The Ministry of Defense’s International Defense Cooperation Directorate (SIBAT) Announces 2017 As Israel’s Year Of Cyber Security Exports


?????????????????SIBAT, the International Defense Cooperation Directorate at the Ministry of Defense is a key partner in the 2016 HLS and Cyber conference which begins 14 Cheshvan 5777 in Tel Aviv.

Delegations from around the world are gathering in Israel for the conference with a keen interest Israeli technology, in particular, its cyber developments. Each country with which SIBAT works has a need for cyber security solutions, with some of the world’s most advanced, leading countries seeking collaborative research and development, whether through the Ministry of Defense or Israeli industries. There is also great demand for varied solutions, including state cyber protection, as well as training and solutions to defend from a host of organizations.

At the end of every year, SIBAT holds a strategic assessment for the defense world, including an up to date status report identifying future trends in all relevant fields for the target audiences of SIBAT and the Israeli defense industries. This year, a situational analysis focusing on the defensive and military cyber spheres will also take place. The “cyber situational assessment” will identify specific opportunities and needs in over twenty countries across the globe, in which SIBAT has representatives and close ties with military clients, local police and government officials. The cyber situational analysis has led SIBAT to declare 2017 as Israel’s year of cyber security exports, in which the Ministry of Defense will coordinate a special effort to advance the exceptional capabilities of Israel’s cyber defense industries and military.

SIBAT Director, Brigadier-General (res) Mishel Ben Baruch: “Cyber warfare is combat terrorism. Cooperation between nations is necessary to eliminate and reduce the vulnerability and prices paid by countries as a result of cyber-attacks. We identified specific opportunities and needs in more than 20 counties around the world, with which SIBAT has close ties. The Israeli defense industries have amazing capabilities in research and development and technology, some of which is traditional defense technologies being adapted for cyber. Our industries have excellent marketing capabilities and the ability to bring clients tailored, flexible solutions.”

A special survey conducted by SIBAT of its customers indicates a wide need and key trends in the field of cyber exports: development and supply of ‘cyber vaccines’ to weapons and command and control systems, establishment of an advanced national CERT center, protection of strategic facilities, establishment of SOC centers, training and trainers, cybercrime and advanced cyber service.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)