Marab HaRav Shteinman Comments On Fatal Egged 402 Crash


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sht1Maran HaGaon HaRav Aharon Yehuda Leib Shteinman Shlita commented on the horrific tragedy, the fatal accident involving an Egged 402 bus that claimed six lives and left other passengers injured, some fighting for their lives.

Gabboim close to the Gadol Hador explain that Rav Shteinman is always concerned regarding vehicular accidents, and he received the names of the injured and is mispallel for their well-being.

For those asking “how to be mechazeik and what to do”, the Gadol HaDor is quoted explaining “each and every person knows exactly where he needs to work and there he must improve”.

Kobi Rosenstein told Kol Chai Radio host Mordechai Lavi on Tuesday morning 7 Adar I that Rav Shteinman added that HKBH wants us to awaken and to really think and internalize why such tragedies occur and to reach the necessary conclusions and act to improve. Explaining further that today we can improve and do teshuvah on behalf of the niftarim and this is what we can and must do in these cases.

Rosenstein, who served in the past as a deputy minister of transportation explains that the infrastructure of Israel’s roadways leaves a great deal to be desired and much has to be done to bring the roads up to an acceptable standard.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. I am again impressed with the leadership of the Gaon shlit”a. He was asked the same question when the stabbing intifada began. His answer was also the same. Every individual needs to know him/herself, and be able to identify areas in which we can better ourselves in our Avodas Hashem. Without any doubt, this can include all taryag mitzvos, the full range of midos, and both bein odom laMakom and bein odom lachaveiro.

    To have given a specific “cause” would be grossly irresponsible. Those who attempt doing this are displaying severe arrogance, in which they profess to know what Hashem’s calculations are. That conceit alone is a serious problem, so such suggestions are ultimately more harmful to the community. This does not stop our gedolim from guiding us in takanos for ourselves as individuals and as a klal. But to tell us “causes” is claiming to possess nevu’ah. The greatest tzaddikim have not claimed that.