Heal-A-Thon 2016 Campaign in Full Swing


LOGO Heal-A-ThonRegional Bikur Cholim Invites You to Join!

By Dov Levy

It’s all about helping the most disadvantaged children in our communities.

Regional Bikur Cholim, the Bikur Cholim that services cholei Yisrael all across the Greater New York region, is now running a major campaign. Heal-A- Thon 2016 was launched to raise the funds needed to rescue close to 700 children from dysfunctional families in our communities. There are just four weeks left to this campaign, whose completion will be marked with a special evening Achievement Event.

Part of the raison d’etre at Regional Bikur Cholim is to accommodate not only the medical needs of the cholim, but their emotional and financial needs – and those of their families – as well. One major focus has been to help children of families that are crumbling due to physical or emotional illness, or homes that are being destroyed by divorce and other forms of dysfunction.

Generally it is the children who are at greatest risk in these situations. First and foremost they must have their physical needs guaranteed, but their emotional needs must be met as well. Regional Bikur Cholim assigns case workers to oversee this effort, and may call on the services of babysitters or tutors to assist in their care. Counseling and/or therapy is often necessary to counteract the child’s negative experiences and provide a healthy balance.

Through a comprehensive program of caretaking, these children can rise out of a seemingly hopeless situation to become productive and healthy adults. Sadly, there are all too many such homes all around us and hundreds of children are in desperate need of these specialized services.

And that’s where you and I come in. To provide these services to the hundreds of needy children in our own communities requires vast resources. Regional Bikur Cholim is looking to us for help. The cost of rescuing one child is $720. You can join Heal-A- Thon 2016 here and sponsor a child. Better yet, become a Heal-A- Thon 2016 Hero by pledging to raise the funds to sponsor 3 children or more.

It’s all worked out for you. The Heal-A- Thon site offers an easy, fully-automated system, complete with a tutorial, to get you started. First you set a goal of how much you intend to raise. Then you contact your family and friends and ask them to help you reach your goal.

The campaign is well under way and funds have started to roll in, but there is still a long way to go before the campaign draws to its grand finale on June 26. Every Hero, as well as anyone who sponsors one child or more with a donation of $720 or up, will be invited to attend the gala Achievement Event to mark the campaigns completion.

With only one month left to go, time is running short. Join now and be a part of the fun! The children are waiting for you.

For more information, contact Regional Bikur Cholim at: [email protected]

To donate to the general campaign click here.