Court Rejects Former Chief Rabbi Metzger’s Attempt To Have His Case Dismissed


1Jerusalem District Court Justice Moshe HaKohen on Thursday, 16 Cheshvan, rejected a request filed by lawyers filed on behalf of former Chief Rabbi of Israel Rabbi Yona Metzger to dismiss the case against him, claiming discrimination. Allegations against Rabbi Metzger include fraud, bribery, money laundering and tax evasion.

Citing “selective enforcement” Rabbi Metzger’s attorney tried to have the case against him dismissed but the court was not having any part of it. The defense counsel argued that an indictment was handed down against the rabbi alone and not against anyone else involved in the case but the court was not persuaded.

The court explained a public official such as Rabbi Metzger is held to a higher standard and the case will not be dropped. The court added that the rabbi appears to be key player in all counts of the indictment while others seem to play minor roles.

The prosecution announced it plans to file indictments against some of the others involved in the case.

Rabbi Metzger’s driver and personal aide remained silent under questioning until such time the rabbi, who feared imprisonment, tried throwing the entire case on his driver. When this became evident to him, the driver became the star state witness against the rav in the case.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)