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WATCH: Avi Fishoff From ‘Twisted Parenting’ Talks About The Hard Job Rabbeiyim Have

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  1. amazing video! and so true! r’ avi fishoff really has his finger on the pulse of jewish education in today’s times. i’ve always said that sending a misbehaving kid out of the classroom is just a copout. it demonstrates so clearly that this teacher is not qualified. what schools need to do is offer a decent living wage so that those who apply will (hopefully) be experienced and qualified. with the shortage of funds that our schools have these days, i don’t really know how to implement this. but, there has to be a way.

  2. Find it a good _sounding_ point but i beg very much to counter this!!

    No way can u address learning problems that are so various and complicated just by showering love and affection.

    Yes!! there are situations where a child can not and should not be kept in the class (causing the child harm) and be referred to outside and alternative settings more suitable.

    You can’t expect a teacher to have the skills to keep all kids at any cost in the classroom (30 kids+) and to be also a teacher and also a therapist specialised in all the various learning disabilities and implement them all and continue teach.

    Just showering love is nice but won’t do it (might indeed help for one or two cases but not for most )

    Find it an invalid requirement.

  3. For someone who doesn’t give advice to rabbeim he sure has a whole lot to say.

    What exactly is he trying to achieve by posting this? If he feels that he has what to offer there are proper forms where he can provide his advice to rabbeim.

    Posting this just plays to the hands of those that think that principles and rabbeim do not care or are just not qualified to deal with the kids in their class.

  4. Why does he keep turning and spinning as he records the video? Ok, we saw his Organizations sign on the wall behind him. Marketing 101. We get it. But now we’re all dizzy.
    Anyway, good message.

  5. I wish he could speak to all educators and explain how words and actions can kill these children. Maybe if he did the statistics of addiction, abuse, suicide and going off the derech would drop dramatically. People who can’t follow this man’s advice have no business being in chinuch.

  6. obviously he doesn’t have much (if any) classroom experience
    what about the other kids in the class who can’t learn because of this one child? their parents also pay tuition!
    there is a reason why there are shadows out there and alternative schools
    every case must be judged on an individual basis, anyone who thinks he can give one piece of advice for all situations doesn’t know the abc’s of chinuch
    and by the way, speaking negatively of rebbeim and moros probably won’t help him after 120

  7. The fact that this msg is directed toward Rebbeim automatically makes all non-mechanchim think that this msg doesn’t apply to them at all, when in fact this msg really applies to every parent attempting to raise and be mechanech their own child!

  8. A rebbi

    Where did he speak negatively about Rabbeim?

    * he praised our teachers

    * he highlighted how HARD their job is

    * he acknowledged they are underpaid

    * he just said that not every person can juggle the classroom these days and that you need to be SUPERMAN

    There was NOT ONE OUNCE of “judgement”

    All he did was bring out a personal story that he did not want his own daughter to ever HURT another neshama, and this wake up call helped her find the way to WIN OVER the “troubled” girl that every other teacher – and principal- GAVE UP ON!

    We can ALL learn something from this lesson.



  9. A wonderful video. A great lesson. Why the negativity? Why are some driven to tear into someone they so obviously do not know?

    It is astonishing and disheartening that some of us manage to ‘find’ fault in everything – no matter what.

    Rabbi Fishoff is a true hero in the world of kiruv krovim and an advocate on behalf of literally thousands of suffering Yidden.

    He only has love in his heart and has dedicated his life to saving as many Neshomos as he possibly can. He does not take a penny for his work. He has no agenda whatsoever, other than saving lives and he has an amazing track record for that.

    As to this video post. He is clearly lauding Mechanchim. He is making a very valid point and offering a solid example of how to make a difference in a childrens’ lives. It is not a call for anyone to make all-encompassing changes. It is a plea for us all to add one more tool to our repertoire – love.

    What can possibly be wrong with that?

    I guess that if you can somehow ‘think’ that he is rotating the camera to advertise an organization that offers struggling parents free help, you can see anything….

    We all win when we see the good and look for the positive – and there is an overabundance of that in Rabbi Fishoff and this video!

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