Novominsker Rebbe Condemns ‘In Strongest Possible Terms’ Rabbi Mizrachi’s Outrageous Holocaust Comments


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agudThe Hamodia Newspaper has published an editorial along with a statement by the Novominsker Rebbe Shlita condemning the comments made by Rabbi Yosef Mizrachi, who is a well-known Kiruv Rabbi, which were published by YWN last week.

The statement by the Novominsker Rebbe reads:

“I condemn in the strongest terms possible the outrageous claim that fewer than a million halachic Jews were killed in the Holocaust. This claim is demonstrably false, profoundly offensive and extremely hurtful. It is an affront to the Six Million Kedoshim, precious, holy, Jewish souls whose lives were snuffed out by the sonei Yisroel. Minimizing the degree of the terrible destruction of Churban Europa, in a most morally irresponsible manner, does a grave disservice to truth, and only gives enemies of Klal Yisrael ammunition for their lies.”


Last week, YWN published an op-ed calling on Rabbi Mizrachi to retract and apologize for his comments.

Three days later, after the story was already viral and reported around the globe, Rabbi Mizrachi wrote YWN an email in which he apologized.

Many people have refused to accept Rabbi Mizrachi’s apology, as the damage caused by these comments is simply unimaginable. Holocaust-deniers have already used his video and comments on their neo-Nazi websites as “proof” to their pack of lies that the Holocaust is a “myth” created by the Jews.

One such person refusing to accept an apology was a well-known Holocaust survivor, Dr. Moshe Katz, who agreed to go on camera and deliver a message to Rabbi Mizrachi.

The response was shocking.

Hate-mail poured into YWN cursing out this Holocaust survivor for the “Chutzpah” that he had for making his statement against this Rabbi. Dozens of letters from alleged followers of Rabbi Mizrachi sent threatening letters to YWN.

It should be mentioned that Dr. Moshe Katz is a noted author and lecturer about the holocaust. He is the author of the well-received holocaust book, “Nine Out of Ten.” He has lectured at hundreds of Yeshivos, shuls and schools about the holocaust. Dr. Katz was also one of the founding members of several Yeshivos and schools including Yeshiva of Southshore, Yeshivas Sh’or Yoshiv, Yeshiva Darchei Torah, and Torah Academy for Girls. He is a pillar of the survivors of the holocaust.

Will the same defenders of Rabbi Mizrachi who had the audacity to take issue with Dr. Moshe Katz now have the Chutzpah to “curse out” the Novominsker rebbe Shlita?!

Furthermore, hate mail accused YWN of promoting the story for “ratings” and having an “agenda against Rabbi Mizrach”. In fact, Rabbi Mizrachi was on the radio on Tuesday night discussing this. He along with the radio host repeated this claim multiple times.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

If YWN had an agenda against this Rabbi, we would not have hesitated until now to publish the countless videos available on YouTube which have many disturbing insults and statements of disrespect and insensitivity toward others.

There is one critic who attacked him and his response to her is that “She will get the biggest Auschwitz.  Auschwitz is a picnic, she is going to be there for eternity.  She will never come out of there.. Korach all the people who were with him –died with him.. She’s much worse than Hitler.”  This can be seen HERE at at 1:20.

There is another video in which he attacks and labels secular women outside of the Nazi gas chambers about to be gassed as “immodest women”. One leading American Gadol who spoke with YWN on Wednesday wondered “how can Mizrachi possibly know which woman was religious and who was secular? Did he know some of the people being led to the gas chambers? Are there faces in photos that he recognized? They all looked alike with shaved heads”.

Another video lays the blame of the death of the Sassoon children on women’s lack of modesty.  Rabbi Mizrachi has stated that autistic children were sinners in past lives.  He has further asserted that blind children are being punished for watching pornography in previous lives. He also has some racial remarks about African American’s, as well as comments about why people have Autism or Down’s Syndrome.

No. This wasn’t about going after a Rabbi or stirring up controversy whatsoever.

This is about speaking up for the truth. This is about setting the record straight.

Interestingly, Rabbi Mizrachi claims that his remarks are from four years ago. The lecture was posted on Youtube in January of 2013. But the video of the lecture was posted on Rabbi Mizrachi’s Israeli Facebook site in September of 2015, not 35 months ago, but 4 months ago.  The fact that it was uploaded by his organization less than 4 months ago is noteworthy. It is also significant that there have been over 25,000 views of it on Facebook in these past few months.

His apology claims that he was misquoted.  What follows, however, is an exact transcript.  There are also no jump cuts or other indications of any editing.

The full video can be found HERE (the section under discussion is at 35:05):

“I will tell you a secret about a matter that you have not paid attention to. In every place we have become used to hearing that six million Jews were murdered. They murdered 6,000,000 Jews. They murdered six million Jews..

 But the truth, I am telling you, is that not even one million Jews were killed.

 Not that this is an insignificant number. It is a giant number, one million. But there is a difference between 6 million and 1 million. You ask me how I get one million?  It’s very simple. You ask me how I decrease the number from 6 million to one million?  So I’m going to tell you. According to the secular Jews and to gentiles they say anyone who has a bit of Jewish blood in them is Jewish.

For example, according to the rules of secular Jews, this Howard Stern – this disgusting and repulsive impure individual – he is a Jew. But, in reality, his mother is not Jewish. So he is a complete non-Jew in heaven.

 According to Jewish law he is nothing – he is not considered part of the Jewish people; cannot marry a Jewess.   Who is he? The announcer on the radio.

It doesn’t matter.  There are thousands of people like him in the United States with the name “Cohen,”  “Levy” and they are totally not Jewish.  There are thousands called “Rosenberg,” “Miller,” “Mizrahi,” “Arush” – whatever you want they call them and they are totally not Jewish.

 There are a lot of Bukharian here in Queens that go around with a magen david. They had a Bar Mitzvah and they come to synagogue sometimes, and they are total Gentiles.

That’s how it was in Europe – 80% of the Jewish people were assimilated and intermarried.  Many generations before the Holocaust from the time of Hertzl who intended to Christianize the Jews as he says in his book, “The Jewish State” in a letter to the Pope, “Give me time and I will convert all the Jews to Catholicism and this way we will prevent anti-semitism and they will no longer be a problem.”

That’s what is written in his book, “Altneuland” and you can open it up and check it.

Herzl plan to convert all Jews to Christianity 120 years before hand.

After that, from then until the Holocaust there is another 50 years. Every day, every hour, the Jews intermarried with non Jews.

Now, since many of them live like Jews, not necessarily religious, but they kept Passover like we do in Israel. They celebrate using electricity and cars and trains.  They celebrated a little bit so what happened? Hitler took everyone who had even a quarter of Jewish ancestry. If your grandfather from your father’s side was Jewish and the rest were non Jews? – To the gas chambers.  They also put in the wives of Jews that were entirely non Jewish. If she hid him or they were hidden by non Jews, if they caught them, they killed them also. 

A lot of non Jews were mashed into the account.  But in truth, how many Jews really were killed? In my humble opinion, not even a million.  Because if you look at the percent of assimilation that was in Europe, which already reach 80%, it is reasonable to assume that 80% of the six million were non Jews. So if you do the estimate, we’re talking only about the number of those that were claimed to be Jews.”

As can be seen, the claim that the video was taken out of context or was edited, is simply not true. Rabbi Mizrachi needs to really and truly apologize to the victims of the holocaust and to the survivors.  He needs to clean up his act.  He needs to stop the disrespect and the insults.


  1. Yasher Koach to the Novominsker Rebbe for expressing the feelings of Holocaust survivors as well as their children to this outrageous video. Only a holocaust survivor’s family can feel the pain…no grandparents…uncles…aunts…cousins. There alone are huge numbers.

  2. I would appreciate it if YWN could show WHY Rabbi Mizrachi is wrong, by explaining that the intermarriage rate was not so high, or that it did not effect the amount of Halachic Jews (for some reason). Give us ammunition!

  3. I agree with every single word of this article. And the Novaminsker is not the only Gadol to speak about this. I know of at least three choshuv rabbonim who crushed him in their drashos on shabbos.

  4. This world has gone mad.

    Imagine if Obama said these things about the Holocaust. We would be going CRAZY!

    But here, one of our own says it, and the response to those slamming him is the regular “LASHON HARA” scream.


  5. The Rebbe condemned the comment not the person. The person retracted what else do you want of him. I know personally people keeping shabbos because of him

  6. 8- Maybe the rebbe didn’t even want to mention mizrachi’s name? why mention the name of someone who did such a huge disgrace?

    are people so stupid to not realize that there is virtually no apology this man can do? holocaust deniers are eating his words up like candy.

    just boggles the mind

  7. I just watched some of his sagacious videos and I believe any sane person viewing them will come to the same conclusion: May Hashem have mercy on him.

  8. I know the Novominsker Rebbe shlit”a and have immense kavod for him. He is one of a handful who have dedicated their entire life to Klal Yisroel. May he be gezunt and shtark until 120, at least.

    However, I do take serious issue here. Let me explain. Firstly, I agree that the comment by R’ Mizrachi was irresponsible and untrue. Secondly, I am pleased to see that he issued an apology and retraction. However, if the only issue that was being addressed was this statement about the Holocaust, then the discussion should be limited to that. And for that, the apology and retraction are adequate. One cannot pursue the fact that survivors feel offended by that and do not wish to accept the apology. That may be a personal issue they have with R’ Mizrachi, and they are entitled to address that bein odom lachaveiro. Doing so in the media, on the web, and from the podium is inappropriate.

    However, if the mission is to discredit R’ Mizrachi, which seems to be the case in this article on YWN, and is echoed in several of the commments here and the earlier posts, then we have a different issue. It is not about 6 million versus another number, but about a campaign to stop R’ Mizrachi. And that is debatable, but not a fitting subject for YWN or any other frum website. I see it as inappropriate for an Agudath Israel function, not because I disagree with the Rebbe but because it is for the boardroom, not the podium.

    R’ Mizrachi has been known to make rash statements. As a community, we either should press him to research such positions so that they are defensible, or perhaps to stop him from these public pronouncements. A Gadol would be more qualified to give direction here. But the public bashing that is occurring here and other public forums is outside of the range of what I find tasteful or appropriate.

    Do we, as a community, police all those who are rabbinical positions? Do we police dayanim, rabbonim, roshei yeshivos, menahalim, etc.? Should we? If yes, there is lots more work to do. If this is a subject for Gedolei Yisroel, then it needs to be done in their meeting rooms, not in the media. Just my opinion.

  9. A very convenient topic to talk about, and make headlines, although it has nothing to do with the future of the Jewish people.
    Why don’t we talk about the fact, that at least 80% of the boys that perished in the Holocaust, would not have been accepted in one of our Yeshivos.
    When will we stop pushing fine young boys away and isolating them from there friends, all because My Yeshiva is too good for them?

  10. I just don’t understand why the frum media is giving this person a platform. He also claims to have been mekarev 50,000 people. He obviously can’t count very well. Just ignore him

  11. *****NEWSFLASH*****

    I have a brilliant question for everyone.

    What would the Rabbeyim of Rabbi Mizrachi say about his comments, most notably about the Holocaust?

    Oh wait, who ARE his Rabbeyim?

    Does anyone know?

    Inquiring minds would like to know.

  12. I have heard this man on the radio for several years. And I think he needs help.
    But it’s great that the Rebbe inally made a statement.
    But the real question is why haven’t there been pressure put on j root radio to stop his weekly broadcast yet?

  13. What rabbi mizrachi said was particularly offensive and horrible and also not true at all but is he the only lecturer to have said offensive and dumb things? Why is it that when One well known lecturer calls black people monkeys we hear not a peep from Ywn. Rabbi mizrachi is not the first to have said something dumb and won’t be the last. All of the sudden rabbi mizrachi needs to be laid over the coals for his mistake. Give me a break.

    At some point you need to move on.

  14. Dear brothers and sisters,
    Let us stop this debate that’s going no where. We should all take time and think of our olam haba. If there’s 1% chance that Rabbi Mizrachi is innocent and we’re just making accusations from ourfeelings then OUR olam haba is gone chas v’shalom. Please be selfish and care about your soul and don’t make negative comments. You are gambling with your eternal olam haba. You’ll look back and will feel stupid for writing comments that brought so much destruction and it’ll be impossible to retrieve your words/comments. We have gedolim, let them look into it further and direct us accordingly. One can lose all his olam haba with one negative comment. Guard your soul. People behind these postings, please don’t drag this issue with public. We’re not dayanim. It doesn’t solve the issue. It causes machloket , tension, and hatred. I don’t want this to be on your head. May Hashem protect us from sins of lashon hara.
    Remember lashon hara means when you tell the truth about the person and it’s violation of Torah law. Let’s not take a chance of losing our olam haba.

  15. There is 0% chance Rabbi Mizrachi is innocent, the videos are clearly out there and its not just one video. Its many videos. It wasnt just one stupid thing, it was many abhorant things he said

  16. A Sure Thing is We Must Never Triviliaze the Holocaust. Every Jew that was Murdered Because he or she was a Jew is a Holy Martyr. We must also be careful with Youtube and the internet – especially if we have Youtube channels – as this has already gone to Hate Groups sites. (who knows if it was because of the Publicity of Other Sites to This Issue) Men, women, old , young and babies were Murdered just because they were Jews in the millions. Who are WE to say who “deserved”. As Believers we of course believe there is a Divine Plan. In Hind site we will see.
    At the same time – Neturei Karta and Their Ilk Also Disgustingly Make Light of the Holocaust when they call Israeli Soldiers and Police Nazis! A) Let us get serious about not allowing Trivialization of the Holocaust by ANYONE. Let everyone please meet and Make Up and Be One Loving Family Again.

  17. Mr. Horav if the Novominsker can say it I’m not worried about saying it. It is time for this man to be stopped. as aside has anyone ever met the so “50,000” people he has been mekarev?

  18. Even if he is not innocent, God will deal with him. But why should I risk of losing olam haba by disparaging him. There are laws governing who we can publicly embarrass. We don’t have p’sak hahacha from a gedolim labeling him as rasha, so why should we continue bashing him? Remember to guard your soul from gehinom. Please don’t gamble with your olam haba.

  19. Every single page…. you guys are still not getting it straight. And someone forgot to leak the secret to the Novominsker Rebbe. Non of you really care about the exact number. Not R Mizrahi, Not Dr Katz, Not YWN. We are only interested in making a fuss about what R mizrachi was speaking about… Assimilation. And yes we also missed the point of Dr Katz which was…. Not forgeting about the war, which he said will be forgotten in a few years.
    Lets all forget about “Stumping the Rabbi” and appreciate what each and ever yid has to offer to the table weather we personally agree or not. If need be please go over the last line many times over again. Youll live a more meaningful life. Kol Tuv!

  20. To Number 16:
    1% innocent?
    Years ago, he called several people “worse than Hittler” in public, on video.

    How exactly was are his videos Mekarev people?
    Denying the Holocaust & Calling our Daughters “Opened Bottles of Coke” are a normal Kiruv method?


  21. The term Rabbi is used much to loosely. Not every guy with a black hat and a five o’clock shadow is a Rabbi. Mr. Mizrachi is a farce. Yidishkeit is a beautiful rich true religion it does not need to be marketed the way this insult to intelligence does

  22. The more I read about this subject, the more offended I am by the irresponsible comments. Here’s my picture. By way of introduction, I am not a survivor of the Holocaust, and neither was anyone in my immediate family. I can empathize with others, which I believe I do quite well. But I cannot necessarily identify with their feelings if I have never experienced them.

    The question about whether R’ Mizrachi was correct in his statement has already been resolved. He erred. People felt offended. He apologized. He corrected his action. That does not mandate that the victims he offended forgive (though the Rambam in Hilchos Teshuvah Perek 2 states that a Yid is required to accept an apology and forgive). But that is not in R’ Mizrachi’s control, as he has done his part. Next, the survivors who are here certainly have the the right to feel offended, but they were not the target of the misstatement. Rather, the korbanos were the target. He minimized their Kiddush Hashem. If anything (using logic) makes sense, the offended ones are the victims whose status was questioned. The survivors were not called goyim, and no one challenged their Jewishness. If a survivor wishes to feel the sensitivity to the korbanos of the Holocaust, that may be well and nice. But that doesn’t render R’ Mizrachi as an offender of them. Do they need to be the ones that grant mechila? I’m not sure.

    As I noted, I lack the experience of the emotions of the survivors, and this leaves me in an emotional distance that is not compensated by intellect.

    But I am still perturbed by the mission that several of the commenters are taking which is to destroy R’ Mizrachi. Will require those destroyers to then ask mechila of him? Does anyone wish to address this from a halacha standpoint?

  23. I think that Rabbi Mizrachi is being picked on because he is a popular Sephardi. There seems to be a lot of Jealousy because he reaches so many people. This is pure racism against Sephardim.

  24. The Novominsker Rebbe shlita only condemned the claim of one million. The Rebbe did not condemn Rabbi Mizrachi. He did not condemn the person; only the erroneous statement.

  25. Interestingly, YWN posted a couple of videos of Rudy Giuliani speeches last year, really good and powerful. In one of them, he accidentally says that six thousand Jews died in the Holocaust. Admittedly, that was clearly a misspeak, which warranted no apology, but the media could have made a huge story of it had they wanted. Rabbi Mizrachi clearly did not misspeak, but I don’t think that’s the only reason this has gotten more ink. I was not one of the people touting the idea that YWN has an irrational vendetta against Rabbi Mizrachi… until they posted this article.

  26. The little I know: You are contradicting yourself. According to you, Mizrachi only insulted the dead. How then, can he ask for mechila? go to Auschwitz and kneel before their ashes maybe? The fact is the man is a charlatan.
    neville ChaimBerlin: Thank G-d that YWN has a vendetta against Mizrachi. he is a dangerous man and hs done untold harm to us with all his comments.

  27. Rabbi mizrachi was mekarev thousands of jews. YWN if you have something against his stile of kiruv or if he made a mistake contact him and discuss it with him. This is not right to slam him. YWN you got your fame by embarrassing him in public the first time WHY ARE YOU CONTINUING?
    STOP IT.
    You caused more damage than good. You caused so much lashon hara.
    Just remember the story of kamtza and bar kamtza.

    It does look like you’re ganging up on him because he’s sephardic jew.

  28. It just shows that all of the people that deny the holocaust really believed that it happened because they’re all happy that he said that even a million died. If they really believe that it never happened they wouldn’t be behind his words.

  29. What are many of you talking about?

    Mizrachi is offensive in sooo many ways. Not just about that. And it is our job to INFORM all Jews. In what underground have you been hiding? INAPPROPRIATE Rabbonim are NOT accepted or acceptable. If there is one, people find out immediately and the public ignores them. (At least the Torahdic one.) It doesn’t happen often. That is why we are disgusted with this person (again, if he in fact IS a Rav;) and SAYING so. Halachically we must! As the Noviminsker did in part. It came to that. If the Noviminsker would have previously bothered with his other antics and inappropriate “behavior” he might have said something else, sooner. But the Noviminsker, like most mainstream, doesn’t bother with people of Mizrachi’s type. Because he is not OF it – mainstream. He is not accepted or noteworthy among typical Yeshivish, Chassidish, black hat, etc. This just happened to stand out! And since it did, it was FOR a reason – that we SPEAK OUT; as the Rebbe did, and rightly so. As we are rightly so. It most certainly IS for the podium! What boardroom? This is now a public problem. THAT is why the Rebbe felt it necessary to speak now.
    Jewish teachers, educators, public figures or even Rabbi’s (if he is one) may behave wrongly, but those “not” close to him, have a right to protect Klal Yisroel (especially the non-frume one in need of “proper” Kiruv,) from the inappropriate ones if only simply to say “THIS IS NOT THE WAY OUR TRUE RABBI’S AND TEACHERS BEHAVE!” (Ever hear of the concept and sin of one doing a Mitzvah through an Aveirah?) We have an obligation to speak up! He had his chance to correct himself (even from those close to him;) and he is a grown man. Like every Jew he has to do right (Teshuvah) on his own. He has been misbehaving for a long time. Appropriate Rabbonim don’t behave like him! (Do you know them??) Kindly STOP finding excuses for him!!

    NO ONE is jealous of him or picking on him because he is Sephardic. (Are you, and those advertising him, another from his camp sent here to even out the comments in his favor?)
    He does not have as large an audience, even tho he does have his people and does lectures. He works very hard to get them. He intentionally uploads a good deal of videos where a few people are actually in audience, to promote himself and succeeds on the internet. That does not make him favorable or popular in real life. This however, will make him known.

    YES! It is not just this comment alone (Like we’ve explained in our long comment of previous, please access it on YWN’s showing his apology here it is his outrageous overall behavior and other inappropriate statements, conclusions or attitudes. This is NOT a Torahdik teacher, Kiruv person or Rabbi!

    As we mentioned in the previous, it is not THE Smicha (if he has one) but from whom someone “got it!”

    Forget him – and stop claiming to the world that he is a well-known Rabbi, outreach or anything. Stop crediting him, he doesn’t deserve it! He will find out what he deserves, from the One who will deal with him. He IS being dealt with now, in all of this. THAT he deserves. He may LOOK innocent on your monitors, but he is categorically NOT. The sins of Chilul H-S due to not only this but the way one conducts himself with STUDENTS especially is a great one.

    Again, no, it is not just about this statement that makes him worth being admonished openly. This was heaven’s way of pointing to him. The video didn’t have to be seen by many or mentioned, if the original wouldn’t have. It was Min Hashomayim.

    Kudos to: fathousewife, zahavasdad, stopthemesira, FDNY-NASA and Nisht Tzu Gloiben

  30. This is such a manufactured issue. when there are bigger problems in the world, from ISIS to Iran, to Gilui Arayos being sanctioned, this is what causes an uproar?

  31. I’m flabbergasted at all the weird comments bashing YWN, talking about racism, loshen hora, etc. when YWN is simply trying to prevent an individual, calling himself a Rabbi, from making comments that cause chillul Hashem. People get emotional when a “Rabbi” is involved in kiruv or has a lot of followers.

    Now I somewhat agree with this individual, although I can’t label him “Rabbi”. I agree that there are a lot of people today being identified as Jews and they are totally not. I wrote about this in a different post on a different article. This is the truth. Today. However, pre-Holocaust though, due to the newness of general assimilation of the Haskalah and later Jews joining movements such as Zionism, communism, socialism, etc. because they felt it would better their situation regarding the rabid anti-Semitism prevalent in Europe which caused programs and persecution of Jews, especially in Eastern Europe. Because of the relatively late start of a percentage of Jews starting to become irreligious until WW2, and because in Eastern Europe Jews were overwhelmingly NOT accepted into general society, assimilation mostly did NOT occur and the majority of Jews killed in the Holocaust were %100 percent Jewish.

    There is some truth to some of his comments like that of a poster saying he called Jewish women ” opened bottles of coke”. I have to admit the way a lot of frum women are dressed today, that is an apt remark.

    Nevertheless, overall, the callous, insensitive, and factually untrue remarks this person has said, all the while being regarded as a “Rabbi” can be very dangerous if he doesn’t learn to check out the facts before commenting and not say things that are untrue or insensitive, especially on a public platform.

  32. Will you condemn Chacham Ovadia Yosef, the gadol hador of Sephardic Jewry, for saying that the victims of the Holocaust were the reincarnated souls of sinners . Chacham Ovadia said that the six million Jews who perished in the Holocaust “were reincarnations of the souls of sinners, people who transgressed and did all sorts of things which should not be done. They had been reincarnated in order to atone.”

    Here is what Rav Schach zatzal said about the Holocaust: “God kept count of each and every sin, in a running count over hundreds of years, until the count amounted to six million Jews, and that is how the Holocaust occurred. So must a Jew believe, and if a Jew does not completely believe this, he is a heretic, and if we do not accept this as a punishment , then it is as if we don’t believe in the Holy One, blessed be He.” He then continued, “After exterminating the six million, He began counting again. We don’t know where the count is up to now, maybe a year or two, but when it is full, God will punish again. This is how it is and no one can deny this. It is forbidden to say that this is not so.”

    Here is what HaGaon HaRav HaTzaddik Avigdor Miller said: ‘Hitler and the Holocaust were a kindness sent from Heaven. Because assimilation is worse than death.” Read the sefer that Rav Miller’s son compiled – “Divine Madness.”

    I am waiting for YWN to issue a condemnation of these 3 gedolim, just like they condemned HaGaon HaRav Yosef Mizrachi shlit”a.

  33. #36 – You are a deranged person. Sorry to be blunt.

    First of all, don’t even put Mizrachi in the same breath as the three Gedolei Hador.

    Secondly, Mizrachi said less than one million Jews were killed. Did anyone else besides a Holocaust denier say that?

    Not that we have found.

    Rabbi Mizrachi is right. It’s not 6 million….it’s closer to SEVEN.

    Just enlighten us all please. Where exactly did Rabbi Mizrachi study? Under which Gadol?

    Because Rav Shach studied for years and years under Gedolei Yisroel in Slabodka, Slutzsk, Kletzk…

    Rav Avigdor Miller studied in Slabodka for years.

    Chacham Ovadia studied in Porat Yosef. Didn’t take his eyes out of a gemara and shulchan aruch for DECADES.

    These were people who sat and learned Mussar for tens of years before they dared open their mouths about such things.

    Let us know which Yeshiva he studied in. Under which Gadol. For how many years. Who are his rabbeyim?

    Comparing this man to the gedolei HADOR?!

    Shame on you.

    You are a member of the Mizrachi cult, and it’s pretty disgusting.

    I can’t express my words properly.

    Comparing this arrogant, self-proclaimed baal musar to the three gedolei hador of our time.


    Rabbi Miller would toss this guy out of his room if he heard the trash he spews. I went to thousnads of Rabbi Millers classes. Don’t eveer dare put them in the same sentence. This man is a maniac and a VERY dangerous person. He is so dangerous and convincing, that he has convinced people like yourself who will drink his cool-aid “hook-line-and-sinker” – no matter what this man says.

  34. Rabbi Mizrachi didn’t say, specifically, that it was less than 1 million. He said “less than 1 million” as an example of how many it could have been. He said it could have been 5 million. It could have been 3 million. No one knows the exact number for sure (other than Hashem).

    That wasn’t the main point of the lecture, though – the main point you have clearly missed.

    Moderators Note: You are being dishonest. So let everyone see the fact here:

  35. #38 – How come I have never EVER heard of this Yeshiva? Who is the Gadol Hador that Mizrachi, the worlds newst baal musr studied under? Where is this yeshiva?

    How many years did he sit bent over a tosfos before he started spewing trash and insults at people?

    Where is this Yeshiva? How many years was he there?

    And to compare this non-existent Yeshiva (that you only found after Googling this) – to the Musar Yeshivas of Slabodka where Rabbi Miller and rav Shach learned? to the holy Porat Yosef where Maran Chacahm Ovadia learned?!


  36. You – YWN – wrote as follows: “Rabbi Mizrachi has stated that autistic children were sinners in past lives.”

    Guess what? Chacham Ovadia said that the Jews who were gassed to death by the Nazis ym”sh were also sinners in past lives, and that their death was necessary as a “tikkun” for the sins they committed in their past lives. There are videos on youtube in which the autistic children admit that they are reincarnated souls who did aveiros in their past lives (e.g., spoke lashon hara). There is a whole sefer about this topic that I saw in a certain well-known Sephardic minyan factory recently.

    You don’t think they were any other gedolim who made “racist” remarks about African-Americans or about non-Jews?

    Moderators Note: Just wondering….do you feel that Rabbi Mizrachi has the right to say things that Maran Hagon HaRav Chacham Ovadia Yosef ZATZAL said? The Chacham Ovadia who had the largest recorded Levaya in history, who wrote around 100 Seforim, who never once took his eyes out of a Sefer for anything in his life, who spent his entire life building hundreds of Yeshivos in the Shas school system? Him? Rabbi Mizrachi and Chacham Ovadia in your eyes are equal?


  37. #30 – “The little I know: You are contradicting yourself. According to you, Mizrachi only insulted the dead. How then, can he ask for mechila? go to Auschwitz and kneel before their ashes maybe? The fact is the man is a charlatan.”

    I am not taking Mizrachi’s side. I am questioning whether the mechila of the survivor means anything, or the refusal for that matter.

    Your mission of defaming Mizrachi is clear. Whether I agree or disagree about that is immaterial. All I suggested is that this is a matter that has its place, but that would be the boardroom where the Gedolei Yisroel deliberate. Not the pages of the media, including YWN. Even the Novominsker Rebbe shlit”a avoided using Mizrachi’s name, as he was addressing a subject, not the kashrus of an individual. Unless you are among the Gedolei Yisroel who have this public responsibility to police the people who give shiurim, you are entitled to your opinions, and should be bringing them to the ones who decide on such matters. It might make for great conversation in comment sections of blogs, but it serves no real purpose besides establishing yourself as one who dismisses the Chofetz Chaim and his message.

    I recognize well that R’ Mizrachi has made many rash, even bizarre statements. However, I am not going to engage in the character assassination. If I feel strongly enough about him that I would challenge his role, I might consider approaching leaders of the community about it. The media, including YWN is simply not the forum for that.

  38. I am not comparing Rabbi Mizrachi to Chacham Ovadia. I am comparing the nature of their respective comments.

    Moderators response: You compared them. Multiple times.

  39. #45 – There you go again, and again.

    Chacham Ovadia, Rav Miller and Rav Shach spent decades learning Mussar and mountains of Torah, besides that they had Gedolei Olam as their Rabbeyim, and whom they learned Hadracha from.

    Please don’t compare the comments of the Gedolei Hador and Rabbi Mizrachi.

  40. Why all the bashing on statements of rabbi misrachi that are true. Are we so low down that we are becoming kofrim?! He is saying simple facts in emunah. Do we believe in the torah-what we say every day v’haya im shamoha, don”t we know ein adam nokeif etzba …, haomer hakadosh B”H yevater …., pain usually comes from sin. and the ari zal said (already back in his days) that most people are gilgulim. and no, by saying over something that a gadol said does not mean to be comparing the 2. are we comparing ourselves to ravina and rav ashi when we say over a gemara. do we compare ourselves to gedolei haposkim when we say such and such is assur on shabbos. All this talk from previous comments are totally nonsense. we are just digging our heads into the sand and hidding from the truth. we want to live with the attitude of drink and be merry.

  41. #25

    You’re right. It truly is the VICTIMS of the Holocaust he insulted. Therefore it is only they that can accept his apology. When he does that, let me know.