Trump Clinton Even In Today’s ABC News / WaPo Tracking Poll


trhilA slim point separates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump in the latest ABC News/Washington Post tracking poll results, cementing Trump’s resurgence in the past week and marking the potentially critical role of turnout in the election’s outcome.

The race stands at 46-45 percent, Clinton-Trump, in the latest results, so tight that the draw by third-party candidates Gary Johnson and Jill Stein could matter. Clinton, +1 vs. Trump in a four-way trial heat, is +3 head-to-head –- not a significant difference, but suggestive.

About a third of likely voters say they’re less likely to support Clinton given FBI Director James Comey’s disclosure Friday that the bureau is investigating more emails related to its probe of Clinton’s use of a private email server while secretary of state. Given other considerations, 63 percent say it makes no difference.

Those who say the issue makes them less apt to back Clinton overwhelmingly back Trump in the first place. But what’s key in a close contest is whether the disclosure gives Trump supporters further motivation to turn out for him –- and whether it demotivates reluctant Clinton backers.

In other results of the survey, produced for ABC by Langer Research Associates:

• Regardless of the closeness of current preferences and plans to participate, 60 percent of likely voters still expect Clinton to win. This, too, may be a risk to her, potentially encouraging some Clinton supporters not to bother voting.

• Clinton continues to lead Trump in two key attributes. She is seen as more qualified to serve as president by a substantial 54-36 percent of likely voters, a result that makes the closeness of the race overall particularly remarkable. She’s also seen to have a stronger moral character, albeit by a closer 46-38 percent.

• That said, the two are virtually tied, 46-43 percent, on another important measure: who better understands “the problems of people like you”; a similar gauge was important in Barack Obama’s defeat of Mitt Romney in 2012. (In pre-tracking ABC/Post results, moreover, Clinton and Trump were tied in trust to handle two main issues -– the economy and terrorism -– as well as immigration.)

The survey also finds a risk of substantial damage to House Speaker Paul Ryan by dint of his decision not to campaign on Trump’s behalf: Among likely voters who are Republicans or lean that way, 66 percent disapprove of Ryan on this score. Just 21 percent approve.



  1. According to a survey, only 6% trust the media. And most likely it’s these 6% ostriches who’d vote for Hillary and 4% for the Green Party, leaving Trump in a landslide of 90%.

  2. we are living in a world wide web of lies in our alma d’shikra. it is beyond belief how any sane rational patriotic law abiding person could ever think she has qualifications to run anything let alone be president.

    Powell is right: everything she touches ends up in chaos.

    Jews, before you vote: think. think. are you ready to be led by an individual with at best the worst judgement in public office and at worst the heart of a criminal enterprise???

  3. #2 are you referring to Colin Powell who endorses Hillary?
    You make the best arguments as to6why a Jew shouldn’t vote for trump. He’s an adulterer,liar,thief and sleaze. You wouldn’t sit next to him in shul. He’s also ok with Saudi Arabia having nuclear weapons, wow that’ll really protect Israel. He doesn’t know anything.

  4. #4 You can find it all over besides MSM propaganda. One of the religious Jewish media today had Trump already leading almost 30% more than Hillary – which makes very much sense. If the voting machines and paper ballots were 100% legitimate and authentic (not rigged or stuffed or fraudulent), no doubt Trump would win by about 90%.

    #5 you’re just repeating your nonsense over and over again without proof hoping some fool out there will buy it. Unfortunately for you nobody does and nobody will because they’re nothing but lies and silly. And you’ve never given a single reason why any Jew would vote for the most corrupt criminal evil witch. Actually, I think it’s a chillul Hashem to vote for this most corrupt, rotten, wicked pro-Arab destroyer of the US candidate in US history.

  5. The best part of this entire episode is the revealation of Hashem’s Divine presence at the peak moment to proclaim to the entire world VIA MAINSTREAM MEDIA Hillary’s irresponsible corrupt behavior. With this behavior she intends to become POTUS and lead the world??

    Nobody could have predicted such perfect timing in such a perfect environment that publicized worldwide a double header – 2 corrupt menuvalim in 1 shot!! What a perfect hit. Now, isn’t Hashem great?

    Sheker ein lo raglayim – falsehood has no leg to stand on.

    Sof ganov letliyah