, though no official census figures exist to quantify this.

    So from literally one country you have over three times the figure given by this person.

    If the man meant 80% of German Jews were assimilated (not intermarried) that is unfortunately quite believable. But they were Jewish.

  33. I didnt watch the video, nor do I intend to. The sense I am getting the sense from reading the 40+ posts that precede mine is that he didnt say 6 million jews werent killed, rather he was trying to say that 6 million halachic jews were not killed (in the context of what point he was trying to make when he said this, I’ll never know because I have no interest in the video). Not that it made much of a difference to the nazis then, or to their spiritual heirs now.

  34. Rabbi Mizrachi may be a great kiruv person, but he is definitelt not a historian. If one counts the number of jews that were part of the great Chassidic courts as well as their families (based on descriptions clearly depicted in seform regarding that period), one will clearly see at least 1 million FRUM jews. That doesn’t count frum jews in the litvishe community. Add to that the very large number of non-frum jews (who did marry other jews), one will derive several million more. I don’t know where Rabbi Mizrachi dets his figures, but they are totally wrong – plain and simple.

    Rabbi Mizrachi,
    Be careful before you make pronouncements. Jews who were not religious are still Jews. Assimilation does not necessarily mean intermarried. The great post-war Kiruv movement, counts among its ranks many children from such families. I have these facts directly from my close association over the course of 36 years with Rabbi Avigdor Miller, a known Holocaust authority. Rav Miller did say that institutions supporting a frum community (Shuls, yeshivos, mikvaos etc.) that were destroyed in WWI were not rebuild. paving the way for the Holocaust. The ‘isms’ that sprung up during this period took a lot of Jews away from frumkeit. BUT most Jews married Jews.

  35. To Mdd
    No. What I said is the unspoken truth. Unfortunately, there are very dark clouds on the horizon regarding anti-Semitism. Until we don’t show HKB”H that we are Misakin this problem, He will just keep on bringing it on.
    Again, we must start having true compassion for all decent Non-Yidden.

  36. This is exactly how the people in the media run their lives. Firing radio show hosts and sports team owners because of something they heard taken out of context. Women outside Brooklyn, which kiruv organization are you referring to? Did they talk to rabbi Mizrahi before reaching conclusions based on something that was completely misquoted. People are very smart and are very quick to write people off based on statements they choose to interpret offensively. It’s ridiculous.

  37. #2` You say ‘nice way to close out the year…’ Aha, what year? We closed out our year Sept 14 ’15. So this is what Rabbi Mizrachi is trying to point out . Its people like you who are most upset

  38. Just Sad.
    As more than four million of the victims were from places with very low assimilation (Poland, Ukraine, etc) the is Rav is sadly relying on incorrect numbers. As well, if 80% were not halachkily Jewish (for arguments sake), that would mean that 1.2 million (20%) were Jewish, not as stated, “less than a million.”

  39. Shame on you Yeshiva World …………
    Was rabbi mizrachi’s intention to give right to the Nazi’s??? say thank you for hitler for not being so bad??
    I hear Rabbi Mizrachi every single day, his intention is for us to wake up and start becoming proper jews and not look like the jews who are half jews and because of their sins the holacast happened, because of the bad jews the good one’s are also getting punished.

  40. This might be the only time i agree with akuperman, he took these words oomm, “in addition it is clear that frum Jews were more likely to have been killed than secular Jews (while the Nazis didn’t discriminate, frum Jews had a harder time escaping since they were more easily identified” and his point above that is also spot on.
    Can Rabbi Mizrahi Shlita please answer this point.

  41. I think i’ve heard that Poland, whose Jews bore the biggest brunt of the holocaust, was known for having a proportionally low intermarriage rate, with those leaving the fold choosing non observance over intermarriage. Needless to say, such a bold statement requires intense research to substantiate it. I have my doubts that there were less than a million halchically jewish victims. After all, take as an example the two biggest sects of Chasiddus in Poland, Ger and Aleksandra, whose pre war members numbered in the hundreds of thousands who were almost all wiped out in the shoah.

  42. My father ZT”L was one of those who ran from the Germans in 1939 in Krakow and got himself captured by the Russians. He spent the war years in Russian camps. From my fathers memories, I know that 2 Million died by the Russians besides the 6-7 Million by the Germans.

    The lecturer has a tendency to make up what he does not know. After one of his lectures on regression, I asked him a question and he first hesitated. Then he gave me an answer in a very assertive manner to make his answer sound authoritative. It was wrong and made up so that he looked good and knowledgeable. This was not asked in front of others and it would not have been embarrassment if he just said I don’t know.
    When I teach, and a student asks me a question that I don’t know, I say I don’t know & let me get back to you with the answer.
    There were other occasions where he took one opinion of Chazal and made it sound like it is the only opinion. He also said in another lecture if you do a certain sin then it is over and there no more Teshuvah. This is false and Appicurses/totally contrary to Halacha.
    He may mean well but he steps over the line. He probably didn’t loose lots of family in WWII. So he talks like holocaust denier. He causes a lot of harm with many of his statements.

  43. I guess your name “conservative” is very fitting. There is at least 2 aveiros of loshon hara in your paragraph and maybe you should listen to some more speached of the Rav so you will be zocheh to do teshuvah.

  44. #32 A woman outside Brooklyn:

    “I am proud that a major kiruv organization (outside of Brooklyn, of course) has stated publically that they will no longer be having this Rabbi as a speaker”

    You are making a slanderous accusation but yet you don’t state which Organization it is. You claim “they have stated publically”. Really? I haven’t seen any “Major” Org make such a claim. And what is this condescending “outside of Brooklyn, of course” statement supposed to mean?

  45. If he wants to take it back, even after plenty of damage has been done, fine, we’ll deal with it. But if he sticks to his remarks, shame on him! There was a terrible catastrophe in klal yisroel and he, because of his daher decides that we all have it wrong! Pheeew!!!! His logic is so skewed– the assimilation was not what we have today and the yidden that were going to the gas chambers were fathers zaides and bubbies of those that are around today. What incredible chutzpah!
    Further, for those who comment how he’s such a tzaddik and that those who speak against him…. Tell that to the 5,000,000 yidden whom he “decided” weren’t Jewish but really died al Kiddush Hashem.

  46. To truth9876
    Why don’t you go to his lectures and record them yourself. Then take that recording to someone that really knows how to learn. Play it back one point at a time. Ask him if his statements are correct.
    There are too many extreme statements he makes which are not Halacha and only his personal opinion. Other statements are incorrect and can lead to great problems with students that are still searching.
    A few of his students talked to me after attending many of his lectures and found the same thing. Someone trying to be Mekarev does have that right if it pushes away other students.

  47. I just want to make it clear that when it comes to individuals like Mizrachi, we have to take a clear stance against them. He has committed one of the biggest chillul hashem, desecrated the memory of five million Jews. His presumptions are baseless and he does not in any way represent the religious orthodox jewish world.

    He is a lone wolf on a campaign, inflating his own ego. When it come down to individuals such as Mizrachi we need to draw a clear name and say out loud “not in our name”. HE DOES NOT REPRESENT any part of the Orthodox Jewish Community – he creates barriers and pushes more and more people away from religious jewry.

    I have had clear instructions by one the biggest Rav in the Jewish world that we can openly criticize him in public as he is a DANGER to our community, and anyone who says otherwise is deluded.

  48. Ashkenazim and Sephardim of course must make peace (and to love each other) as one Am. And Rabbi Mizrahi is a great Mekarev and Askan. However, there are 2 matters, 1) if you are well known and have youtube channels (;) ) be very careful what you choose to say as it may have massive repercussions. 2) Perhaps non-Ashkenazim need to be more sensitive regarding a Massive Bloody Tortuos tragedy that mainly struck the Ashkenazi world less than 80 years ago when whole communities were shot, starved, gassed and tortured to death from as West as France to as East as the middle of Russia. We must obviously not Belittle the Enormity by saying less than a million were in reality killed. Even in the USA with its much less religous at the time community there was LESS THAN 20% INTER MARRIAGE rate because of close community ties and anti-semitism. Sepahrdim that do should also not belittle the millions of Jewish victems as “Deserving” when we know so many many were Very Frum!

  49. I just listened to the actual video and it is much worse than I expected! Not only does he categorically say that “only” one million jews were murdered but he has his facts totally wrong. It is absolutely NOT true that 80% of Jews were assimilated (any country btw) and it is not true that all of these so-called 80% were not jew.He even makes fun of those many thousands of jews who are not shomer mitzvos but only celebrate some “chagim”. Some kiruv! Why anyone listen to this ignoramus is beyond me. he is a charlatan and a real danger to klal yisroel.

  50. #62 jmarks:

    “I have had clear instructions by one the biggest Rav in the Jewish world that we can openly criticize him in public as he is a DANGER to our community, and anyone who says otherwise is deluded”

    Really? Please enlighten us so we can all learn from him. Who is this “biggest” Rav?

  51. I am truly shocked that he would speak this way. Imagine the uproar if a galach said something so stupid!
    As a aside, Howard Stern (Hersh Tzvi) is 100% Jewish. In fact, he is one of the few celebrities to speak in favor of Israel. He also frequently references the 6 million Jews murdered – including his own family. So, I know Howard’s yichus, but what is Mizrachi’s?! If he is putting into question 5 million kedoshim, maybe we should look into his… he certainly doesn’t speak like a Jew.

  52. The more impressive statistic would have been: of the 6 million Jews exterminated, not one of them was a Halachik Jew. Now that would have made for a great theological statement. But my Mother A”H never reported that Mengele ever said “Halachik Jews to the Right; Non-Halachik Jews to the Left”. Alas, Herr Hitler made no such distinctions, and, oddly enough, Hashem did not show favor to the Halachik Jews and save them from death. I am so disgusted. Rabbi Mizrachi should be given 10 fold Malchas for teaching this non-sense. And for all of us who hope and daven that Moshiach will come in our day – forget it. This kind of sina will keep Moshiach away for a long time. We are supposed to learn something about sina each year we mourn for the Beis Hamikdash on Tisha B’Av. People like Rabbi Mizrachi and his brand os sina makes me believe we are wasting our energy

  53. To yira
    It’s good to know that you know why the holocaust happened. We can agree that it was for avairos but to suggest which one makes no sense. Sorry

  54. I don’t have the statistics but if yiu ever listened to Rebbi Avigdor Millers speeches on this subject matter, you’ll know that 80% is probably a correct figure.

    Still, since we live in a world where everything gets posted on YouTube and distributed indiscriminately, we should be careful before making such remarks in public.

    Not everything that is true needs to be mentioned on the podium

  55. To yeshiva world this is another 1 of these disgusting acts of lh that must stop. HARAV YOSSI isnt the only 1 2 say this. If I am not mistaken RABBI MILLER also said something to this extent with very similar statistics. So why don’t we learn from the past (trial and error) and realize we’re next. Instead of fighting lets act our ages which is hopefully above 2 and do something useful like helping HARAV YOSSI and others contine doing their job to bring back these lost neshamot of those who are still jewish lehalacha

  56. And how many Israelis today are Halachically Jewish–considering the large influx of non Jewish Russians and non Jewish Ethiopians whose children today speak perfect Hebrew, serve in the IDF, and so on? They marry, intermarry, and so on, within the population. Are these persons also Jews? Certainly not Halachically. Is this also an inconvenient truth? Sure it is. It is not any different than listening to the Sheurim of Rav Avigdor Miller (OBM) whose Shul I sat in as a teenager, listening to his talks concerning Slavodka–not to mention his other talks where he put full blame on the Zionists–Americans and others–for helping to destroy Hungarian Jewry as a result of their siding with Stephen Wise and Roosevelt (destroying all hopes in 1943 for a backdoor rescue). I assure you, had the Internet existed then, Rabbi Miller–well beloved and highly respected in the Yeshiva world today (and then)–would also have been the pariah of the 15 minute moment. As Rabbi Mizrachi notes, the day will come when only Mashiach will be able to sort the Yiddin from the Goyim. The intermarriage in Europe from the latter part of the Nineteenth-Century to the start of the Second World-War was very high–but it is even worse today in the United States with American Jews marrying 71 percent out of the faith (the numbers rise each year). Are their children Jews?–not if the mother is a Goyah. Is this something that Rabbi Mizrachi’s critics have missed? Of course those in the secular world will have us base Halacha on the 1966 record title, “When You’re In Love, The Whole World Is Jewish.” Hopefully, certain elements within the Yeshiva world will not follow suit–rather, they’d be better served taking a remedial course in Musar–I suggest Taharas Halashon.

  57. I agree with Rabbi Mizrahi 100% there are thousands of intermarriages which I’m sure everyone knows and many consider themselves jewish but in reality are not due to their moms not being jewish, with that said, to make this such a big deal is pretty sad instaed of all jewish people sticking together we try to bash each other :-/ …

  58. I learn torah, daven every day Hanetz but I do not consider myself JewISH. I learn Torah and sometimes even lecture in an toarh oberservant shul with a Mechizah.

    It would have been much better had the Rabbi simply stated that most Jews today and then are not JewISH.

    I am a Jew striving to to be JewISH.

    Had Rabbi Mizrachi said that most of the Jews killed in the holocaust were not JewISH, then there would not be such an uproar.

    Jews for Jesus are Jews but they certainly are not JewISH.

    My mother made me a Jew, but it will take me a lifetime to make myself JewISH.

    See the point?

  59. I’m so shocked and appalled that a site that is called “yeshiva world” would create a platform to encourage LOSHON HORA about a Rabbie that is made more people come back to Hashem then anyone I know. Discusting. Shame on you. Taking a perfectly good person, a true Tzadik, and not only assasnating his character by taking his words and manipulating them and taking what he said out of context. BTW. He apologized immediately. Are YOU PERFECT? do YOU not make mistakes? Do u not ever say or do something based on info you’ve gotten that was off? I cannot believe your headline! You are literally committing unimaginable damage to our nation. Stop before it’s too late. Take these stupid articles off. Promote goodness. Promote kiruv. Promote unity. Not continuing spreading the nation further and further apart from one another. REMEMBER THIS: regardless if you hate a Jew, love a Jew or whatever the case may be… YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO DESTROY THEM ON YOYR PLAYFORM. It’s Not Pnly Loshon hora, but it’s x100 and for every comment response that continues to attempt to destroy another Jew is another thing you will have to answer for in front of the Creator of the world. Stop and use this platform for good. Not evil