A Look At IDF Preparations For Pesach And Seder Night


1Jews around the world are busy this week preparing for Pesach and the IDF is no exception. This time of year members of the IDF Rabbinate are called to reserve duty to assist in kashering bases and outposts around Israel as well as seeing to it that the chametz diet is replaced with the Pesach menu.

IDF food distribution officials are especially busy this week as the special Pesach seder night menu has been distributed and the necessary ingredients shipped around the country. The IDF has stopped using bread days ago, the only way they can permit kashering while soldiers are compelled to continue operating during the transition period. All ‘chametz gamur’ is already put aside and the transition to the Pesach menu is underway.

The IDF has purchased 81.5 tons of matzah, 7.5 tons of fish, 49.5 tons of meats, 115,000 pieces of chicken schnitzel and 11,500 bottles of grape juice. For dessert, 8 tons of Pesach cookies.

Other purchases ahead of yomtov include 7 tons of matzah meal, 35,000 kosher for Pesach rolls, and 3 tons of flour to permit making matzah flour dumplings.

Not all soldiers are stationed on bases. For those in outposts and guard towers, or wherever they may be, there are also 5,000 personal Pesach meals containing everything a soldier needs to make his own Seder.

IDF Chief of Staff Lt.-General Gadi Eizenkott will be meeting with 480 lone soldiers before Yomtov to officially wish them well and express the military’s gratitude for their sacrifice and commitment.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. So all they IDF haters should be ashamed of themselves. IDF sound like a Jewish army after all, but for you guys nothing will prove that, because you are full of hypocrisy and will never admit when you are wrong.

  2. For all those who comment what a goyishe army this is, this seems like an awful lot of trouble for the IDF to go through. Perhaps you don’t know what you are talking about?