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Ben Carson’s Campaign Manager, Spokesman Quit GOP Campaign

bcaThe campaign manager for Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson says he and another top aide have resigned.

Barry Bennett says he and communications director Doug Watts left the campaign on Thursday morning.

Bennett says he left because of mounting frustration that Carson was listening more to his longtime business manager, Armstrong Williams, and not the advice of his paid campaign staff.

Bennett’s decision comes a week after Carson told The Associated Press in an interview that he was considering a major staff shakeup, only to walk back those comments hours later.

Williams had arranged that interview without Bennett’s knowledge, and Bennett says that was evidence that Williams would continue to undermine the campaign’s leadership team.


5 Responses

  1. Politifact analyzed Carson’s statements this past year and found that 84% of Carson’s statements were mostly false, false, or pants-on-fire lies. Only 4% were true or mostly true. A Communications Director who wants to continue to have a career needs to get out of that kind of a situation.

  2. His campaign is based on personal mentschlickeit and not saying Lashon Horah. The media hate him. The liberals can’t stand an African American who supports traditional conservative principles (family, frugality, morality). Unlike the other Republican candidates, he doesn’t good looking for ways to alienate or insult people. He can unite the anti-establishment angry Trumper supporters, while still being acceptable to the Country Club establishment, and fits in well with the religious wing (while being very unthreatening on “church-state” issues since he is from a religious as well as an ethnic minority).

    At this point, if he doesn’t get his campaign together, regardless of whome the Republicann nominate, the next president will be Hillary Clinton, and after 16 years of left wing rule the US may be a very inhospitable place for people like us. Only Carson can beat Clinton.

  3. It turns out that the “errors” and “lies” attributed to Carson are typically quoting him out of context. The lefties are terrified of him. Only a united Republican party can win, and Carson is the only potential nominee who can unite the party. Trump has already written off the “Country Club” types by his personal attacks (e.g. on Bush’s wife) and his nativist rantings (somewhatg hypocritical for someone with Ellis Island roots), and none of the others can keep the support the Trump supporters (who want a radical change in Washington, not more of the same).

    The personal attack and lies about Carson are a life or death strategy for the Democrats.

  4. Politifact is a proven Leftist lying organization. They can’t be trusted for anything they say.

    Trump will destroy Hillary and so would Cruz. No one has said that Carson was the only one who could beat her.

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