Agudath Israel Urges NYC Council to Approve Anti-BDS Resolution


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AgudahAgudath Israel of America urges New York City Councilmembers to cast their vote in favor of Resolution 1058-2016, the “Anti-BDS” resolution.

The BDS movement seeks to exclude Israel from the economic, cultural, and academic life of the rest of the world, and targets not only the Israeli government but Israeli academic, cultural, and civil society institutions, as well as individual Israeli citizens and, in some cases, even Jews of other nationalities who support Israel.

The BDS movement is widely, and not without reason, seen as a manifestation of animus against Jews as a people, and thus well deserves the opprobrium this resolution will communicate.

It is especially appropriate that the legislative leadership of New York City, which is home to the largest Jewish community outside of Israel, go on record condemning this misguided, dangerous movement to delegitimize Israel.

(YWN Desk – NYC)