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Bennett: We Have Agreement – Amona Will Remain On The Mountaintop

1Bayit Yehudi party leader Naftali Bennet announced on Monday afternoon 12 Kislev that agreement has been reached that will permit Amona to remain on the mountaintop and most importantly, prevent a forced eviction of the forty families.

Bennet explained herculean efforts were made to work with Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit which led to the final formula which will permit Amona to remain on the same mountain it is located today.

Bennet explains “It outlines a new horizon that will permit a longer future on a larger area for the families with actual potential for future expansion. I do not want to reveal details until the plan is revealed to Amona residents, whose determination brought us to this point. I will be meeting with them in the coming hours and introduce them to them the detailed outline and I strongly believe we will receive their consent to relocate and copy Amona to the hill, peacefully, and just ask the High Court for a delay towards implementing this solution”.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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  1. I’ll paraphrase a law made many years ago—-go into the land which I give to you–you are to destroy all the inhabitants therein; the Jebusites, the Hivites the Amorities, the Cannanites—in all about 7 nations. That law or commandment was given by the Supreme Judge whose judgement is infallible—who is the Israeli Supreme Court or the Israeli government or the US State Dept or the EU or the British Foreign Minister or any Nation possess such power to override such a JUDGE !!

    Let the Amona villagers alone–otherwise those who oppose their settlement will be held in CONTEMPT by the Court of Truth !!!!!!

    A goy,
    Gerry Mullen

    Suggest all Jews study more and try to live by the Torah—nothing and I mean nothing else COUNTS !!


  2. “just ask the High Court for a delay”. Forget it, they will never agree. They feel the need to exert their power and will do nothing suggested by others.

  3. Gerry if you know so much, you should know that we are in a state of golus/exile. That’s why all those foreign bodies possess that power.

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