The IDF, MDA And ZAKA Are Most Beloved Among Israelis


idfA survey was taken to determine which organizations Israelis like and those that are disliked. Not surprisingly, the IDF ranks high while Bituach Leumi, banks and political parties are not favored. The survey was taken ahead of the Sderot Conference on Society, which is being hosted in Sapir College.

The poll was conducted by the Rotem Institute headed by Dr. Aryeh Rotem, questioning 502 Jewish respondents over the age of 18. Respondents were asked to rate the organizations and the officials representing them from one to five.

The survey shows the most loved organizations are IDF, MDA and ZAKA. Among the most beloved personalities are doctors, military officers and teachers. Least popular are politicians and lawyers.

Most popular segments of society are secular and immigrants and least popular is the Arab sector, leftists and foreign workers, with the chareidim ranking one above them.

When segmenting the populations, it appears the chareidim and the religious find much sympathy for the political parties and politicians in addition to the rabbonim, talmidei yeshiva and young people serving in the IDF.

Secularists are sympathetic to the State Comptroller, Supreme Court, the courts, the media, leftists and Arabs.

The ranking of additional population groups those who don’t serve in the IDF took past place.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)