Pelosi Calls FBI Director’s Letter a ‘Foul Deed’


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comeyDemocratic leader Nancy Pelosi says a letter by FBI Director James Comey announcing a probe into additional emails related to the bureau’s investigation of Hillary Clinton was a “foul deed” that cost Democrats the election.

The California Democrat told reporters that Comey’s letter “really just changed everything” and “was dispositive of the election.”

Pelosi noted that Comey declined to talk about the hacking by the Russians of the emails of Clinton Campaign chair John Podesta and other Democrats because of a bureau policy of avoiding statements that could affect the election.



  1. Nancy you fool the polls were way off even way after the fbi letter the polls didn’t drop, so the polls were off all along and the FBI didn’t change anything

  2. psst…nancy….now that we’re talking about “foul deeds”, you forgot to mention hillary’s constant lying, hillary’s private email exposing classified material, hillary’s pay for play scheme. now THOSE are truly “foul deeds”! i think THOSE “foul deeds” “really changed everything”. it must have escaped your mind, right?

  3. Thank G-d for WikeLeaks and Alternative News that cost the Democrats the elections WAY BEFORE Comey’s exonerating the biggest criminal in the world and dropping all charges, and for Mainstream Media Propaganda Liars to go down in the polls.

  4. sore losing democrats. theres no end to the dumb comments. you lost fair and square. despite all the rigging. so please spare us all this “woe is me stuff”. unbelievable