Agreement Reached Regarding the Inheritance of Maran Rav Ovadia


ovaThe dispute between the children of HaGaon HaRav Ovadia Yosef ZT”L has ended as it is reported an agreement has been reached. On the one side is the youngest son, Rabbi Moshe Yosef and his wife Rebitzen Yehudit Yosef. Maran was living in their home for the past 20 years and Rav Moshe was the primary care taker for Maran. After the petira of the gadol hador the other children insisted they are entitled to split the inheritance, which Rav Moshe believes is his, including the 30,000 seforim library and much more. The case was in batei din and the nation’s family court and an agreement has been announced.

According to the Yisrael Hayom report, Rav Moshe and his wife will sell the apartment on Kablan Street in the Har Nof area of Yerushalayim where Maran lived for NIS 11 million and the money will be evenly distributed among the other siblings. The apartment will be used to establish the Beit Maran Heritage Center and the library will remain as part of this center in addition to establishing a kollel on the premises.

In addition, the office of the Badatz Beit Yosef hashgacha will move to the apartment and all memorial services held for Maran and his wife Margalit will be held at that location. Rav Moshe and his wife will continue living there as well.

Some other articles of clothing of Maran including some of his glimot (robes) will be given to other sons.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. i’m totally amazed (and i’m sure there are others out there that share my amazement) that a great man such as Harav Ovadia Yosef TZ”L, a man that probably knew the human psyche better than any of us ever will, should not have written out a clear, explicit will leaving no doubt to anyone to whom his assets should go to after his leaving this world. i’m sure he left a will, but it was apparently not all that clear, thus causing a family disagreement. it’s really unfortunate that a court had to decide matters that he would not have necessarily agreed to.

  2. Reb ovadia left a clear will.
    This article must have been (poorly) translated by google translate or the like.

    Reb ovadia in his will wrote that all his possessions will go to Reb Moshe and the home will be split amongst the other siblings . The other siblings brought it to beis din and despite beis din warning the siblings that they will probably lose the case , they insisted on claiming part of the belongings.
    The apartment was worth 4 million shekels and reb moshe is BUYING (not selling) the apartment for 11 million shekels. That money will be split amongst the other siblings.

    This was a great tzidkus on the youngest sons part as to not embarrass his older siblings as well as potentially cause shame to his fathers name by fighting about the yerusha.