YWN EXCLUSIVE: Rabbi Yosef Mizrachi Issues Apology And Retraction Over Comments Made About 6 Million Kedosim HY’D


mizr[By Rabbi Yair Hoffman]

As many people have seen, there was a story on YWN last week, where inaccurate information concerning the victims of the holocaust was conveyed in a Youtube video by a kiruv Rabbi. At times, well-meaning people might inadvertently convey inaccurate information – and these words can hurt people. I had reached out to the Rabbi with the correct and accurate statistics. Below is a retraction and an apology that was made after the Rabbi was shown the correct information, but first – a quick thought.

There is a concept in Torah called zeh le’umas zeh.. That there are parallel opposite forces that exist in the world. When there is great kedushah there is also great tumah. The greatest evil of the past century, of course, was the manifestation of the Nazi beasts who roamed Europe, and virtually wiped out European Jewry. The evil that was the Nazis was a force of tumah impurity – that threatened the entire world. How was the world cleansed of this dark and sinister tumah?

We are maaminim bnei maaminim, and we have no explanations for the loss of the six million Jews. But the holy Klausenberger Rebbe zt”l does explain (Shefa Chaim Vol. II p.239) how the Tumah was removed from the face of the earth. He writes that this Tumah was removed from the earth on account of the six million kedoshim, the holy six million who died. The power of the tumah was broken and removed – preparing the way for eventual redemption.

The six million Kedoshim hy”d, all of them, according to the Klausenberger Rebbe zt”l, were the cause of the removal of this dark evil tumah from the world. Their holy memory should always be remembered in kedushah.

At the same time, we must realize the important role of the sheris hapleitah – the survivors. I remember one such survivor who used to tell me that in his town in Czechoslovakia the shul had been a virtual minyan factory with thousands of people in attendance every day – immersed in Tefilos. After the holocaust, he went back to the shul. He and his friend plus eight others were the only survivors. And then he said, “Now people complain about the noise of children in shuls. To me they are the most beautiful and joyous sounds in the world.”

The survivors of Churban Europe, came to these shores and rebuilt. They built yeshivos, day schools, shuls and a Torah-true infrastructure where Judaism and Torah could once again thrive. They also raised families – children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren. These survivors and rebuilders are truly “the greatest generation.” It is for these people as well as the six million hy”d – that the effort was made to correct the erroneous statistic.

Below is the apology and retraction of Rabbi Yosef Mizrachi, a man who has also built and brought numerous people back to a Torah lifestyle. It was emailed to this author at [email protected].

– – – – – – – –

I wish to apologize for my incorrect statement regarding the six million Kedoshim that were tragically murdered in the Holocaust. In the video that was shown that was from years ago ( it was not current ) only part of what I said was displayed in the entire lecture that was 2 hours I said that “I don’t know and used the word maybe 5 maybe 3 maybe 1 million we will never know. But now, I have been shown the accurate statistics and I realize that those that were not halachically Jewish were a very small minimal number. I do not wish to offend any of the holocaust survivors or their family members it has never ever been my intention. The Kedoshim of the holocaust need to be remembered and sanctified in the most honorable way possible those who know my lectures over the years know that I published many stories of kidush hashem from the Holocaust. My goal was to wake up our nation to the silent holocaust that is happening now which is the increasing intermarriage cases in usa and the rest of the world.
Yosef Mizrachi

(Rabbi Yair Hoffman – YWN)


  1. I appreciate the need for an apology as per vastness of the Holocaust tragedy and potential ammo for our enemies and sensitivity of so many million of Jewish men, women and children murdered.
    I also appreciate the strength and courage of an Apology.
    And that Rabbi Mizrachi is a big worker to bring fellow Jews back to the fold.
    I hope this is quickly forwarded to the JTA as they also carried the story.

  2. Someone had gone to the Gadol asking how he could do Tshuva for the Averiah of Lashon Haron.

    The Gadol told him go to the top of the highest building with 2 pillows full of feathers and shake all the feathers out.

    The man did so and went back to the Gadol and told him he did so. The Gadol then told him for tshuva to be done he had to clean up all the feathers. The man said it was impossible to clean all the feathers up. Some Averiahs are such that its really impossible to do tshuva for

  3. what he said was not just wrong and a chillul haShem, it showed his inability to reason correctly. you can do teshuvah, but teshuvah does not make you smart only not an avaryon.

  4. All these critics here that have done nothing for the public in Their life execpt for criticising people on ywn and don’t even have the guts to write with their own name please grow up watch the video again if you don’t know hebrew have an Israeli friend trancalate it for you and then only then can you maybe start criticizing a man that you will never come to his toe nails. Just for the record ywn distorted the whole story to get more viewers

    Moderators Note: We felt it would only be appropriate for you to publish your own name as well. [email protected]

  5. Reply to DrYidd:
    Have you said something and you turned out to be wrong? If yes, did you have the courage to admit verbally that you were wrong or where you in denial? If not, stop acting like Pharaoh! For פרעה equals פה רע, (an) evil mouth, which is what you possess!

  6. I have been very disturbed to read these article on YW, if the Chofetz Chaim was alive today he would have fainted on the spot. There is absolutely no Toeles is publishing such content other than propaganda to drive high traffic to the site at the expense of a Renowned Torah Scholar. The fact that the no. of shares and FB recommended has exceeded 500 is a proof that the Yetzer Harah is having a field day since the vast majority of your hundreds of articles hit single digit share numbers.

    This is nothing less than an expression of the Mida of Amalek- putting doubt in the world against a Rabbi who has devoted his life to successfully bring Jews back to a Torah way of life.

    There is Din and cheshbon in the next world and I fear to think what is waiting for those who were behind this futile act of Motzei Shem Rah!

  7. The rabbi is a great man, he was victimized by an overblown out of context old video that some shiester chanced upon recently. There are many other videos in which the rabbi made similar statements. Nevertheless I commend him for the apology although it was unnecessary, this itself shows his greatness. כן ירבו בישראל

  8. Rabbi Hoffman, I am surprised that you accept these worthless words as an apology. This self-promoting hoaxter did not direct any words to the Holy Kedoshim themselves, whose holy memory he besmirched. In response to negative publicity, he makes believe that he is sorry, that he is retracting his mathematical mistake. Please Rabbi Hoffman, a Talmid Chacham such as yourself should distance yourself from this fraudulent circus barker. He has no connection to true Yiddishkeit. Expose him for what he really is, so that Jews all over the world will know explicitly and no longer be taken in by this supposedly religious faker.

  9. And when will Rav Mizrachi apologize for dissing the Yidden who listen to their leader by going go to Uman on Rosh Hashana? Do you know, Rav Mizrachi, that I almost went OTD, but Rav Nachman, with his seforim, saved me?

  10. Reply to Minyan Regular:
    Why don’t you learn Sefer Chafetz Chayim? Here is link to make your life easier – http://bit.ly/1Vz4CbP.

    Stop acting like Pharaoh! For פרעה equals פה רע, (an) evil mouth, which is what you possess!

    How do we know that YOU are not a religious faker?

  11. “zahavasdad”, please share with us the source of your heretical statement that there is no teshuva for Loshon Hora (other then the ludicrous story with the “gadol” & the feathers)

  12. My respect for Rabbi Mizrachi grew tremendously! Only a real person would publicly apologize for something he didn’t mean to say (the mental capacity of all those who are besmerching him didn’t allow them to actually understand what he was trying to say) I would also like to thank R’ Hoffman for clarifying the statistics! May they both be zoche to continue helping and enlightening klal Yisrael!

  13. Rabbi Hoffman this is what worries that you bind yourself to this ? In comparison to what’s really going on in our communities, including yours? The double lifestyle, the drugs of our teens the huge shalom bayit problems the disrespect in our shulls that’s not enoug to keep your busy or is your community a perfect heimeshe hedra? Hashem Yirachem , because this is what Mizrachi occupies himself with not with this!

  14. The Chofeitz Chayim says:
    “Through the Loshon Hora one speaks, one loses the little Torah one has [acquired]” (Shmiras HaLoshon, Sha’ar HaZechirah, chapter 7). In addition, “…A person can complete all six orders of the Mishnah, as well as the entire Talmud, many times over. However if his mouth is always open [i.e. speaking Loshon Hora or Rechilus]… he will not find a single Gemara remaining to protect him in the World to Come…” (Shemiras HaLoshon, volume II, chapter 26). For The Zohar informs us, “One who is guilty of speaking Loshon Hora, his tefillos do not appear before the Holy One…” (Parshas Metzorah, volume III 53a, Targum).
    Hence, for this reason alone at the end of Shemonah Esrei, it is crucial to say the following words with intense concentration “Guard my tongue from evil… Otherwise, a person’s Torah is considered worthless.” (Shemiras HaLoshon, volume II, chapter 1 in a hagahah)

    Bear in mind these statements:
    “One who guards his mouth and tongue, guards his soul from tribulations” (Mishlei 21:23)

    “If someone speaks well of his fellow, the angels speak well of him before Hashem” (Midrash Mishlei)

  15. Worse than someone who makes a mistake are those who find every reason in the world to refuse forgiveness when the one who made the mistake apologizes for it. The rabbi’s apology is the exact teshuva for a mis-statement prescribed in Sefer Chofetz Chaim. Everyone else OWED him forgiveness. Anyone who doesn’t give it is a Torah denier who should stop reading this site and go play on those of Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton.

  16. zahavasdad



    All of you must get more “tachlis” in your life. This was a story that was said over by R Mizrachi himself two weeks ago.

    Stop being busy with shtusim on YWN and go learn some wisdom from R Mizrachi on torahanytime.com or divineinformation.com

  17. i probably make the most mistakes here , now what? Please people We are the Children of HaShem lets please try to get along there’s anti Semites in every state in every country’s there’s unuf hate without a hurtful word here and there He said im sorry now please let’s move on. Have a great day

  18. The amazing response from the first article, the incorrect and retracted claims, is enlightening:

    >> He says the TRUTH!!!!

    >> Rabbi Mizrachi is one of few that this generation is blessed with for spreading torah and bring jews back to Hashem.

    >>I heard many times in the past from prominent speakers that assimilation was very high so Rabbi mizrachi didn’t say anything new.

    >> He brought many people to do teshuva. Let’s be careful not to take things out context and spread rumors about such tzadik.

    >> This story is not “news” or anything but another attempt to eradicate the truth from the world, which the Rav speaks…

    >> Rabbi Mizrachi is a well known and respected kiruv rabbi who lives his life for klal Yisrael!

    >> What is the matter if a reliable rabbi like him post facts and proofs that really makes sense and it’s already know by all ?

    >> Rabbi Mizrahi is a REAL rabbi and it’s not scared of anything .

    >> Rabbi Mizrachi is a big Tsaddik.

    People believed him.
    People believe in him.

    I believe that can be dangerous.

  19. I hope that this video doesnt hit the neo nazi sites. If only 1/6 of Jews killed were Jewish according to Rabbi Mizrachi, what does that say about current light skinned, light haired Jews, including Haredim today?? Hmmmmmm

  20. I disagree. It’s not Loshon Hora to underestimate that part of a group of people were not halachically Jewish. it is an underestimation. that’s it.

    this mistake does not qualify as Loshon hora.

    however, ironically, to say that this rabbi has spoken Loshon hora and has committed a chillul Hashem -specifically pointing at a particular person — as opposed to underestimating a sampling of a group– that is most certainly Loshon hora.

  21. An apology was definitely in order and I commend the Rabbi for doing so. That being said, working in Kiruv does not in anyway give you Daas Torah. Reb Amnon Yitzchaki who was mikarev many many people, went totaaly down the drain when he started giving his own Day’os. Reb Uri Zohar never tried to give his own Day’os. Rabbi Mizrachi needs to understand, that just because he has a lot of yedios and certain kochos, does not make him an authority on haskafa and mesorah. Its a very fine line.

  22. To some, one can listen to it in English. Also this is not the only speech he gave. He has a few, explaining why Sephardi Jews suffered less than ashkenazi Jews. Rather then go into detail one can look it up for themselves. Just mention one not a single Yemenite Jew ever was mechalil shobbas.

    He needed mathematical evidence, seriously? was he misunderstood stood, no. He said what he said. Was he a big man to apologize, no? He only did that after a massive backlash when his words became public and roundly condemned. He should have apologized before his words became a massive news story.

  23. it would be nice to mention the sacrifice of hundreds of thousand of men in the military who sacrificed their lived defeating the Nazis

  24. yosef stern – i have said many things wrong and will be the first to acknowledge that. however, i NEVER said anything that shameful, baseless, and inappropriate. it is correct to forgive such speeches; it is insane to trust the speaker’s judgement.

  25. Rabbi Mizrachi should also apologize to the Bukharian Jewish community of Queens. In his video he said very offensive things about them as well.

  26. Half of the people on this site sound like they are in a cult. You can cant just apologize these comments away since they are that dangerous and warped.

  27. With all due respect, this is not an apology. In fact, many of the comments here completely miss the point. Basically, R Mizrachi is stating that he made a mathematical error. What he is NOT saying is that he mourns over these deaths. In fact, he is saying just the opposite: If you aren’t halachically Jewish, then R Mizrachi couldn’t care less about you.

    This is a real chilul Hashem.

  28. We can learn from this incident how careful public speakers must be with giving factual types of information.
    Also, only the Ribbono Shel Olam knows the causes of all events whether on a worldly or on a private level. My parents, zichronom livracha came from a town in Poland where the amount of nonfrum Jews was few and that they were only mechalel shbbbos privately and not in public because they were so embarrassed-I doubt they were assimilated if they behaved this way and I’m sure this applied to Jews in most European countries. May the neshamos of the kedoshim have aliyahs-no matter how frum they were or weren’t and may Moshiach come bimheira biyamanu amain.

  29. Indeed his error in fact was a mathematical one, as Rabbi Hoffman pointed out in his original post. And that’s all he needed to correct, which he’s done.

    Case closed.

    The losers who never liked him anyways because he’s too much of a frummie for their modern American tastes, simply seized on this mistake to attack more than they already were anyways.

  30. A person like Rabbi Mizrachi who gives of himself making baal tshuvas spreading Torah for quite a number of years so he miscalculated – he’s human why make such a major issue and make him feel like a failure. We need him – we should apologize to him

  31. What a mess this is. An article about a man apologizing and half the posters are speaking lashon hara. One guy tries to defend him and the mods share the poster’s personal information. Will this comment go through? Or are only lashon hara comments allowed on this article? I don’t care what you think of Rabbi Mizrachi’s words, have a sense of proportion! The articles here have been perfectly appropriate and polite, why can’t the commentators/comment-mods extend that courtesy to THEIR comments!

  32. He’s a charlatan. Period. See what this clown said about women Kedoshim who were forced to strip and pushed into Nazi gas chambers. The great “rabbi” Mizrahi tells us the the women Kedoshim lacked Tznius. There is no apology possible. He should be shunned and cast out of Yiddishkeit.

  33. My zayde’s family had only one survivor and this “rabbi” dares insult the memory of these kedoshim by claiming that five out of six were not even Jewish??? Well, I for one can NOT accept this “apology” on any level. It is not an apology at all! He denied saying what he said and then excused what he had said! That is an outrage, not an apology!

    There’s a story about a simple looking frum Yid on a train reading a sefer. Three other Yidden on the train need a fourth to play cards and ask the religious man, who politley refuses, saying he just wants to sit quietly and learn. The three men get agitated, begin insulting the religious man, even roughing him up a bit.

    The train pulls into the station and there is a crowd waiting to greet the religious man who, it turns out, is no one other than the Chofets Chaim!

    The three men, suddenly realizing what they have done, rush to the Chofets Chaim and ask for forgiveness but he refuses them. Some time goes by and they come to him again for forgiveness and again the Chofets Chaim still turns them down!

    Just before Yom Kippur the men approach the Chofets Chaim one last time, BEGGING that he forgive them and he denies them yet again! They implore him “why won’t you forgive us??” and he responds “It’s not that I WON’T forgive you, I CAN’T. You see, you’re asking me, the Chofets Chaim, for forgiveness. But the man you insulted and abused on the train was just a simple Yid, a nobody. THAT is the man you need to seek forgiveness from.”

    Even if I WERE inclined to accept Mizrachi’s apology, I would not be able to do so because it is not me that he insulted. He needs to seek forgiveness from those millions of kedoshim whose memory he has besmirched.

  34. Not discussing the nature of the mistake vs. the merits of the apology etc.
    I would respectfully like to bring to your attention the following.
    While many of the commentators were quite effective in expressing their opinions and disappointments regarding the chillul Hashem… other remarks though, weren’t as well accepted.
    One of the reasons their sincere message might have been lost, is partially due to…, although with the greatest of intentions, they may have come across as slightly venting out their “ax to grind” as if the insecure Authoritative Hierarchy Establishment is threatened by the newcomer underdog on the block etc…. thereby triggering others to pay back the favor, and turn it into a personal power struggle… to the point of, who will become the final undisputed winner… with the above issue becoming almost irrelevant…

  35. Very important statement by R. Mizrachi when he referred to “the silent holocaust that is happening now, which is the increasing intermarriage cases in usa and the rest of the world.” And I would add: the assimilation.

  36. Rav Mizrachi shlita is a tzadik yesod olam. So he made a mathematical error. Get over yourselves. He is the biggest defender of Bnei Torah holocaust survivors anyone will ever find. He’s to frum for the modern crowd? Too bad. The holocaust survivors who were Moser Nefesh to remain frum thank Rav Mizrachi for continuing to stand up and defend Torah values.

  37. As I understand Lashon Hara it’s about the truth. Is airing only 3 minutes of a 90 minute shiur not a violation of shmirat lashon? Yad V’shem is a recognized authority on Holocaust facts and statistics and have this article available to the public about assimilation statistics: http://www.yadvashem.org/odot_pdf/Microsoft%20Word%20-%207794.pdf This article claims that 54% of Jews were assimilated by 1927. Is it really such a stretch that by WWII there was close to 70-80% assimilation of Jewish people. Are people going to begin condemning and villifying Yad V’shem, too?

  38. A “mathematical error?” Erasing five million Jewish victims is a “mathematical error?” A disgusting lie would be more accurate.

  39. We knew of a person, living in BP and went to Chassidish Yeshivah, from a Rabbonish family, who to many people who had contact with him, was privately referred to as a Rosho. He stole thousands of dollars from many unsuspecting or trusting people (even in his own family) betrayed, deceived and cheated many (even in his own family,) was part of a Mafia during a good part of his life and was even capable of such bad that he warranted being convicted and jailed more than once (though we think that he managed not to be convicted for even worse criminal unmentioned acts; to date.)

    This same person (who by the way suddenly nearly died medically and was revived) and titles as a Gabi in a certain small sect, does side longtime Shadchonis work (on his own feeling) and is responsible for some very Chashuv Shidduchim, including at least one successful Rebbeish. We cannot obviously divulge of whom, but sufficeth to say it is of a prominent BP Chassidish community.

    The “Torah” question (from our Chashuv and also Yeshivish status:) How does HK”BH feel about this? NOT GOOD! Is he forgiven for the bad because of all the important marriages and families that he’s majorely responsible for? NO! Should we look away from the bad and be agreeable towards him for the good that he does? A resounding absolutely NOT! He must be accountable! He WILL be to the ONE that counts!

    This is sick behavior from a person who didn’t appropriately “correct himself” when HE should have and who continues to sin because he doesn’t do Teshuvah (to save himself.)

    First bottom line, it doesn’t matter what good a person is capable of doing or has done. He FAILED G-d’s test and will be punished for it. In this man’s case he was and is tested as is Mizrachi. In both cases too, they will both suffer the consequences, and more than “most” because they do a “bigger” Chilul H-S, because they are tragically in contact with larger audiences! I.E. There is no question that G-d is more mad at them than the more private sinner.

    THIS is what should be more important to the authentic, higher and proper TORAH JEW.

    Admittedly, we became aware of Mizrachi more recent than most, but as is our ongoing and serious job of Kiruv on the internet, and much of our work is imitated across the board we had reason to come into contact with him some less than 2 years ago, as we attempted to inquire of a FB page with his web name created by a non-religious immigrant woman who attended some of his past lectures, and who was passing false Jewish information, inappropriate Jewish phrasings and sinfully using our G-d’s Jewish name to this day; and to a mostly Messianic Xtian audience. He ignored us, then insulted us; and then proceeded to validate this page in response – in hopes to, what we realized, was simply his continuous thirst to gain more audience for himself. As we feel this apology is in great part. To appease, please and simply save face. We are in agreement with cobycom1, Harv, DrYidd and Minyan Regular; and with perceptive ability realize what most with limited perceptive abilities (beyond the WEB PRINT) are not able to recognize. (As psychotherapist and expert we have seen this time and time again on the internet and social media, especially where unsuspecting Jewry comes in. Since, those unsuspecting and lay Jews are whom we are here to teach and bring closer to Yiddishkeit.)

    It is for this reason we find that we must speak up. Since we have attempted to voice our conclusions to those unsuspecting (many on FB and in the norm) about him, as well as about other non-qualifying or inappropriate Jews using (mostly) internet to advance themselves. We have internet pages dedicated to FALSE Jewish profilers or self-professed authorities.

    So the next final posing and obviously important prevailing (topic of above eluded) question is: Is it considered Lashon Harah to OUT someone who is proposing to teach our Jewish brothers and sisters, and our Children in Jewish Schools (such as we’ve seen him do in Queens or on many Videos – both places of which compel many Sephardic self professed Rabbonim to do the same;) or who is believed to be doing Kiruv? Again, a resounding NO! It is a [Mitzvah] Command to OUT him. Any questions? Ask YOUR Rabbi of authority or Orthodox Daas Torah, if you have one. Until then DON’T talk.

    [Whether he has Smicha or not] Josef Mizrachi is not part of our mainstream Torah Community (not of the Ashkenazik or even most of the Sephardic, to our knowledge.) Further, a religious Torah Jew should realize that there are some inappropriate who manage TO get Smicha. However, things brings us to realize, that in our day, when many can learn and ultimately acquire Smicha; it is not “that” they have it, but from “whom” they got it!

    Second bottom line..

    Shouldn’t it be of concern to the reader or unsuspecting that all of a sudden people (who have had some contact with him or some knowledge of him) are suddenly saying other negative things about this man; aside from the topic that brought him more to view? Absolutely! This is G-d’s way of punishing HIM and warning US at the same time! I.E. He does deserve it. He has been sinning (and should consider himslef lucky that G-d is giving him a chance to cleanse himself through it – in the absence of his Teshuvah.

    This person has been called controversial (among other things) on several articles. This too is a wake-up call to readers.

    What is not apparent on internet to most (and should is to proper and genuine orthodox mainstream) is his attitude, (non Torahdik) delivery and arrogant personality. A true and appropriate Rabbi is more appropriate, proper in his behavior and overall more decent in manner. He is not the “first” self-professed Sephardic Rabbi or teacher with similar anti-Torah like behavior and controversial issues. Don’t bother with them, unless he is doing you a personal favor.

    (BTW. We personally wouldn’t be at all surprised if some others posting here were possibly directed to by Mizrachi’s camp or posted by Mizrachi anonymously himself.)

    Final bottom line..

    We often tell our readers (in OUR appropriate and humble Kiruv [outreach] which is the proper way to true Kiruv:) DON’T ACCEPT TORAH OR JUDAISM FROM ANYONE ON THE INTERNET WITHOUT CHECKING THEM OR FINDING OUT QUESTIONING/INQUIRING ON THEIR AUTHORITY.

    UNFORTUNATELY, in this case, Mizrachi, like many on the internet, get away with it once they acquire a sufficient amount of audience. Especially those who work hard for it (be it through their looks or other.) There are many inappropriate (most of them Sephardim) who seem at first to be getting away with their brand of Torah teaching in the U.S. Most get eventually caught at their inappropriateness. We are using this opportunity to voice to unsuspecting Jews or any about Mizrachi. We feel that there will undoubtedly be others in his future.

    (One of our original posts on Facebook)

    We checked and communicated with him, years ago, we concluded to date, a question of ordainedship (or Jewish Smicha.) I.E. We greatly question that he is an ordained Rabbi, still do. There is no found evidence. Our communication with this professed teacher and RABBI, quickly brought us to the conclusion that, whether or not he is, like MANY coming from Israel and professing themselves as decent educators etc; he is NOT a proper teacher, acceptable human being or by no means a Jewish authority. As many similar are not, he too, is not of mainstream Orthodox. (To know more about mainstream, please contact us directly.)

    While a Jew may be thought to help others come closer to Judaism, if he is not a proper ONE, or sins or behaves inappropriately; the “sin” outweighs the Mitzvah. The Mitzvah in many cases, is not genuine (possibly for attention, as we feel was the apology; since we had personal contact.) For the advanced, there is the higher Torah law of not doing a Mitzvah through an Aveirah.

    Accessing someone on Facebook or the internet (especially one claiming to be a Rabbi or Jewish authority, to which our camp has devoted much work here in authenticating the false, including false page listings of false Jewish authority claimers in warning to unsuspecting FB users;) is not really “knowing” them – in person. (The reason many come to the internet, to be accepted.)

    This is posted for the same reason that we “out” Fakes, both Jewish and Gentile (such as we do on our False FB listing pages;) for the sake of our Jewish Fellow. Please feel free to contact us privately for detail or inquiry.

    We ask YWN to be more careful in their future relays of Jewish self professed authorities (such as a recent self-promoted one that YWN called Rabbi, with a FB page, who died suddenly, and who was NOT a Rabbi; and also whom WE [as proper] warned would come to a bad end if he didn’t appropriate himself. We consider Mizrachi warned. Initially by us in part.)

  40. Rabbi Mizrachi in his supposed apology wrote regarding the numbers of precious Jews who were murdered during the Holocaust: “Maybe 5 maybe 3 maybe 1 million. We will never know.” How is this statement any better than the original one he was attacked for? He still says there’s a possibility that only 1 million innocent Jews were murdered! He still cannot admit that 6 million were killed! That is an apology? I can’t believe the number of responses that call him a tsaddik for apologizing. Read the fine print of what he wrote. His apology falls flat when he tries to “farentfer.” We all DO know the number of Kedushim (other than the Holocaust deniers) and his so-called “apology” is misdirected. Only the Kedoshim can forgive him, but unfortunately for him, they are no more among the living. The least he can do is go to Auschwitz and ask mechilah and hope the heilige neshomos, Hashem yinkom damam, accept it.

  41. Rabbi Mizrachi is a human being which made a mistake. He is one of the best kiruv rabbis out there. We need more people like him. He said something not nice but he apologized so I think we should all forgive him.