UPDATE: Skulener Rebbe Shlita: Add a Name to Route 59 Accident Victim


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tehillim9:55AM IL: In line with instructions from the Skulener Rebbe Shlita, a name has been added to the 18-year-old Route 59 accident victim and one should now recite Tehillim for אלטע שיינדל בת בריינדל לאה bsoch kol cholei am yisrael.

Alta Sheindel bas Breindel Leah’s condition remains critical and rabbonim shlita point out Am Yisrael is in need of much teshuva and chessed and anyone familiar with the victim and her family is also aware of the tremendous chessed they perform for anyone seeking their assistance.

The accident happened at about 21:00 on Wednesday 20 Menachem Av NYC time on Route 59 near Augusta. Paramedics from Monsey Hatzolah transported the victim to Westchester Trauma Center.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. אלטע שיינדל בת בריינדל לאה is a very special girl. She is a yesomo from her mother and her father is a major tzadidik from a family that are the pillars of chesed in monsey. Please daven. This is a very special situation and ever