Chief Rabbi Of Israel Dovid Lau On The Passing Of Former President Shimon Peres


645f29b3-dc2e-49b3-83c5-086b8df14f83Chief Rabbi of Israel Rabbi Dovid Lau Shlita released a message following the petira of former President Shimon Peres.

“In the name of the Chief Rabbinate and rabbis of Israel, we express deep sorrow over the demise of the ninth President of Israel, Mr. Shimon Peres.

“Mr. Peres worked his entire life with dedication and true loyalty for Am Yisrael and the State of Israel and dedicated his life to work towards security and prosperity. Throughout his years of public service, President Peres conveyed a warm sympathetic heart to Yiddishkheit and Jewish tradition. The president merited a to live a long fulfilling life”.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)