Xmas Tree Adorns Haifa’s Technion University?


4One visiting Technion University today will see the green, white and red colors synonymous with Xmas to the displeasure of religious students. They report an Xmas tree it is visible from the cafeteria, and bothersome to many.

When student union officials were addressed on the matter, they explain it is “legitimate” and next week, a Chanukah menorah will be lit each day of the holiday.

Technion officials respond, explaining when the university opened its doors it was stated then its doors are open to all, regardless of race, creed or color. The student union backs the tree, stating they are open-minded towards all religions.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem/Photo Credit: Sharon Werner)


  1. YWN writes about this as though it is something strange. Israel is not a Jewish country. It is a Zionist state whose doors are open to all, regardless of race, creed or color and is open-minded towards all religions. Jewish practises are observed in public, so long as they are not really religious in nature, but otherwise we respect and value everybody and every religion. Climb down from your tree those who think otherwise. Given that I assume most YWN readers find the picture an unwarranted intrusion into their computer space, maybe YWN will take it down?

  2. Any serious student of ancient history KNOWS that the Chr. tree is a pagan practice related to ancient tree worship. In early American history, the Puritans forbade it entirely!
    The 16th edition of Encyclopedia Brittanica tells the whole story. A professor once recommended that edition to us decades ago, and I managed to find on and bought it. What a classic! I have used it dozens of tiems for accurate information on many subjects.
    A JEW – or Jewish institution – that sets up such a tree is unkowingly practicing avodah zarah!!

  3. No, the Technion did not place Xmass trees on campus. The Student Union placed an Xmass tree and decorations in the Student Union building. There has been significant opposition to this unprecedented act, including a psak of the rav of the Technion not to enter the Student Union building until the tree and the decorations are removed. In the meantime the Student Union is not backing down, saying that it aims to serve the small minority of Christian students as well.

    #1- The Technion is not the State of Israel, which defines itself as the Jewish State. And while the Technion welcomes students of all faiths, it celebrates all of the Jewish holidays and none of the Goyishe ones (the Student Union does hold a New Year’s party every year), has a campus rav but no goyishe clergy, and has a large and active synagogue with many shiurei Torah but no goyishe houses of worship.