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Obama Adds To Historic Number Of Federal Prisoners Granted Clemency; Pardons 78, Shortens Sentence For 153 Others

obaThe White House says President Barack Obama has pardoned 78 people and shortened the sentence of 153 others convicted of federal crimes. It’s the most number of individual clemencies in a single day by any president.

Obama has been granting commutations at rapid-fire pace in his final months in office, but he has focused primarily on shortening sentences rather than pardons. Pardons amount to forgiveness of a crime that removes restrictions on the right to vote and lessens the conviction stigma.

Neil Eggleston, Obama’s White House counsel, says Obama has now pardoned a total of 148 people during his presidency and has shortened the sentences of 1,176 people, including 395 serving life sentences.

Eggleston says the clemency actions exemplify Obama’s belief that America is a nation of second chances.


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  1. …but he wouldn’t dream of pardoning Sholom Rubashkin who was “over-sentenced”. That is who is most deserving of a pardon. Even many murderers get less than 27 years!!

  2. Once the Fake President leaves Hillary will be off to prison. President Trump wouldn’t do so now. It might give the Fake President the opportunity to pardon her.

  3. No2 don’t say it was a lost opportunity Hashem has all the powers and it’s up to Hashem not Obama . Let’s continue praying for him and let’s see great nisim.

  4. We put him into office. That’s why Mr. Rubashkin is not on his list. Did you really expect Hussein Obama to free a Jewish husband and father?

  5. What does SMR have to do with this program which focuses on low-level, non violent drug offenders who were convicted under archaic min/max federal sentencing guidelines which are blatantly discriminatory against black drug offenders. White offenders using or selling a rough equivalent quantity of a virtually identical drug receive much lower sentences. If I recall, SMR was never accused or convicted of any type of drug offense.

  6. Maybe if he was sentenced to life he would have been pardoned. I guess Rubashkin isn’t dangerous enough to be let back on the streets. January 20th can’t come fast enough.

  7. He thinks hes a big tzadik and role model by showing compassion although hes just being a clueless idiot who happened to win an election

    Is there anything we know about how trump feels about trump and rubashkin?

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