Op-Ed: Why Every Jew Should Vote for Ted Cruz


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cr[By Nick Muzin, MD JD Senior Advisor, Cruz for President]

New York is about to become a battleground in one of the most important presidential primaries we have had in decades. Before New Yorkers head to the polls, I want to tell you about the person I have worked with closely for the past two years, Senator Ted Cruz.  He is not just my boss, but has become my mentor and my friend. We have traveled the country together; I have seen him in good times and bad; we have worked side by side on some of the biggest issues facing America and the world. I have watched him speak in shuls in Los Angeles, Miami, and New York; spend Pesach in Texas and California; listen to the shofar, bake matzah, read the Purim Megillah and light the Chanukah menorah.

I can tell you that there is no greater friend of the Jewish people, and of Israel.

We started together in the summer of 2014, a very bitter and difficult summer, with a war raging against Hamas in Gaza.  Three innocent teenagers were kidnapped in the West Bank.  Senator Cruz took to the Senate floor and spoke passionately about the 3 boys – Naftali Frenkel, Gilad Shaer, and Eyal Yifrah H”YD – in order to humanize them in the eyes of the world. He talked about what they were like as people, their passions, and their hobbies; and called upon Hamas to release them immediately.  When they were subsequently found murdered, the Senator sponsored legislation to offer a $5,000,000 reward for information leading to the discovery of the killers.

A few weeks later, a Hamas rocket landed a mile from Ben Gurion airport and the FAA banned all commercial flights into Israel. Senator Cruz again took to the Senate floor and demanded to know why the FAA had launched what amounted to an economic boycott of Israel while it was fighting a war in Gaza.  He questioned why the ban coincided with Secretary of State John Kerry’s arrival in Israel to try and force a ceasefire; and asked why the FAA banned flights into Israel, while allowing flights into Pakistan, Afghanistan, Yemen, and much of Ukraine, where a commercial airliner had recently been shot out of the sky. And it was not just words: the Senator announced he would put a hold on all State Department appointees until his questions were answered.

The very next day the FAA lifted the flight ban.

Then in September, Senator Cruz was scheduled to speak at a dinner in

Washington by a group called “In Defense of Christians”, whose goal was to bring attention to the persecution of Christians in the Middle East by radical Islamic terrorists.  As an evangelical Christian, this was an issue that was of deep concern to the Senator.  However, on the morning of his speech, we got word that there were pro-Hezbollah speakers at the conference and that many in the crowd seemed anti-Israel.  All day our office struggled with the decision of whether or not the Senator should cancel his speech.  Finally, the Senator said: “I’m going to go and speak the truth, no matter the consequences.”

As he begun his remarks, he said:

“Christians have no greater ally then the Jewish State. Those who hate Israel, hate America; and those who hate Jews, hate Christians.”

At that point, there were boos and catcalls from the crowd.  The Senator continued:

“The very same people who persecute and murder Christians right now, are the very same people who target and murder Jews for their faith, for the very same reason.”

The booing got worse, and I actually became afraid for the Senator’s personal safety in the hostile crowd.

The Senator then said:

“If you will not stand with Israel and the Jews, then I will not stand with you.”

And with that, he walked off the stage.

Not a day goes by that Senator Cruz does not think about the Jewish people and Israel. Whether it is putting together a coalition of evangelicals, national security experts, and conservative tea party groups to oppose the Iran deal; or working with New York Senator Kristen Gillibrand to condemn Hamas for acts of terror; or fighting against the BDS movement, discriminatory labeling of products from the West Bank and global anti-Semitism, the Jewish people have a true friend and champion in Senator Cruz.

People often ask me why the Senator focuses so much on these issues. I believe that he relates to the struggles and hopes of the Jewish people because his father too fled oppression in a foreign country and came to America seeking freedom and opportunity.  While he would never compare what his father went through to what the Jews suffered in the Holocaust, he always quotes his father

as saying: “When I fled Cuba, at least we had somewhere to go.  If we lose America, where do we go?” The Senator believes that Israel, like America, is an important beacon for hope and freedom.

On a personal level, Ted follows the commandment of “Tzedek Tzedek Tirdof”-“Justice, justice you shall pursue”– he has no patience for lies or falsehood of any kind. I have never seen him lose his temper; I have seen the respect and derech eretz with which he treats everyone around him – whether it is his wife and daughters, his staff, or a taxi driver on the street.

His respect for Yiddishkeit enables me to thrive as an Orthodox Jew on his staff, and he makes a personal effort to ensure I get home in time for Shabbos and have kosher food wherever we travel. Often we will be on a train or in an airport together late at night after a long day on the road, and I will pull out my Gemarah to study Daf Yomi, and he never fails to ask me what that day’s Daf is about.

In 1992, students asked Telshe Rosh Yeshiva Rav Chaim Stein zt”l, whether Jews should vote for George Bush, a morally upstanding person who some thought had been tough on Israel; or Bill Clinton, who was perceived to be warmer to the Jewish people, but had personal moral scandals.  Rav Stein replied that if someone is personally corrupt, then no matter what they said about Israel, in the end they would not be good for the Jewish people.

And so it came to pass.  Bill Clinton “loved” Israel so much that he forced them into peace agreements with the Arabs that led to years of bloodshed.  Israel does not have a good history with presidents who are eager to “make a deal.”

Ted is a model of mentshlechkeit. I have three young children, and I think a lot about what kind of country I want them to grow up in; who I want them to look up to as President of the United States during their most impressionable years.

Yermiyahu tells us “Dirshu es shalom haIr asher higlaisi eschem shama, yehispalelu behada el Hashem. Ki Besheloma yehiyeh lachem shalom.”

“Seek the prosperity of the city to which you are exiled, and pray for it to Hashem. For if it prospers, you will prosper.”

America is at a crossroads. Like in 1980, when Americans rejected the failed foreign and domestic policies of Jimmy Carter, and elected Ronald Reagan, we have an opportunity in this

election to restore America’s leadership in the world, grow our economy and create jobs, and return our country to constitutional principles, including religious liberty.

For the first time in many years, New York is a battleground in the Republican primary. The Jewish community can play a significant role

in electing Ted as the next President of the United States.

I am not a rabbinic authority and am still working on semicha, but I believe with all my heart that it is a great and important mitzvah for each and every Jew who can vote in the Republican primary to get to the polls on Tuesday and vote for the next President of the United States, and my friend, Ted Cruz.

Nick Muzin, M.D., J.D., is the Senior Advisor to Senator Ted Cruz. A graduate of Ner Israel Yeshiva of Toronto and the Talmudical Yeshiva of Philadelphia, he has degrees from Yeshiva University, the Albert Einstein College of Medicine and Yale Law School. He lives in Silver Spring, Maryland with his three children.




  2. That is very hard because must jews vote in the Democratic primary.I have spoke to so many people.You should teach the people the voting process.This will help in your results.

  3. We will vote Trump April 19 because went through the Washington bureaucracy for a long time now and we dont need it anymore! Enough is enough! Thank you Ted Cruz for doing what all human beings should when it comes to being pro-israel or standing up for conservatism we expect that from all our senators… Now go back to The senate mr Cruz, because we need the Donald in Washington To fix the mess, which you the Republican establishment helped create them by not stopping it, we gave you the senate mr cruz and we gave you the house mr. cruz were done with you!

  4. Ted Cruz got nothing nothing accomplished at the end of the day in Washington.. Nothing i mean nothing!! Fighting and filibusters and being hated by everyone and still not accomplishing is not called accomplished!! The only accomplishment you have is baking matzos ur a pro at it.. We will invite you again every year to bake matzos as a “SENATOR” unless you not gonna come because you don’t havto fake it and kiss up to us and get contributions!

  5. Read the article-it says just the opposite of pandering-he is a long time supporter of Israel and religious freedom, unlike Trump who just woke up to it when he wanted to run for President.

  6. Ted Cruz is a “dominionist” christian. For those of you that don’t know what this means, dominionists belive that America was founded as a christian nation. Not figuratively, but LITERALLY a christian nation, and must return it to it’s christian roots and be ruled under christian “law.” Specifically, they believe christians must “take dominion” over government, religion, media, family, business, education, and arts & entertainment.

    Can you imagine what it would be like having fringe fundamentalist christians having control over your religious worship, what your children learn in school, etc? Anyone who thinks this is good for Jews needs to have his head examined!

    But it gets better! In his theo-fascist vision of America, Cruz assumes a quasi-messianic role as an anointed king, leading the world to the end-times where in Jews get one last chance to accept yoshke as our god or get wiped out before his “return.”

    With friends like Cruz, who needs enemies? He’s like a fundie christian version of the ayatollahs!

    I don’t know who this Nick Muzin is but he should be ashamed of himself. As for me, I am 57 and a lifelong Republican. I got in a fight with a kid in the 5h grade because I liked Nixon and he liked Humphrey. If Cruz were somehow able c”v to get the nomination I will vote democrat for the first time in my life!

  7. @chareidim for Trump
    I hope your all caps comment is meant as humor.
    Of course we shouldn’t judge candidates on their appearance or what they try to project. We should look at their record and their moral compass.
    You say that you want someone who will change the status quo, and you point to Trump as the one who will do so. Yet Trump BY HIS OWN ADMISSION was part of the status quo for his entire life. He personifies the corruption that we want to be rid of. You don’t get to play the game for decades and then suddenly turn on a dime and claim your an outsider. Ted Cruz on the other hand, has been a thorn in the side of the Republican establishment ever since he decided to run for the senate.
    He, and only he, will truly shrink the size of the federal government.
    He, and only he, is the the candidate that will stand with Israel without the ridiculous notion that we need to stay neutral.
    He, and only he, is guided by the principles that are set forth in the constitution and will a t on them.
    Senator Ted Cruz is the most moral person in this race. Let us not be fooled by a populist wave (which has never turned out well for us, as we too are inevitably cast as outsiders).
    If you are a committed torah Jew there should be no question who to support.

  8. Thank you, Ted for your staunch support of the state of Israel and thank you, Nick for outsmarting some of “the best and greatest and smartest people” and running a competent campaign. You have my vote! #TrusTed #Cruz2016

  9. Only Hashem controls what happens to Klal Yisroel. Not politicians. If all the energy and passion that goes into the election would go into focusing on achdus yisroel, torah, teshuva, and stopping abuse and corruption within the Jewish community we would be in much better shape than we would be regardless of who becomes president.

  10. I fully understand (while don’t agree with) the draw to Trump. And, unless something drastic (legitimately illegal) happens, I will vote for the republican nominee, whoever it is. Not voting republican in November is equivalent to voting for Hillary. Any republican who doesn’t vote for the nominee in this election is a traitor to the republican party and to the values of this country.

    #7: After all, Trump has some really good political accomplishments on his record. Supporting Hillary in 2008? etc.
    Also, Cruz has only been a senator since 2012…….You talk like he has been there for 20 years.

    #10: I’m trying to figure out where you came up with this garbage theory (probably CNN or ABC News)….Have you ever heard of this thing called the Constitution, which he spent his career (prior to being a senator) fighting to defend?

  11. I have followed Cruz since the day Mark Levin helped him defeat his establishment opponent. He has a record of consistent and true anti establishment and conservativism. What many yiden unfortunately don’t realize, is that being an ehrliche yid in the USA today is becoming harder every day. Between DeBlasio’s bathroom laws (yes every shul and/or yiddish workplace could potentially be sued for gender discrimination), planned parenthood, common core controlling what we teach our kids, metziza b’pe, the list is endless. Religious liberties are essential to yiddishkeit. I think anyone who thinks about this alone would realize a “strong” leader and successful businessman with a background of supporting policy contrary to that of the Torah, only recently changed back and forth to now being somewhat conservative vs a consistently conservative pro-religious liberties powerful Sen. I think the choice is a “no-brainer” Ted Cruz for president.

    P.S. I didn’t even mention his stance on tax which is amazing for low income families. Plus being pro-israel, term limits to help cut gov corruption, and private school vouchers. I could write all day long. This will have to do (for now) leshuna habu b’yerushalayim YEM

  12. I have studied all candidates drump acts like a baby he sends out crazy tweets what are going to look like if one day he supports Israil the next he has a small dispute with Israil it will look like the dispute he had with Megan kelly is that who we want for a president Cruz is a loyal America. Whatever he promised he tried to deliver he is a real conservative thank u mr muzin keep up the great work u have my vote

  13. @conservativeaJew you actually made some very fair points lets go through them, unfortunately the president dosnt have a say in a lot of local state laws including metziza p’pe the problem is with the state not federal, “Common Core” trump was the one who said we will get rid of it (maybe cruz copied by now, he copied trump on muslim immigration, the Mexican wall, China trade deficit) Trump brought up these issues long time before cruz knew it even exists, Trump will take down Hillary in no time, Cruz has 0% chance in a general election.

  14. If you vote Cruz you can vote for “Mitt Romney” or “john McCain” because he will lose badly in the general.. The GOP failed twice in the general and Cruz will fail a third!

  15. To TrueCommonSense, you have to get the facts straight you sound like you are one of the media people. This is all the garbage they say about Cruz because they are liberal democrats who want Hillary to win they know that Donald Trump has no chance against her. Ted Cruz has been a conservative his entire life! How could you go and support Trump who has been supporting democrats his entire life? He is a perfect example of a lying polotition. Ted Cruz has been so supportive of the Jews, not just now but his whole life. Every Jew shld be voting for Cruz. If you are a TR\rump supporter then I think you are not aware with all the facts.

  16. The only thing i got from this article and the comments is that we jews obviously do not have 1 direction that we are following which is an issue…you should vote the way our daas torah tells us to vote regardless of what you think is right or wrong and if you dont think thats right and you think youre smarter than daas torah then you might as well take off your yarlmulkah because without guidence we are nothing and without beleif judaism is nothing and our beleif is to follow our rabbanim regardless of what you might think or know or what you might think you know…regardless of all these opinions by the time voting comes around every jew should be voting only 1 way or not at all…whichever way that may be…


  18. “Ted Cruz got nothing nothing accomplished”

    Bernie Sanders has a much better legislative record.

    “I didn’t even mention his stance on tax which is amazing for low income families.”

    More like amazingly bad — he wants to sock us with a 16% national sales tax!!!

  19. most frum Jews will be voting for cruz. If you feel you have a visceral affinity for trump, it’s best to ask your rav before you vote…

  20. if cruz is elected president, he will be hands down the most pro-israel president in the history of israel (same would be true, btw, for rubio)

  21. Cruz as DA for Texas sent a man to jail. When proof was found the man was innocent Cruz fought tooth and nail to keep this innocent man locked up. That is the only negative thing I heard about him. He isn’t so tzedek.

  22. reding all posts i am shocked ! we all know that a real friend to our community is Hillary Clinton. u could verify that by all askunim etc Ted Cruz does not have a history of being a friend of our comuunity ! besides his runinng to the Matzo Bakery ! the Clintons (if u like them or not) always had a open door for us so we r proudly going to vote for Clinton and show her yes we remember u

  23. TO: #10 TorasMosheEmess: Please see my thread in the CR as to why Trump’s religion and his investments have caused him to fail to condemn BDS. Your worry that Ted Cruz could impose Christian theology on the U.S.A in the 21st century is simply not going to happen. As #14 said, Cruz defends the constitution. Even if he did, his supporters and donors would quickly abandon him. BDS is a method for anti-Semitism to get traction – so far mostly on college campuses. It’s not something theoretical in the future. It’s happening right now. If Trump won’t speak out against it, you are playing with fire. If you don’t want to vote for Cruz, please vote for Kasich.

  24. TO: #18 TrueCommonSense:
    RealClearPolitics website shows that the latest poll numbers for Cruz Vs. Clinton is a dead heat: 47% to 47%.
    Same website shows Trump Vs. Clinton result would be a victory for Mrs. Clinton 50% to 41%.

    Religious liberties are often determined at the Supreme Court level. The next President is going to nominate someone who will be in a position to break 4-4 ties on a regular basis.

  25. Realistic guy:
    you are 100% correct.
    i don’t know much about politics, but i heard that hillary was the candidate of choice, although i’m not sure…
    the only problem with your article is that its not all caps and the font is to small…

  26. Cruz stood up in Congress and made sure that flights continued into Israel when the FAA tried to ban them.
    He fought tooth and nail against the Iran deal-which Hillary Clinton supports.
    He is unashamed to announce to the world that he supports Israel-many politicians only do this quietly
    He is also PRO SCHOOL VOUCHERS and school choice-which all Jews with kids in Yeshiva should be voting for.

  27. Great article, very well written and so very true. Sadly few of us actually recognize that Tez is our biggest friend because we are so busy voting democrat like “the rest of my family” or because dad and mom do to. Ted has proved his love and faithfulness to Israel and the Jewish people with consistent bold actions when all the other so called “friends”…some Jewish were too wimpy to stand up. Such actions leave no room for doubt. As noted he is also a good and moral person…which as the Rav noted is always in Israels favor in the end.

  28. I like Cruz but something about him is unnerving. He comes across to me as a religious extremist one example is he wants to ban abortion even in cases of rape which even to us as frum yidden is allowed. there are other examples which i cant post as they are not appropriate for this forum. Having a president with strong religious convictions is a good thing we know we have a moral man in office. To me Cruz seems like he might want to force his values on the rest of us which is not a good thing

  29. to # 21: karl..marx
    if you can vote for the most antiIsrael candidate (Bernie S)
    and his Jewish antiSemite Simone Zimmerman U R obviously what your name implies – a Commie! what is your real name –

  30. @eric55:

    Cruz never said he wanted to ban abortion even in cases of rape. He said he didn’t feel the child should be punished because of what happened to its mother. That’s his own personal feeling; there was no mention of making that into law, which the president can’t do anyway.


    You’re exactly right about voting Democrat “like the rest of my family” – I myself first registered as a Democrat at the age of 18 because my parents were Democrats and somehow it seemed to be the thing to do. I was never taught in high school that Republican values were so much closer to yiddishkeit than Democrat values were. Even after I realized (with the help of conservative talk radio) that I was really a Republican at heart, I remained a Democrat, figuring that as a New Yorker, where Democrats were inevitably elected, I may as well stay put so I could at least vote in the primaries for the best Democrat. It wasn’t until Pataki and Giuliani were elected that I finally switched over to Republican.

    Here’s hoping Ted Cruz somehow pulls this off…and chooses Carly Fiorina as his running mate!

  31. I have been puuling for Ted Cruz ever since I saw the video of him walking off stage at that Christian conference. I thought any politician with the guts to say what he said and walk off, is someone that needs to be in the white house. If Trump does get thwe nomination I will vote for him, I also believe his presidency would be an unmittigated diaster but I’ll hold my nose and vote.

  32. To all the anti-zionists commenting: I once heard a “quote” from the old satmer rebbe a GOY thats anti-israel means he hates jews and a anti semite… (The way a goy says he likes jews is by being pro israel!) its sad to see them supporting a jew hater Clinton! can anyone verify???

  33. To all that say cruz has jewish values: Jewish values is conservative but mot as extreme as ted cruz one example is abortion Cruz said theres no exceptions and we jews know there are some times where abortion is permitted and recommended, “Sean Hannity” said the only one thats right on abortion is Donald Trump because he clearly said hes pro life but with the exceptions we discussed (and so was Reagan). Cruz is a extreme Conservative even in cases where it doesn’t make sense because hes a extreme Christian and his values are far from what frum jews hold.

  34. Cruz seems to be a fanatical extreme evangelical and that scares me. He may want to bring on that war that his co religionists think will bring back yoshka, Kasich seems like a normal rational man who will do no harm

  35. #42 First of all Sean Hannity is a mouthpiece for Trump,so anything he says should be taken with a lot of skepticism. Like Orthodox Jews, Cruz does not believe in abortion for himself, but he is a constitutionalist, and believes the constitution allows each state to regulate itself and allow abortion.
    BTW Trump just said women should be punished for getting an abortion-and is this issue more important to you than school vouchers, the economy, and Eretz Yisroel?

  36. #44 – Kasich invoked Yoshke after visiting Chareidi Jews in Brooklyn. In front of them, on camera! Google “kasich btings up (yoshke) blood orthodox Brooklyn”


    Ted Cruz makes the effort to know his audiences. Kasich is mamash clueless. Trump, forget it, he doesn’t even want to be president!

    Ted Cruz 2016!

  37. Very nice, but at this point, a vote for Cruz is a vote for a contested convention where the party bypasses the will of the majority of the voters (assuming they will pick Cruz over Trump, which is what you want if you vote Cruz).

    This will be a total disaster for the Republican Party. Trump will not let himself be associated with “losers,” and will rail against the establishment upending the will of the voters.

    He may not run as an independent, because of missed registration deadlines and sore loser laws.

    But, the vast voter base that voted for him will be disillusioned, and you will end up with a fractured party that will lose in November.

    If there’s no reason to vote for Kasich, there’s no reason to vote Cruz. He’s been rejected by the voters, and that’s that. I like him, but I’m not voting for a contested convention.

  38. Thank You, Mr. Nick Muzin! Thank You, for running such a successful campaign! Thank You, for proudly representing Orthodox Jewry where ever this national campaign has taken you, and will continue to take you, it is an honor for all of us to have such an upstanding individual as yourself creating a Kiddush Hashem all across the United States! and finally Thank You, for showcasing this most talented and amazing person Sen. Ted Cruz through the lens of an Orthodox Jew!
    As someone who has been following closely political campaigns in the past and present, I feel obligated to write a comment after reading the comments left behind by some who are probably first timers rushed up with the wave of politics this year.
    Sen. Ted Cruz, is an outsider as far as any American citizen can possibly be. (unless you’re so boiled up you’d elect someone from Sweden)
    Sen. Ted Cruz, has the most straight line in policies and hasn’t stumbled from his all time known beliefs by ANYTHING.
    Sen. Ted Cruz, is a powerful strong character, not to be ruffled easily.
    Sen. Ted Cruz, has shown repeatedly to be an exceptional friend of the Jewish People and speaking up against the new reality we live in, of rising Anti-Semitism.
    Sen. Ted Cruz, has stood by Israels rights unwavering in any instance.

    I will not even begin to break apart piece by piece this glowing fantasy of Mr. Donald Trump, but know this, he is currently negotiating a deal, with YOU. Yes he needs your vote to attain his ambition to be President of the United States, and in his own words, when he sits down to negotiate, he wins the deal. Congratulations for now joining the millions of people who Donald Trump has over the years built his fame for being the unsurpassed negotiator! Good Luck on your side if the deal!

    It is simple as an Orthodox Jew, Sen. Ted Cruz is the candidate of choice.

  39. A little while ago, I sat by a bar mitzvah next to nick (noson dovid) muzin. He is a talented- amazing man.He learns bchavruse with a chosheve rebbi from Lakewood over the phone. I will be voting for Ted Cruz.

  40. Following up on TorasMosheEmess’s comment (#10), Googling Cruz dominionist got me to an article by John Fea written for the Religion News Service. Scary stuff. Fea isn’t some left-wing secularist — he’s the chairman of the history department at Messiah College, an evangelical institution. If you’re thinking of supporting Cruz, I suggest you read the article.

  41. This article compels voters to choose a leader based off how good he’ll be for another country.

    Worst of all is it works. People seem to be swayed and influenced this easily. Ask yourself, why would I allow myself to make decisions based off materials written by people with a clear agenda and biases?

    You’re giving up your vote and, in a bigger picture all your political beliefs to the beliefs of the writer with the superior power of persuasion.

    Research yourselves, read independent unbiased writings. And most of all, never allow another to draw conclusions for you.

  42. Dayanu if that’s your bases for voting
    You have a problem
    Cruz lied about Carson
    He lied about kasic
    And he continues to lie about trump
    He accomplished nothing as a senator. And antagonizes every one
    Rather vote for Hillary

  43. #53

    What are you making up?!


    Hillary in the things that really COUNT is worse than BERnie!

    Then Finis America!


    You’re absolutely Right.. and Wrong

    It should be unnecessary for any candidate to overly flaunt their pro Israel stances ,BUT

    Jews pride themselves that they’re so smart and savvy politically,while they are once more proving to the world they really the stupidest

    As the old aphorism goes

    Jews live like Wasps, but vote like Puerto Ricans”

    In ’92 the jews rallied around Bill Clinton, though he was worse for America, since he would supposedly better for Israel

    Did you complain then?

    Hillary is doing the same

  44. Trump claimed he will punish women who have abortionsbefore he backtracked Something that even the most vocal pro life advocates dared not utter. Yes he is a democratic operative tasked with taking down the GOP from within.

  45. The worst thing for a president is to laughed at and held in contempt

    And the whole world is doing that to Trump

    It may be undestandable that lower class whites had previously supported him though now even they’re turning away

    Government Affirmative Action Programs and big philanthropist donors pass over rural/small town whites (and even rural blacks) for inner city blacks and Latinos and “diverse” populations

    While rurals are suspicious of government involvement,they still feel unfair when they’re left behind

    The old recourse used to be for them “join the army”

    Today ,with the army being open to deviants and being forced to open every last unit to females against the advice of the JC of S,..even there has become inhospitable

    But that so many of ‘unzereh’ are cheering him on?!

  46. “Yidden,wherever we are,are the heart and
    eichus of the..population”

    Once more (it happens more than most realize)

    The world will pivot on what us
    Jews are going to do.

  47. Yes we do.
    If you have any substance policies you’d like to debate, then go ahead bring them on!
    it is clear Ted Cruz for jews

  48. Yes Ted is the right guy who always stands his ground agints Obama who is destroying are nation & wanted everyone to look like him We need to back someone who has the best vision on life value & religions liberty Has a strong position against terrorism of all kind & crimes as well