Photo Essay: The Tosher Rebbe in Fort Lauderdale, Florida for Vacation (Photos By JDN)


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  1. Rebbes alway used to go on vacations especially in Europe to fancy mineral springs where they would meet other rebbes and schmuze about what ever….

    So here too, he rests and probably hits a few g’verim for some gelt…

  2. The Rebbe is right. The place to go for the winter is Florida. I believe the Satmar Rebbe went on a vacation to London last week. Now I ask all of you readers if you follow a Rebbe, where do you want to follow him to Florida or to cold dreary Britain?

  3. The question is, why does it have to be publicized and with such fanfare? If a person needs to get away inorder to refresh, so gezunteh heyt. Do it quietly. But this “in your face” mehalech is very wrong. Some of the very people they represent, can’t put food on the table, can’t pay to marry off their children, can’t pay schar limud, etc… What are they supposed to be thinking when they see all this wealth & extravagance shoved in their face by their leaders? And this is not just a “Chassidishe” issue. It applies to “Litvish” as well. Vihamayven Yovim. This vacation/party atmosphere represents the %1 percent and shouldn’t be flaunted in our face. Maybe Bernie Sanders is on to something.

  4. #5

    Ive been to London and Florida and most certainly Id rather go to London, Dreary or not. Ive been to Paris in the winter too and it STILL beat Florida

  5. Not getting involved #6: They publicized nothing. Some foolish photographer decided on his own to take pictures. Should they have beaten him and confiscated his camera? They can’t stop it from being published.