33-Hour Vigil Near PM’s Residence in Light of Continuing Terror


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bibTerror victim Major Eliav Gellman HY”D, who was killed in another Gush Etzion Junction terror attack, became the 33rd victim of the ongoing wave of Palestinian terror that began on erev Rosh Hashanah 5765.

The Gush Etzion Regional Council along with the Women in Green organization announced in response, they will begin a 33-hour vigil near the Prime Minister’s Residence at 9:00AM Sunday morning 19 Adar-I. the organizers of the event call on Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and the cabinet to “Stop the stuttering, first of all in the matter of our ownership of the Land.

“We must, once and for all, cut off the hope of the enemy. Yes. The hope. It is not despair that drives the enemy, but hope. The hope of establishing a Palestinian state in the heart of our Land. This is what they are fighting for. And this hope must be cut off by the application of Israeli sovereignty over Judea and Samaria and the implementation of sovereignty in our entire Land. There must be a final resolution of the most basic question regarding our existence and when the enemies see our government’s determination, they will understand that they must accept reality”.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Let’s not be confused what the reality of the land really is…. Or will be….. But now we have a fact of the reality Shomer Shabbats .. Ahavas yisruel..etc.. Remember these are our autom bombs against our enemies… Believe in Hashem with simcha and we shall continue seeing miricals….. Thank you Hasem were together forever.