Rambam Healthcare Campus Teams With IBM And Medtronics To Create Innovative Medical Research Incubator


1Rambam Healthcare Campus announced it had formed a medical research incubator with IBM Watson Heath and Medtronics, funded by Pitango and Impact first, to create an innovative digital medical incubator the group is calling “MindUP.” The venture is being housed in the Haifa Life Sciences Technology Park in Northern Israel.

MindUP will eventually house some 40 start-ups, with innovations at the cutting edge of fields including big data, predictive analytics, telemedicine, cloud computing, wearable and implantable diagnostic sensors, personalized treatments, information technology systems for hospitals, and applications and technologies that improve medical processes.

“Digital medicine draws from a broad range of technological fields, and Israel excels in virtually all of them. With the nation’s exceptional technological expertise and pool of talented human resources, the new digital medicine technological incubator is expected to produce innovations that will shape the medical landscape of the future,” said Rambam Health Care Campus Director-General Prof. Rafi Beyar.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)